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Tipster Competition Rules


Bettingexpert is all about playing fair. Please respect the following Competition Rules (the “Rules”), respect other Tipsters and play fair. Tipsters who do not follow the Rules could be punished as deemed appropriate by the Website staff. Rules updated: 02/09/2021

The Organizer of the Competition

Better Collective A/S with the registered office in Toldbodgade 12, 1253 Copenhagen K, Denmark, CVR 27652913  (the “Organizer”, “we”, “us”, “our”), the owner of the website (the “Website”) is the organizer of the Online Tipster Competition (the “Competition” ).


In order to participate in the Competition organized by the Website, the participant (the “Tipster”, “you”, “your”) must be over 18 years old.

The language that Tipster uses to post tips needs to be in accordance with the version of the site he is on. 

Therefore Tipster must post tips:

  • In English if using English version of the Website
  • In German if using German version of the Website
  • In Danish if using Danish version of the Website
  • In Spanish if using Spanish version of the Website
  • In French if using French version of the Website
  • In Swedish if using Swedish version of the Website
  • In Serbian if using Serbian version of the Website

Tips posted in a different manner from described, or in any language that is not listed here, will be considered invalid.

The C0mpetition is open worldwide, however there are restrictions in place in Excluded Countries (as defined below). Tipsters who permanently reside in an Excluded Country are permitted to participate in the Competition but are not eligible to receive the cash prize due to legal restrictions currently in force. 

Countries which may be excluded include, but are not limited to: Italy, Venezuela, Tunisia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Congo, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Mali, Lebanon, Turkey, Haiti, South Sudan, Iran, Belarus, Quebec, Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong, Kosovo, Iceland, Russia and USA (each an “Excluded Country” and collectively the “Excluded Countries”). The Organizer may add or remove countries and territories from the list of Excluded Countries from time to time at its sole discretion, in order to comply with applicable laws, regulations, regulatory requirements, guidelines and industry codes of practice. However, it is Tipster’s responsibility to keep himself informed on the laws and regulations applicable to him, depending on his country of residence.

In case a resident of any of the Excluded Countries decides to participate and wins the prize, the Organizer will, within the limits of its capabilities, and at its sole discretion, take actions to try to provide him/her with an adequate and fair alternative as permitted by applicable law and regulation, depending on the country of residence of the particular winner.

By taking part in the Competition, Tipsters agree to the Competition Rules and the Privacy Policy, both posted on the Website. 

Employees and freelancers hired by the Organizer or any of its subsidiaries, directly or through intermediary companies, are not allowed to participate in the Competition.

How to participate

To post tips you must first register with the Website.

Only one Tipster account is allowed per household.

Tipsters must have a positive monthly profit at the end of the month to be eligible for any prizes.

Participating in the Competition is totally free of charge.

And that’s not all. All Tipsters, regardless of which language version of the site they post on, are automatically eligible for the global annual tipster Competition which rewards the top Tipsters over a 12 month period, and the winner is crowned World Tipster Champion. 

When you earn a prize for the first time, we will require some of your personal details in order to send you a prize. You will receive a request by email from a member of staff. Your personal details need to be sent NO LATER THAN 9th of the month at 23:59 CET. The reason for this is that we will pay out prizes 5 business days after this time. If you fail to send what is requested from you on time, you cannot be awarded.

Technical rules:

  • All tips posted on the Website must be original content and exclusive to the Website.
  • Analyses accompanying tips must be unique and demonstrate enough value and insight to support that particular tip and be well articulated.
  • Tip analysis should contain a minimum of 50 words and must be relevant to that specific match. Any analysis that does not support its tip will result in sanctions applied at the discretion of the bettingexpert community administrators.
  • Tipsters must have at least 8 tips and positive profit in order to become eligible to compete for a prize.
  • The maximum combined stake allowed on any event is 10 units, except for Motor Sports and Golf. In Motor Racing (including Formula 1) and Golf, Tipsters are allowed to stake up to 10 units on the outright winner in addition to a further combined stake of 10 units across any other markets.
  • The permitted units staked depends on the odds of a given tip. The table below explains which stakes are allowed across particular odds ranges:
Odds < 2.5 max. stake of 10 units
2.5 ≤ Odds < 2.75 max. stake of 9 units
2.75 ≤ Odds < 3 max. stake of 8 units
3 ≤ Odds < 4 max. stake of 7 units
4 ≤ Odds < 5 max. stake of 6 units
5 ≤ Odds < 6 max. stake of 5 unit
6 ≤ Odds < 8 max. stake of 4 units
8 ≤ Odds < 10 max. stake of 3 units
10 ≤ Odds < 20 max. stake of 2 units
20 ≤ Odds < 50 max. stake of 1 units
50 ≤ Odds < 100 max. stake of 0.5 units
100 ≤ Odds max. stake of 0.25 units

  • Once a tip is posted it cannot be modified.
  • In the event of disputes over tips, the tip description is final. Always make sure your tip description correctly explains your tip.
  • When the settlements of tips are disputed, the final decision is based on how the bookmaker in question has settled the bet recommended in the tip. i.e. if the bet is voided by the bookmaker then the tip on the Website is also voided.
  • Tips must be posted at least thirty (30) minutes before the event is scheduled to start.
  • Only one tip is allowed per market on an event.

Determining the Winner

Your ranking on the leaderboard depends on the number of points you collect during the Competition cycle. The points are rewarded in the following way:

  • When you make a tip, you select a stake. (1 – 10)
  • If the tip is a winner, the returns are calculated. (stake multiplied by odds – e.g. 10 stake at odds of 6 = 60 returns)
  • If the tip is a loser the stake becomes a negative to your total  (e.g.10 stake for a loser = -10)
  • As the Competition cycle progresses all tips (positive and negative) are added together for a running total (e.g. -10 -10 + 35 + 40 -10 = 45)
  • At the end of the Competition cycle the final leaderboard shows the final standings and who is awarded prizes. Tipsters will be ranked from highest to lowest on the leaderboard based on the number of points they have accrued by posting winning tips.
  • In the unlikely event that two or more Tipsters finish the Competition with the same number of points, their prizes will be combined and split evenly between them. For example, if two Tipsters take up 2nd (£100) and 3rd (£50) place on the leaderboard, they will each receive an equal share of the combined 2nd and 3rd place prizes (£75 each).


Each month, there are prizes for the best Tipsters of the month. Prizes will be allocated according to the participants position on the leaderboard.

The prize pool, your current ranking and the value of the prizes for best ranked tipsters can be checked on the Tipster of the month leaderboard. 

And if you scroll down the page, just below the Tipster of the month leaderboard, you will find the World Tipster championship leaderboard, and further down the page all the other leaderboards for all of the ongoing Competitions. It’s right there, all in one place.

And that’s not all. Tips posted across all languages and across all the active Competitions on the Website will be automatically ranked on the World Tipster championship leaderboard, and considered for a yearly Competition prize pool, that can be also checked on this leaderboard.

All payments on our Website need to be well controlled. We need to make sure that we are giving prizes to the right users. Therefore, if you are among the prize winners, we will send you a link to the prize winner registration form where you can enter your payment details. We will ask you for the following details:

  • Name
  • Address (street name, city, zip code, country)
  • Your username on the Website
  • E-mail address
  • Skrill Email account
  • Identity Card (Copy of Passport, Driving License with a visible date of birth)

We have strict deadlines in relation to our payment process. From the 3rd of the month, all winners will be contacted by our Website administrators. Then, you will have until the 9th (23.59 CET) to submit the form with your data. Any data given after this deadline will not be accepted and will result in your prize being forfeited. All payments are processed within five (5) business days from the deadline to provide your data.

All payments are made via Skrill only. There is no option for a Tipster to be paid in another way. Please check here if Skrill provides services to your country. If you don’t have a Skrill account, you can open one now here, it’s FREE!

The prize money may be taxable depending on the applicable laws in your country of residence. It is your own responsibility to report the winning amount to the tax authorities in your own country if you are required to do so. If there is an obligation on the part of the Organizer, it will be taken care of before the relevant Tax authorities in accordance with applicable laws.

Personal data 

The Organizer is a data controller which will process the personal data of the Tipsters in accordance with the Privacy Policy

By participating in the Competition, the Tipsters declare that they agree with processing of the following personal data: first name, surname, Tipster’s username at Website, email address, home address, skrill Email account, identity card name.

We may publish the name and surname of the winner on our Website in order to contribute to transparency of the Competition, and to comply with the advertising-related legislations and recommendations. You may object to publishing this information here.

If you win the prize we might ask you for a copy of your ID card, phone number, domicile and your financial information. Processing this data is necessary for validation of your information, the transmission/delivery of prizes, payment of the relevant taxes and ensuring that you have satisfied legislative requirements regarding threshold age for gambling and participating in the Competition.         

Please review our Privacy Policy in order to get acquainted with more details about processing your personal data, with whom we share the personal data, and with your rights and our obligations under the data protection rules.

Breach of Rules

All content and comments posted on Website must contain polite language. Please respect your fellow Tipsters and refrain from using abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic language or any other forms of discrimination. We also ask Tipsters to avoid using any intentionally provocative content e.g. extreme political views. Website is for everyone regardless of who they are, where they come from or what they believe in.

Any attempt to exploit the Website system is forbidden and will result in sanctions. 

Copying other people’s work and posting it on the Website under your own name, intentionally exploiting bugs or trying, in any other way, to gain an unfair advantage over other Tipsters is absolutely not acceptable. Tips are checked and those caught cheating or bending the rules will be strongly punished. Conversely, honesty and respect for the integrity of Website is praised and often rewarded.

When Website administrators correct mistakes in tips that breach the rules listed above, they will remove any tips that would have resulted in profit for the Tipster. However, any incorrect tips that lead to a loss to the Tipster will be allowed to stay as they would have resulted from the Tipster’s own lack of compliance with the rules.

The Organizer reserves the right to reward or punish Tipsters where they see fit. Explanations will always be given when Tipsters operate outside of the normal Competition rules.

Punishments include voiding/deleting tips, warnings about conduct, temporary bans and in certain circumstances permanent blocking. The extent of a punishment is determined by the severity of the offence and if the Tipster is a repeat offender. Cases are judged on individual merit and decisions made by the Organizer are final and should be respected.

For any other issues or doubts which have no clear guidelines in the above terms and conditions will be dealt with at the discretion of the Website administration.


By using the Website you grant us an irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license (including the right to sub-license) to use, copy, edit, modify, publish, transmit, re-format and share your betting tips and other content you provide on the Website and any other media operated by the Organizer, and to allow any third party to do the same. To ensure you receive full credit for your tips, your username and avatar will be shared along with your tips. If you wish to update them to enhance your anonymity (or boost your profile!) you can do so on your profile page.

Likewise, you are free to use all the content on the Website free of charge. Similarly, feel free to republish or share any of our content on other websites or across social media. All we ask is that you please link back to the original source. We want our content to reach as many people as possible so redistribute, republish and share to your heart’s content – just always remember to link us. Open web FTW!

Request for clarification/Complaints

We hope all Tipsters find these conditions fair and suitable. If you are still in doubt about anything, check out our FAQ which should be able to provide more information on common issues. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Any issues or doubts which have no clear guidelines in the Competition Rules will be dealt with at the discretion of the Website administration. 

These Competition Rules are governed by Danish law, except where mandatory local law in your country of residence overrides. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these Competition Rules shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in Denmark.


We reserve the right to make changes to the rules of the Competition at our sole discretion, and will notify users of any significant changes by making a post on the Website.