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How To Bet On Golf

Golf is one of the more popular sports to bet on. In the bettingexpert beginners guide to golf betting, we’ll show you how to improve your chances betting on golf online.

Betting On Golf: An Introduction

Golf has always been one of the most popular sports in the world. And with the rise of online betting, golf has quickly become one of the most popular sports to bet on.

If you’re new to sports betting and are interested in betting on golf online, the number of betting options, markets and bookmakers can seem a little overwhelming at first. The bettingexpert beginners guide to golf betting has been developed to take you through each step, from what tournaments you can bet on and golf bet markets available to how to select a bookmaker and golf betting strategies you can implement to increase your returns.

The bettingexpert beginners guide to golf betting has been written to take you from a betting novice to a thoughtful, disciplined golf bettor.


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Golf Tournaments To Bet On

2 –
Golf Betting Odds Explained

3 –
Golf Value Bets

4 –
Golf Betting Explained

5 –
Best Golf Betting Strategies

6 –
Golf Betting Spreadsheet

7 –
Selecting A Bookmaker For Golf Betting

8 –
Golf Free Bets & Bookmaker Offers

9 –
Golf Live Streaming

10 –
Following Golf Betting Tips

1 – Golf Tournaments To Bet On

There are two main tours that punters can bet on golf online. The first is the PGA Tour, which is played predominately on US soil, with the odd event played in Asia or South America as a supporting act. The vast majority of players on the PGA Tour are American born who tee it up alongside the cream-of the-crop from the rest of the world. The best players in the world are drawn to the PGA Tour for both prize money reasons and the fact they can gain the highest world ranking points on offer.

The second main tour is The European Tour (ET), played across Continental Europe, Asia and Southern Africa. A number of the events on The ET are co-sanctioned alongside the Asian and Sunshine Tours, giving a truly international flavour to many tournament fields. For example, the 2016 ET season sees 45 events being played out across 26 countries.

Top 10 Golf Tournaments

Event Tour Date Entrants
The Masters Major April 90
US Open Major June 156
The Open Major July 156
USPGA Cship Major August 156
Ryder Cup PGA vs Euro September* 24**
BMW PGA Cship Euro May 145
DP World Tour Cship Euro November 144
The Players Cship PGA May 156
Tour Cship PGA September 30***
World Golf Cship**** WGC March 64*****

*every second year
**12 vs 12
***Top 30 of PGA money list
****Match play tournament
*****Top 64 in tworld rankings

Each tour finishes with a final-series where the most successful players over the season compete for big prize money in reduced field events. These are known as the Fed-Ex Cup on the PGA Tour and the Race to Dubai on the ET.

The Fed-Ex Cup is played over four events, the first of which contains the top 125 players from that seasons US Money winners list. The second event sees that number cut to 100 before the third sees that number cut further to 70. The final event, the Tour Championship, sees just the top 30 players on the PGA Tour compete for the Fed-Ex Cup. The winner of the trophy will be the man who earns the most money over the course of the PGA season.

The Race to Dubai sees the top 60 point winners from that seasons combined ET tournaments qualify for three final series events, during of which there are no cuts to be made. Like the PGA Tour, big points and prize money are available in these three tournaments and the winner of the Race to Dubai will be the man who earns the most points of the course of the ET season.

Betting On The Golf Majors

The best players from each tour also battle it out in four Majors per year; the Masters, the US Open, the Open and the USPGA Championship. These four events are without doubt the most popular tournaments for punters to find free golf betting tips for.

Tournament Who, What, When?
The Masters The one repeat Major venue is Augusta National, host of the Masters, giving punters a fine opportunity to make money betting on golf given the quantity of historical course data to pour over.
US Open The US Open historically is the toughest scoring Major. Courses tend to be set up to ensure birdies are hard to come by and that par is not only an average score, but is also treated as a good score to pencil in on the scorecard. Many US Open courses are protected by thick, dense rough, meaning any golfer that fails to hit fairways and greens are severely punished. In 2011 and 2012 Webb Simpson and Justin Rose won their US Open trophies with scores above par, a far cry from the weekly birdie-feasts we often see on the two main tours.
The Open Championship The Open (or British Open as the Americans tend to refer it) is the eldest of all four golf Majors, established way back in 1860. Always played out on traditional British links golf courses, this is the one the players all want to win. Conditions and scoring are almost always dependant on how strong the coastal winds are over the course of the four days. Paidraig Harrington won with a score of +3 at Royal Birkdale in 2008, a year before he’d won at Carnoustie with a score ten shots better at -7!
USPGA Championship The fourth and final Major of the year is the USPGA Championship. Recently this has been a Major where low scoring has been the norm, .

Read our detailed betting guides for the golf majors:

How To Bet On The British Open

Other Golf Tournaments

Away from the glamour of the Majors, many golfers are simply looking to make enough cuts each week to earn enough money/points to keep their playing privileges for the next year. On the PGA it is the top 125 players that keep their full playing rights, whereas the top 110 players on the ET keep their card for the following season. As each season draws to a close it pays to keep a close eye on golfers just inside and outside these marks as so often journeymen golfers pull a top 5 finish from out of nowhere, quite often on the back of many missed cuts (MC) – giving great value for golf each way betting!.

Failure to keep one’s card means players lose the luxury of being able to pick and choose the events they wish to compete in, often leading to weeks on end without competitive golf. Even when they do get to compete it is often in poorer quality fields in tournaments with smaller than average prize funds, making it even harder to break back into the top 125/110 on their respective tours.

Some bookmakers, in particular Skybet , also specialise in the lower ranked tours that give golfers the chance to make the step up to the full tours. The tour is the second tier that leads players onto the full PGA Tour whereas the Challenge Tour is the feeder tour to the ET this side of the pond. Most players that fail to keep their full playing rights will end up on these ‘feeder’ tours alongside up-and-coming hungry young bucks.

Betting On LPGA Golf

Finally, the majority of bookmakers now offer a full golf each way betting service for all LPGA events, and not just betting on Ladies Majors. With the emergence of 18 year old superstar Lydia Ko and British teenage sensation Charley Hull, the Ladies game has arguably never been in better shape, offering punters another angle for betting on golf.

Betting On Matchplay Golf Tournaments

That pretty much covers all the individual stroke play events that make up over 90% of the years golfing schedule.

The other format of golf is called match play which involves individuals and/or teams of golfers trying to outscore their opponent hole-by-hole as opposed a total sum of shots calculated over 18 holes which encompasses stroke play.

Of course the most famous match play tournament is Europe versus America – more affectionately known as the Ryder Cup. Every two years the best players from Europe take on the best that America can serve up and play over three days for a total of 28 points (each match worth 1 point) with the overall winning team naturally the one with the most points. Days one and two sees 4 x fourball (better ball) pairs matches and 4 x foursome (alternate shot) pairs matches before the third day sees all 12 players from each side play singles matches. The ladies from each country play their version called the Solheim Cup.

There are also two other fledgling international match play events called the Eur-Asia Cup (Europe v Asia) and the Presidents Cup (America v Rest of the World) – neither of which have yet captured the betting on golf online fraternity in the way The Ryder Cup has.

2 – Golf Betting Odds Explained

With over 140 players in the average event, there are naturally some massive prices on offer for golf punters. Like any sport there are the favourites, the mid range and the rank outsiders to select from. In this post-Tiger Woods era it is rare for any golfer to go off at less than 4.0 for any outright tournament win, so even favourites can still offer some sort of value. The vast majority of any golf field will go off at over 101.0 due to the strength of the top of the market.

Be aware that a golfer can go from one week to being priced as a ‘no-hoper’ to being bracketed as one of the favourites the next. Just one good finish can see a golfer go from being a 201.0 outsider, to a 34.0 shot the week after. This can work in our favour the other way, as a golfer that goes off as a 26.0 shot one week can under perform and miss the cut and as such quickly drift out to be being 61.0 and offer the average golf each way betting punter much better value.

What Do Golf Betting Odds Mean?

What do golf betting odds represent? If a player is listed at odds of 34.0 to win a tournament, what does this mean? Betting odds represent a likelihood (often referred to as the ‘ implied probability’ ) of a particular outcome occurring. So if a player is listed at 34.0 to win a golf tournament, these odds reflect what the bookmaker believes that player’s chances of winning the tournament are.

So what are the chances a player listed at 34.0 will win the tournament? We can answer this with a simple formula:

Converting decimal odds to implied probability formula:

Implied probability = 1 / decimal odds

So in our example, the chances of a player listed at 34.0 winning the tournament are:

1 / 34.0 = 0.0294 = 2.94%

Understanding the probability expressed in betting odds is key to successful golf betting. In fact it is key to successful betting full-stop.

How Do Golf Betting Odds Work?

So how much will you win if you place a bet on a particular player and he wins the tournament? This is a very simple calculation:

Your Profit = (Stake * Odds) – Stake

So let’s say we place a £10 bet on a player listed at odds of 21.0 to win an upcoming tournament. And let’s say that player wins. How much profit will you make on your bet?

Your Profit = (£10 * 21.0) – £10
Your Profit = (£210) – £10
Your Profit = £200

So in our example we would make a profit of £200 on our £10 bet.

For more advice on betting odds and what they mean take a read of these articles:

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Betting Odds Explained

3 – Golf Value Bets

Firstly you should not have a set amount to bet (stake) allocated per week or per event. Some tournaments you will fancy more players to go well than others, and as such your stakes will reflect this. As with all betting, you should only stake what you can afford to lose.

As ever do not exceed or alter your staking plan when on a bad (or a good) run. Yes, the temptation is to up our stakes when we are winning as our bank balance is healthy, but the key is to protect your balance and invest wisely – golf betting in particular is a marathon and not a sprint, we are in it for the long haul. Given the large odds on offer, one good week could easily fix several months of no returns and put us back into the green. Likewise, never chase losses. Don’t ever up your stakes when on a losing run (which everyone goes on from time-to-time) Chasing loses is the worst thing any social or serious punter can do.

What Is A Value Bet?

The key to long term golf betting success is to bet only when there is value in the odds. The is crucial. If you are betting without any consideration for value, you are more than likely to be a long term loser. The kind of customer bookmakers love. So only bet when there is betting value. How do we determine betting value? It’s a very simple calculation:

Value = (Decimal Odds * Your Assessed Probability) – 1

So let’s consider an example. We are betting on a player at odds of 8.0 to win the Masters. We’ve done our research and have determined that there’s a 15% chance this player will win the Masters. Are the odds of 8.0 offering us any betting value?

Value = (8.0 * 0.15) – 1
Value = 1.20 – 1
Value = 0.20

Whenever the value is greater than 0, then we have a what is known as a value bet. As we have odds of 8.0 and our assessed probability is 15%, there is 20% value in the odds on offer of 8.0.

It cannot be overstated. The key to successful long term golf betting, or betting on any sport, is in identifying value opportunities. So in our example we assessed that the player had a 15% chance of winning the tournament, while the bookmaker odds of 8.0 reflected a probability of 12.5%. This is a value opportunity for us because we believe the chances of the player winning the tournament are greater than the probability represented by the bookmaker’s odds.

For more information on betting value and golf staking strategies, read the following articles.

What Is Value Betting?
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4 – Golf Betting Explained

There are a number of ways you can bet on golf. Here we take a look at the most popular ways to bet on golf.

Tournament Winner
Golf Each Way Betting
First Round Leader
Top 10/ Top 20 Finish Betting
Golf Match Bets
Top Nationality
Hold In One Betting

Golf Tournament Winner Betting

Betting on a tournament winner is without doubt the most popular market when someone is looking to bet on golf online. Sometimes backing a favourite outright is simply just the way to go in any sport, even in golf. When you place a tournament winner bet, you are backing a player to win the tournament. If they do, you win your bet. If they don’t, you lose. It can’t get much simpler than that.

Golf Each Way Betting

That said, when tournament fields are made upwards of 140 players, it often makes sense to back a golfer that isn’t one of the favourites in the golf bets each way market. How does each way betting work? Placing an each way bet is placing a stake on a player to win the tournament with an equal stake on that same player to finish the tournament ‘placed’. What constitutes a ‘place finish’ depends on your bookmaker’s terms. Some bookmakers will offer ¼ the win odds for a top 5 finish as a place, while other bookmakers may offer ¼ the win odds for a top 6 finish.

Place odds are calculated as:

Place Odds = ((Win Odds – 1) * Place Terms) + 1

So if for example we are betting on a player to win a tournament at odds of 11.0, our place terms are 1/4 the win odds for a top 5 finish, our place odds can be calculated as:

Place Odds = ((11 – 1) * 0.25) + 1
Place Odds = (10 * 0.25) + 1
Place Odds = 2.5 + 1
Place Odds = 3.5

So if we are betting £10 each way on a player at odds of 11.0 to win a tournament, we are placing £10 on them to win the tournament at odds of 11.0 and £10 on them to finish in the top 5 at odds of 3.50.

So when it comes to each way betting, it pays to shop around and see which bookmakers are offering the most attractive place terms.

Something to keep in mind is that quite often the ¼ odds for top 5 can offer more return than backing a favourite outright only. For instance backing a 41.0 shot each way (at odds of 11.0 for the place) can give a punter more return than backing just an 9.0 favourite outright only. It can also give the punter a far better run for their money, in case their chosen player(s) gets off to a slow start.

Each way punting can also bring in potentially big returns backing rank outsiders – especially in some of the co-sanctioned ET events where a significant percentage of the field is quite often made up of home-grown, lesser known players. Some of these players are even members at the course that the event is being played on, giving them a big advantage over more fancied and experienced golfers that have yet to play a full 18 holes on the course in question. Time and time again we see these local players pop up and challenge for the title, coming from nowhere to land a top 5 each way golf place.

First Round Leader Betting

Fancy a player to get off to a fast start due to an early morning tee off ? After all, he will get the best of conditions (no wind, fresh greens, no leaderboard pressure). This market can be great as is also offers golf each way betting for players who might not be able to hack the pressure of a Sunday back-nine, but could still find the course and conditions to their liking, giving punters opportunities for betting on golf without final round disappointment!

One such golfer on the ET who is a bit of a FRL specialist is journeyman Graeme Storm who nearly always goes off priced as a big three-figure outsider. Between 2010 and early 2014, Storm managed to lead four events after round one, finishing in the top five on a further six occasions. In the same time period over a four round tournament he didn’t win any event and only registered three finishes inside the top 5 (golf each way places).

Top 10, Top 20 Finish Betting

Away from the each way and outright betting markets are the top 10 and top 20 markets. This is a useful section to back golfers who are ‘cheque collectors’ – steady players who rarely threaten the top of the leaderboard, but nearly always make the cut, accumulating enough cash to ensure they keep their cards without an end of season drama, or even worse a trip to Q-School. Because they rarely threaten to win, many traditional bookies will let these golfers go under the radar and as such can offer decent value in these side markets.

One such example would be Max Kieffer, the young German, who has yet to win on the ET. In 2015 he made an incredible 22 cuts in a row, a record on this tour. However, backing him in the golf each way betting market would have proved costly as he only finished in the top 5 once during this run. A good way of backing Kieffer here, despite his lack of appearance at the top of a golf leaderboard, would have been to back him in the top 20 market. He finished inside the top 20 on 7 occasions during this run.

Golf Match Bets

Another way to bet on golf is to focus on match bets. These can either be bets placed on who will shoot the lowest score out of a two or three ball group, or a virtual match up between two individual players who are playing the same course but in different groupings. This can be an interesting alternative, and although it doesn’t offer the glamour of an outright or each way winner, it can lead to exciting finishes if your player is going head-to-head with an opponent heading down the 18th fairway!

Top Nationality Betting

If you are struggling to find value within any of the above markets then perhaps looking at the top nationality markets could be the way forward. This can be particularly interesting when only two or three players from a certain country are teeing it up, meaning your chosen player only has to outscore one or two others in order to win out. We don’t like selecting a top nationality if there are multiple players (say top GB & IRL) as we believe this becomes too much like a lottery to offer any kind of value. If we like a player within a group of half a dozen or more of his own nationality, then we might as well use that stake in the traditional golf each way betting markets and get much bigger odds.

Hole In One Betting

What about the hole in one market? It appears players are getting more and more accurate and aggressive with each year as equipment improves and standards get higher. In 2015 the ET saw a record 46 hole-in-one’s posted, whereas the PGA Tour wasn’t too far behind with 42 aces recorded. Brian Harman even made two holes in one in the same round at the 2015 Barclays event!

5 – Best Golf Betting Strategies

Key to sports betting is developing a strategy and approach that will assist you in consistently finding value betting opportunities. Here are four ways that when applied in combination with one another will help you to idenitfy betting value tournament to tournament .

Study General Form
Study Course Form
Study The Stats
Avoid Inexperienced Players

Study General Form

The first question you should ask yourself when considering betting on any golfer is what is their current form like? Without doubt you should be studying their recent finishes in tournaments leading up to the event and seriously consider ruling out anyone who hasn’t shown at least a glimpse of competing in at least one of the previous five tournaments. In a section of 33 ET events in 2015, 29 winners had recorded at least one finish inside the top 20 in the five events leading up to their victory.

Study Course Form

The second question to consider is previous course form. Many courses on both the PGA and ET are used year-after-year meaning we can quickly see if a player has a certain liking (or disliking) for a certain golf course. The saying ‘horses for courses’ is certainly applicable for any golf betting tip, it’s uncanny how often a player turns up and puts in a big performance at a favoured course that fits his or her eye every season. This is usually down to several reasons of which I’ll explain below.

Certain golf courses demand accuracy off the tee – vital on courses that are narrow, tree-lined affairs such as Wentworth, Crans-Sur-Sierre or Valderrama. Miss the fairway on some of these courses and you will struggle to make par be it due to being blocked out by trees or having your ball buried in deep rough (or both!) Other courses are wide open with very little protection from nature or penal rough. These tend to be modern, resort courses such as Oceanio Victoria in Portugal or Heritage course in Mauritius. There is no need to be accurate off the tee on courses such as this, meaning the long hitters (or bombers) get a huge advantage over the shorter hitters (or plotters) as you can effectively hit it where you want and go into greens with shorter irons or wedges, naturally setting up more birdie chances.

Other courses are positioned in locations that are naturally prone to be defended by windy conditions. Links courses, usually located on the coast, take a certain type of player to excel on. So often the same type of player (usually from GB & IRL or Scandinavian countries) pop up time after time whenever an event is carried out on a links course such as Kennemer, St Andrews or Royal County Down. Over on the PGA Tour, courses located in windy States such as Texas or Florida often see the same players pop up on golf leaderboards – players that have grown up learning how to play in the wind (low ball flight, extra patience etc) .

Study The Stats

General and course form outlined above are the two most important factors when choosing your golf betting tips, however a study of the statistics, both season long and recent can also give a punter an edge over a bookmaker.

As mentioned, some courses demand accuracy off the tee. A study of recent driving accuracy statistics is vital for choosing any golfer on courses such as this. Does the course dictate that you must hit plenty of greens in order to succeed? For instance some golf courses are set up so if you miss the green, it becomes particularly hard to scramble and save par (surrounded by thick rough, upturned saucer style greens etc) Here you would need to ensure your players iron and wedge game is in good order by checking recent greens in regulation statistics (GIR). We believe that if a player is hitting lots of GIR’s, then his game is in particularly good order. He is likely hitting it well off the tee to position his approach and as such is setting up a lot of stress free two putt par chances, and with it those all important birdie opportunities.

The final statistic that is always a must for me relates to the games most important attribute – putting. As the old adage goes, ‘driving for show, putting for dough’ – if your player cannot putt, then he won’t win tournaments. Its all well and good flushing the golf ball tee-to-green, but if a golfer struggles to putt both round to round be it due to a poor technique, previous mental scarring or the wobbles under the Sunday afternoon pressure, then he isn’t going to win for you.

We personally like the putts per GIR statistic as opposed total putts per round statistic as in my opinion this gives a fairer and more accurate reflection on how well a player is really putting. A golfer that misses lots of greens (a low % GIR) will naturally have less putts per round than a player that peppers greens all day long (a high % GIR) .

The golfer that misses more greens will be getting the opportunity to chip from just off the green, obviously making it much easier to set up a putt from closer range than it is a player hitting the GIR from 170 yards away who might leave the ball a good 30ft away from the hole, setting up a realistic two putt par chance as opposed an up-and-down scramble one put par chance from 6ft away.

Avoid Inexperienced Players

Finally, always be wary backing a player who has yet to win a trophy on the tour he is competing on.

Why? Winning an event means so much to a golfer as the long term pressure of ‘keeping their card’, or playing rights, ends the moment they win an event on tour. No more fighting to stay inside the top 125/110, a win on the PGA or ET Tour gives a golfer between two and five years exemption to play on that tour no matter how badly they perform week-on-week. This means they can pick and choose the bigger money/world ranking point events and don’t have to fight it out amongst the lower graded players to simply ‘exist’ on tour. Having the confidence of knowing your job and income is secure for a prolonged period of time also gives many golfers the chance to take more weeks away from the tournament (and travelling) circuit to work on other areas of their game that might not be up to scratch.

6 – Golf Betting Spreadsheet

Keeping a record of your betting is crucial to sports betting. Only through keeping track of each of your bets can you see where you are going right, and in which situations you are showing poor discipline and making errors of judgement. To assist you with this, we’ve developed the bettingexpert Golf betting spreadsheet. It’s free and you can download it now.

It’s easy to use. Simply enter the tournament you are betting on, the date, the bet description, your stake, the odds and the bookmaker you placed the bet with. Once the event has been completed, select either Win, Loss or Refund from the Result options and the spreadsheet will calculate your return plus your running balance and your overall golf betting ROI.

golf betting spreadsheet

If you place each-way bets, remember to enter an individual bet for both the tournament win and the place finish.

7 – Selecting A Bookmaker For Golf Betting

Due to the large pool of golfers taking part in tournaments across the world, there is naturally a lot of variance in prices offered by bookmakers. It is important to have multiple accounts set up to ensure that you back your fancy at the biggest possible price.

Many bookmakers will offer 5 places for normal ET events. Bookies such as Sky Bet and Paddy Power often offer 6 places for show piece events such as the BMW PGA at Wentworth or the Final-series events that end the season. The PGA Tour (which is seen as more competitive) will often see Sky Bet offer 6 golf each way places for normal events.

You should always go with the highest price offered – unless a bookmaker offers an extra place. Then it’s about weighing up the difference in price against amount won for backing say a golfer at 67.0 (6 places) as opposed taking him at 71.0 (5 places). When you factor in the ¼ odds ruling for the golf bets each way ruling, you would get odds of 17.5/1 for the 70/1 offer or 16.5/1 for the 66/1 offer. In this case, it then makes sense to go with the bookie offering the extra sixth place.

However, we would not always recommend going with the bookie offering an extra place if taking that extra place means a diminished return in terms of place odds. Paddy Power have recently been offering a ‘generous’ 7 places on a lot of their golf markets, but at a 1/5 of the odds for each way as opposed ¼. This would mean backing that same golfer at 70/1 would see the each way odds reduced further to 14/1! Not such a generous offer after all.

It’s also important to consider a bookmaker’s reputation. Are they trustworthy? Are you able to withdraw winnings in quick time? Do they have numerous deposit methods? It’s important to do your research before selecting a bookmaker for golf betting. It’s also important to consider their welcome bonus when signing up. Some bookmakers offer very generous sign up bonuses that are well worth taking advantage. But remember to read the welcome terms and conditions as what may appear an attractive offer at first glance, may not be so attractive when you consider the conditions that must be met in order to withdraw your bonus as cash.

Here are six things to look for from in bookmaker for your golf betting:

  • Reputability – you work too hard to risk losing your money to an online scam artist or fly-by-night operation. Always use a bookmaker recommended by
  • Odds – Market odds will vary from bookie to bookie, sometimes quite dramatically. If you are in the market for golf tournament odds, comparison websites can help you find the very best odds for your golf bets.
  • Welcome Bonus – Online bookmakers like to entice new customers with a “Welcome Bonus”. While they are handing out this bonus in the anticipation that you will lose it and much more, with the help of that won’t be the case. Therefore grab that welcome bonus and put it to work for you!
  • Golf Betting Markets – Not all bookmakers cover the same golf betting markets, and some cater more for golf than others. Odds comparison sites list all of the available markets for golf betting, and the bookies that are covering them
  • In-Play Betting – While it will never replace betting on the overall outcome of matches or tournaments, its great fun, one can bet golf live.
  • Live Streaming Service – What began as a gimmick in now becoming an integral part of the whole online golf betting experience. If you are on the go, working late at the office, traveling on a train, maybe even hiding out in your den while your partner is watching the soaps, you can watch the match on your device, laptop or PC and indulge in some in-play betting – bliss!

If you’re wondering which bookmaker might best suit your golf betting needs and which offer the best welcome bonuses, refer to our detailed list of bookmaker reviews.

8 – Golf Free Bet and Bookmaker Offers

In an increasingly competitive industry, many bookmakers now offer free bets and other promotional offers as a way of attracting new customers as well as encouraging existing customers to bet on particular events and markets.

Look out for SkyBet who quite often offer price boosts for some of the leading names in the days leading up to any golf tournament being held around the world. A price boost offers customers enhanced odds often well above the market average. This can be very useful if you fancy backing a favourite in the outright market but think his price might be a tad short.

A recent offer that caught our eye with StanJames was their ‘acca insurance‘ – basically if you like to bet on golf match bets between golfers then you can place a bet with StanJames backing 4 or more selections in an accumulator, and if just 1 loses then your stake will be refunded as a free bet. Not a bad offer.

Finally look out for Paddy Power who often present some great offers for new customers including some truly impressive price boosts for each of the golf Majors through the year.

To see a detailed list of all current golf free bet and bookmaker promotions available, please refer to our Bookmaker Free Bets page. Everything you need to know about free bets and bookmaker promotions.

9 – Golf Live Streaming

Due to Sky Sports’ total ownership of golf coverage in the UK, no betting website offers golf live streaming. Of course Sky Sports customers can access coverage on SkyGo through their phones, laptops and tablets. The PGA Tour has been recently trialling a new paid service through their iPhone and Android APP that gives bonus live coverage of featured groups before their service goes on air on TV each day. The best bookmakers offer the most comprehensive live streaming of any site and perhaps in future they will look at streaming live golf, be it a match play event or perhaps the LPGA.

Read our guide to bookmaker live streams to learn more about this increasingly popular and useful feature.

10 – Following Golf Betting Tips

If you’re looking for golf betting tips, then be sure to check our Golf Betting Tips page particularly in the lead up to each of the Majors. There are some great betting minds in the bettingexpert community, posting tips for a broad range of sports and leagues, including golf throughout the year. Visit our Golf Betting Tips page now to see which tipsters have identified the betting value or even better, sign up to bettingexpert now, become a golf tipster and compete with other tipsters across the world in our monthly tipster competition, There’s £3,000 up for grabs each month with a 1st prize of £1,200 cash.


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