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Serbia (-3) pts at odds 1.91

Eurobasket, Slovenia

Game for 7th place

So, after all, Serbia will play only for the 7th place on this European championship. Too weak result if you ask me. It's true that they arrived with very young roster, it's true that here Serbia had even 9 players who never played earlier on big competition. But it is also true that in the final will meet Lithuania and France and those are opponents against whom Serbia has achieved victories in group stage.
So, this result (7th or 8th) is definitely disappointment, but what's done is done. Now it is necessary to they win since only top 7 from this championship will go directly to World Cup. Note there are four more Wild Cards which FIBA will give later but I doubt that Serbia would be among those countires if they fail today.
Where I see advantage for Serbia today, it is in the paint. The same old story from previous games of Italy. They are weak on center line. Serbia should take advantage from it.

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