FC Dordrecht-Fort.Sittard

Stake placed: 8 / 10

Final result: Return: 0 | Profit: (0 - 8) = -8

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Dordrecht to win it

Alternative asian hcp in this case, despite the straight win pays well i do like the offer on -1 here.

Teams play very different at home/away. Dordrecht on one side excellent record at home 9-3-1 while Sittard only 1-2-7 away.

This and team news are the foundation of the bet. Home miss only one player that is important to them - Curiel, while Sittard will have to do without - Ricksen, Stolte and Shakinsona - all three important defenders.

With home being really typical home team, collecting almost all points on their pitch i do believe they will exploit probelms that away team has in this game.

Sittard did win last two, but i reckon today is a much different test for them and 2nd best home team in the league should have little troubles for winnig this one.