What Is The Secret Betting Club?


In the world of sports betting, it can be difficult to trust any service offering betting tips. Are they worth the money? Can their advertised results be trusted? Today on the blog, Stephen talks with Peter from The Secret Betting Club, a service on a mission to promote tipsters you can trust.


What exactly is the Secret Betting Club?

Good question - the Secret Betting Club (or SBC as everyone calls us) was setup to help bring honesty and professionalism to the world of tipsters and the way they are reported upon. In recent years our remit has expanded further to helping punters further from everything to choosing the right bookies, through to the right mobile phone for betting on the move. If it helps contribute to your overall betting profits we are on top of it!

Our core role however lies in our reviews of tipster services plus our tipster profit reports which publish the ongoing results of all the tipsters we monitor. Right now we have 48 in our league tables, so it's a fair bit of work.

What differentiates you from other review sites on the internet?

The main difference is that we are 100% independent, a stance we are able to take as we charge a subscription for our service. Many review sites, blogs, even newspapers are in the thrall of tipsters, bookmakers and the likes as they rely on them for affiliate or advertising revenue. Not us, because the way our club is setup, the income we receive from memberships allows us to report back honestly on the industry.

Added to that the fact we have been around since May 2006, so punters know they can trust us - especially in the here-today-gone-tomorrow internet betting world.

What gave you the idea for setting up SBC?

It was basically down to the lack of any independent or honest service you could trust that oversaw the world of tipsters. We liked using them but how the hell could you tell who was telling the truth from the conmen?

Can you really follow tipsters? Many punters think they are for the gullible or desperate only?

I can understand why you might think that if your experience of tipsters is based on those that run premium phone lines or who send you mail shots promising you untold riches if you follow their betting tips.

These days however, there are numerous professionally run tipsters who charge affordable fees and offer regular, trustworthy advice via email and SMS. Of course, they can't promise you will win every week or month but over the long-term they will make you an edge.

Which tipsters have stood the test of time since SBC was formed?

Since our early days in 2006 there have been a number that have stayed with us - and even a few that pre-date our existence. It would be wrong for me to list individual tipsters here but I can say we put a lot of stead in a service that proves itself long-term.

It's one reason we don't recommend services until they have at least 12 months results under their belts. Anyone can get lucky or have a purple patch, but the true test is if you can repeat that time and time again - plus with the pressure of having 50 or 100 people hanging on your every word or tip. How a tipster handles pressure is a vital factor.

How do services respond to bad reviews?

It really does depend and I have to be honest these days and say we do less and less reviews of bad services - simply as there are enough good ones to occupy our time. When we do have a negative review or have criticisms to report, you can always gauge a lot by how a service responds to it.

We have had people threaten us with all kinds - whether its to post lies about us on the internet or to try rip us off in some way. Often they misunderstand what we are here for, some expect us to 'promote' their service regardless of our findings - a sure sign they don't really 'get it'.

In general though, the best tipsters take it as helpful as after all we are in a sense only reporting what their potential customers would think of their service. Some of the tipsters we report on are really setting high standards these days so it's rare for a new service to come along and have everything in place right away.

What Is the best sport to focus on tipping wise?

In terms of the return on investment you can make, horse racing generally leads the way with the very best racing tipsters picking up over 30% ROI on an ongoing basis. There are a few very high turnover racing tipsters who multiply your betting bank by as much as 5 times a year as well.

Football is also very popular and it's easy to see why with many of the Asian Bookmakers like Pinnacle and 188bet offering low margins and welcoming high stakers. These guys wipe the floor with many of the UK bookmakers and more and more of our members are turning to the sport. Another benefit of football is that whilst the average ROI maybe lower (between 10 and 20%) the profits are often a lot more consistent.

Do you find tipsters try and relaunch themselves if they have failed with one service? i.e isiris

Oh yes, its a classic tipster tactic. Hit a bad run, disappear and then come back again as someone else. Thankfully we are wise to these tactics and its easy to track those that play this kind of game. I have to say though that we come across this less and less these days. It's a dying art and those that do practice this quickly get exposed on our forum!

As for Isiris - we made a conscious decision not to feature them. It's not the type of tipster service (expensive & premium phone-line) that appeals to our members.

What is the biggest win that any of your members have reported?

The biggest win I can remember is the chap who posted up a small-acca with Betfred, mainly in frustration with the fact that they wouldn't let him stake the amounts he would like with them. They obviously had him pinned as a shrewd gambler, so didn't want his custom.

So in a fit of annoyance he placed an accumulator for a very small amount as he whittled his account balance down - around £23 if I recall right. It then came in with a £20,000 profit and no doubt would have left Fred Done pulling out his hair if he had any!

What do bookies think of SBC?

I am pretty sure we are a real nuisance for many of them, especially your UK focused core bookies who only want 'mugs' to bet with them. The more educated punters are, the worse it is for their profits. Less people to play on their FOBT machines as well!

What are the aims of the SBC?

It might sound a bit twee but to best represent the interests of the average punter when it comes to betting.

It saddens me that these days there are very few sources that are not under the influence of the bookmakers, advertising or affiliate revenue. Hopefully we can continue to be one.

What are the future plans of SBC?

To continue to build our dossier of tipsters via our reports as well as expand into other areas where we can have an influence betting-wise. There is a gap not being filled when it comes to honest, punter-friendly betting content that puts them first.



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