FC Viitorul Constanta-Concordia Chiajna

Stake placed: 4 / 10

Final result: Return: 0 | Profit: (0 - 4) = -4

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Viitorul Constanta win with one goal difference

Viitorul Constanta - Concordia Chiajna.

If someone had told me years ago that we will see a match between Concordia Chiajna and Viitorul Constanta in Ligue 1 I would have laughed. But now everything is possible.

Viitorul Constanta, funded by Gheorghe Hagi, is on 12th. Viitorul Constanta has four wins, eight draws and six defeats. Viitorul Constanta won only three points in the last five games, in three draws. Viitorul Constanta at home has two wins, four draws and three defeats.

Concordia Chiajna is on tenth. Concordia Chiajna has six wins, five draws and seven defeats. Marius Stan has not done in this season, what Laurentiu Regechamf done at Concordia Chiajna. Concordia Chiajna is not a team to be feared when playing away. Concordia Chiajna has four losses, three wins and a draw.

At Chiajna, Concordia and Viitorul Constanta drew, 1-1. I think Viitorul Constanta will win this match. Viitorul Constanta must win want to have a quiet winter break.