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Develop your betting IQ

The bettingexpert Academy is the most comprehensive guide to sports betting available on the web. Within the Academy’s pages you’ll find betting theory, strategy, analysis and insight.

The Academy begins with the fundamentals such as how to understand betting odds before graduating to advanced topics such as how to determine value across a diverse range of popular sports and betting markets.

If you take your sports betting seriously, the bettingexpert Academy will provide you with everything you need to develop your betting intelligence and take your wagering to the next level.

What will you learn?

The bettingexpert Academy will provide you with the foundations for successful sports betting, such as understanding odds and the concept of betting value. Once you’ve grasped the fundamentals you can move on to more advanced topics. No matter what your level of ability or experience, the bettingexpert Academy will enhance your betting intelligence.

What does it cost?

Nothing! The bettingexpert Academy is and will always remain free. We are committed to educating the betting public and helping sports bettors the world over bet responsibly and with discipline. The bettingexpert Academy will always be freely available to everyone who wants to step up and take on the ‘old enemy’, the bookmakers.

Who wrote this?

The guides contained within the bettingexpert Academy were written by experienced sports bettors with a rich history of betting on a diverse range of sports and leagues. Together, our authors have decades of experience in the development and application of betting theory, strategy and analysis.

What’s in the Academy?

The bettingexpert Academy is composed of a range of betting guides, with each guide building on the lessons of the previous. No matter whether you’re a beginner or an experienced bettor, the bettingexpert Academy guides will take you step by step through the fundamentals of successful sports betting.

Betting Fundamentals

Let’s start with the basics. The Betting Fundamentals guide lays the foundations for successful sports betting covering essential topics such as converting betting odds, calculating betting value and bet staking.

Bet Types

What is handicap betting? What are Over Unders? What is 1X2 betting? The Bet Types guide explains, covering a diverse range of bet types from the traditional and familiar to the more exotic.


How do bookmakers make money? How do bookmakers set odds? What is bookmaker commission? As the saying goes, know thy enemy. The Bookmakers guide details everything you need to know about how bookmakers do business.

Betting On Sports

How does betting on football differ from betting on basketball? The Betting On Sports guide shows you how to approach betting on a diverse range of popular sports, from football, to tennis, to basketball, American football, baseball, ice hockey and more.

Basics For Successful Betting

The Basics For Successful Betting provides readers with the essential elements of successful sports betting. The fundamentals have been covered. Now it’s time to go a little more in depth and build towards advanced betting theory.

Advanced Betting Theory

The Advanced Betting Theory guide goes beyond the fundamentals, introducing readers to advanced betting theory and strategy, providing readers with the analysis and insight needed to improve their betting.

Betting on Football

The How to bet on Football advanced guide shows you how to take your football betting knowledge to the next level by providing you insights on the most popular football leagues in the world.