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American Football

American football, arguably the most popular sport in the United States, is a high-intensity, full-contact sport. Eleven players on each team square off against each other on a 360 foot field, attempting to move the ball down the field into the opponent’s end zone. The team with possession of the ball is given four chances, or “downs” to score. If they are unsuccessful possession reverts to the opposing team. If successfully completed, the team has scored a touchdown and receives six points. The team also has the option to score more points with an extra point conversion, meaning the scoring team is given a another chance to move the ball into the end zone. However, more commonly, the team can also elect to kick a field goal through goal posts located at each end of the field. If successful, the team receives one point.

Football Betting

American football betting is extremely popular and there are numerous sports books posting lines. To bet on football, it is extremely important to spend time getting to know the sport, the teams and the rules, which are more complex than can be explained in this short space. However, with a little time and effort, you can learn to objectively and effectively make the best football picks.