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Betting On Cricket

Cricket is played internationally in three major formats: Test, ODI and Twenty20.

One Day Cricket

One day cricket is divided into two principal categories at international level with 50-over ODIs and Twenty20 cricket the only formats.

At domestic level, there are variations on this – for example the CB40 competition in England.

50-over cricket is the format played in the ICC Cricket World Cup every four years, in which every team has fifty overs to get as many runs as possible. The batting team has to cleverly use ‘powerplays’ where there are fewer fielders permitted to field in defensive positions, while the bowling team must use a minimum of five bowlers, with the amount of overs that each can bowl limited to ten.

Twenty20 is a shorter version of this, with each bowler permitted to bowl just four overs andjust the one powerplay – coming in the first six overs. The idea of this is to encourage batting teams to attack at the beginning, and one betting market available is the amount of runs at this point in the game.

One day cricket betting tends to focus on the amount of runs each side will get, who will win the match, and player performances. It is also a popular, if notvolatile, trading sport.

Test Cricket

Test matches are considered the pinnacle of international cricket, testing both the mind and body over five grueling days.

With both sides having two innings to amass as many runs as possible, there are no limits to the amount of overs a bowler can bowl, nor are there limits to how long a team can bat for.

Test match betting has become increasingly popular as a trading sport due to the ease with which a punter can accumulate profitable positions as the match progresses. A quick flurry of wickets can suddenly alter the destiny of the match, but external factors like the weather have a significant effect on the sport, so an in-depth understanding is crucial.

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Cricket Betting

Cricket betting varies depending on the format but all forms tend to be conducive to trading. Test matches allow you to build profitable positions gradually over the course of five days, while the violent swings in Twenty20 cricket mean that you have the potential to quickly win (or lose) big amounts quickly.