Cardiff City-Tottenham Hotspur

Stake placed: 9 / 10

Final result: Return: 16.92 | Profit: (16.92 - 9) = 7.92

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Tottenham to win at odds of 1.88

Tottenham are in third place with nine points after 4 matches (3-0-1). Cardiff City are in 12th place with 5 points (1-2-1) which is not bad for a team that got promoted to the BPL last season. Cardiff City surprised everyone after winning 2-3 against Manchester City away at the Etihad Stadium. With all my respect to Cardiff City I don't think they played that well to win the match, but that City played really bad.

Tottenham have an avarage of 19 shots per game which is really good! Although they don't score a lot of the chances they create they will surerly get a lot of chances to score. In my opinion Tottenham is a much better team than Cardiff and won't be having a lot of problems of winning this game.