Jesse Levine-Sam Querrey

Stake placed: 7 / 10

Final result: Return: 12.67 | Profit: (12.67 - 7) = 5.67

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Sam Querrey to win 2-0

Well, I see different level of players here. As Querrey had a great comeback at 2012, having a pretty decent year that lead him to 22 positioning at ATP.
Levine is just a mid talented player, at 104 at ATP and I don't think he deserves a much better standing.

That being said, I have to praise Levine for his run at Auckland so far. He won 5 games to be here as Querrey just played once.
So far, he only beat Baker when we're talking about great players and Querrey is much stronger.

Querrey won great player in 2 set matches lately and I don't believe he will have problems against Levine.