Juventus-AC Milan

Stake placed: 9 / 10

Final result: Return: 9 | Profit: (9 - 9) = 0

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Juventus to win at odds 1.85

The two big brands in the Italian football does not intend in any way to forgive compete in the Coppa Italia. In previous competitions both teams confronted each other in the semifinals and then victorious in these battles left Juventus. Now Milani?ci promise eternal revenge on the enemy. Did they succeed? Antonio Conte charges generally better to excel this season Massimiliano Allegrego of players, but recently suffered a compromising defeat at home to Sampdoria, and who knows if this defeat will have them "sit" in their heads. Meanwhile, players from Milan to join the battles in a lot better mood since last winning a league match against Siena. We predict really big emotions.