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The bettingexpert Academy is the most comprehensive guide to sports betting on the web. Within its pages you'll find betting theory and insight written by passionate and successful long term punters sharing their wisdom to help you find an edge.

If you're serious about improving your sports betting, the bettingexpert Academy will provide you with the fundamentals you need and help you develop the tools required to enhance your betting.

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"The be academy is an absolute must-read for anyone serious about making money betting. Whether you're a novice or expert gambler, there is something for you."

- The Secret Betting Club

"What I like about the bettingexpert academy is that it gives you all the cornerstones to successful betting in one easy to follow guide."

- Matt Finnigan

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- Paolo Bandini

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- Pete Nordsted

What will you learn?

The bettingexpert Academy will provide you with the foundations for successful sports betting, such as understanding odds and the concept of betting value. Once you've grasped the fundamentals you can move on to more advanced topics. No matter what your level of ability or experience, the be academy will enhance your betting intelligence.

Enough of losing. It's time to become a winner!

What does it cost?

Nothing! The bettingexpert Academy is and will always remain free. We are committed to educating the betting public and helping sports bettors the world over make more informed betting decisions. We want this information to be freely available to everyone who wants to step up and take on the 'old enemy', the bookmakers.

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Who wrote this?

The guides contained within the bettingexpert Academy were written by veteran sports bettors Andrew Brocker, Joachim Marnitz, Stephen Harris with additional contributions from writers across the betting industry. Together, our authors have decades of experience in the development and application of betting theory and analysis. If you're looking to learn from those who have taken on the bookies and succeeded, you're in good hands.

Let our experts transform the way you think about sports betting.

So....what will each guide teach you?

The bettingexpert Academy is composed of six guides, with each guide building on the lessons of the last. No matter whether you're a beginner or a more experienced bettor, the bettingexpert Academy guides will take you step by step through the fundamentals of successful sports betting from grasping essential betting theory all the way to taking your betting to a professional level.

1. Betting Fundamentals

The first guide provides readers with the essentials of betting theory and is a must read for beginners.

  1. Betting odds explained
  2. How to manage your bankroll
  3. What is betting value?
  4. And much more...
2. Types of Betting

The second guide details the range of different betting types that readers will find commonly offered by bookmakers.

  1. What is head to head betting?
  2. What is Over/Under Betting?
  3. What is handicap betting?
  4. And much more...
3. Bookmakers

The third guide deals with bookmakers and will help readers understand how bookies approach the business of betting.

  1. What is bookmaker commission?
  2. How do bookmakers set the odds?
  3. What are free bets and bookie bonuses?
  4. And much more...
4. Betting On Different Sports

The fourth guide looks at how to bet and to bet successfully on the most popular sports played around the world.

  1. How to bet on football
  2. How to bet on tennis
  3. How to bet on horse racing
  4. And much more...
5. Basics For Successful Betting

The fifth guide builds on the principles developed in the previous guides, showing readers how to apply these fundamentals for successful betting.

  1. How to assess form
  2. How to bet Over/Unders
  3. How to deal with losing
  4. And much more...
6. Advanced Betting Theory

The final guide of the academy offers readers more advanced topics, helping readers to take their betting from a past-time to a serious pursuit.

  1. How to build a betting model
  2. How to develop a sense for value
  3. What is the Kelly Criterion?
  4. And much more...