GFCO Ajaccio-Istres

Stake placed: 6 / 10

Final result: Return: 0 | Profit: (0 - 6) = -6

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a draw

Hosts managed their first victory on its own arena, in the last match played at home, 3-1 against modest Laval . But this did not help too much, the team still remaining on a relegation spot at 3 points from salvation. For this match Kehiha, which comes from Istres, was not keeped in the squad, while Mandrichi, Martin and Seymand are doubtful . Guests come after an excellent result elimination in French Cup of Valenciennes, after a match with extra-time and 11 m; was a crazy game with 2 goals in 90 minutes and another 4 in overtime, Istres won at penalty shots . Definitely will be more tired than hosts, but I don't see Istres losing 5th consecutive match away. Tardieu, De Preville and Masengo are doubtful. Perhaps we'll see a game dominated by Ajaccio but Istres will defend with calm. It is clear that Istres is the better team, but cause of fatigue they will settle for a good enough draw, gl