New York Islanders-New Jersey Devils

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NY Islanders - NJ Devils Win odds 2,51

Devils hadnt great season start, but now they are on green line and have 6-2-2 in last 10 games. They have also 6 wins in last 7 games. Also Devils goalkeepers M.Brodeur and Hedberg is in great form.

New Tork Islanders have only 2 wins in last 7 games and 3-6-1 in last 10 games. Also Islanders play poor at home, they have only 1-5-0 in 6 gome games.

Historically New York islanders is very handy opponent to Devils and New Jersey has a 10-2-1 record in the last 13 meetings.

If we compare theese teo teams now, i think Devils should take this and 2,51 odds is great. Good Luck!