Slots Machine Strategy

Millionaires Club

The Millionaires Club slot

The classic casino online slot machine has many alias. Whether it be the "one-armed bandit," or gambling machines, slot machine games are known to create excitement and keep players hoping for the big payout.

Online Slot: An Introduction

The anticipation of thousands of coins barreling out of a machine keeps players pulling the lever and trying their luck at one of the most classic casino games! In this article, we will introduce you to both casino slot machine games and slot machine games to play for free.

Online Slot Payout Rates

Typically, slots never have a payout over 95%, so you should never expect to beat the house in the long run. However, sometimes you will come across "Progressive Slots" that will give you a payoff that exceeds 95%, sometimes even reaching a 100% payoff. So, if you are in it for the long term profit, you might want to look into blackjack or roulette due to higher payout rates. However, there are exceptions to this rule as there are certain slot games that have a high online slot payout rate.


The Thunderstruck Slot

Some examples of these slots that reach near the 100% payoff are the Millionaire's Club at Inter Casino and the Major Millions slot at River Belle Online Casino. Watch out for their passage of $1,000,000. Here, players are reaching close to a 100% payout percentage.

Due to the fact that slots are completely a game of chance, there exists no strategy in which to maximize your payout. However, one strategy to attain bigger online slot machine wins is to select "Bet Maxi" and optimize your chances of wins. Because slots are completely random, you cannot expect to win every time. Be cautious to keep yourself in check when playing slots. The thrill of a big win is enthralling, but they are also the result of luck!

Software: Slot Machine Games To Play For Free

Every casino offers a variety of software choices so that you can find software that suits your preferences. If you are using the softward form Microgaming (River Belle Online Casino) there are two awesome slots you should check out: "Major Millions" and "Thunderstruck."

Rags to Riches

The "Rags to Riches" slot


Inter Casino is known for offering some of the internet's biggest jackpots. Two worth checking out are the "Millionare's Club" which starts at €175.000 and the classic bonus slot called "Rags to Riches" starts at €100.000.

It is worth noting, that basically all online slot software has a practice function, meaning it has slot machine games to play for free. We hope you will enjoy the one-armed bandit! Also, make sure to check our sections for high limit slots and mega jackpot slot machine. If you have further questions about slots and online slot strategy, feel free to contact us:

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