Fortuna Dusseldorf-Bayern Munich

Stake placed: 7 / 10

Final result: Return: 9.31 | Profit: (9.31 - 7) = 2.31

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Bayern münchen 1,33

Bundesliga first against the seventh, Munich versus duesseldorf before the season nobody whould have guessed that the Fortuna would have such a good position at this time of the season. and further no one could have guessed that munich would win every game of the season except of the one away game in bate borisov. but this game against fortuna duesseldorf should be a clear game, the individual class of the players against a team without any player who can single handedly win a game because such player you need against the defense of munich. in the end a player like ribery in a very good shape and a striker like mandzukic will make the difference.

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