Redesigned Tips Lists and Tipster Rating System


We've introduced two new features on bettingexpert - a redesigned tip list layout with more information and ease of use in addition to an exciting new tipster rating system. An indepth blog by bettingexpert's Head of Design, Alette, also gives users an insight into how we develop new features.

Redesigned tips lists

New tip design

  • Complete redesign of tip layout in lists.
  • Easy to read and browse important information.
  • Shows much more data including full team and league name.
  • Event dates moved outside tips boxes, grouping tips in terms of date and time.
  • Right side of the box dedicated to tipster information. Includes tipster avatar, name and yield, and the tipster rating.
  • New codes and symbols for bet types making it easier to differentiate between tips quickly.
  • Bookmaker logos instead of text links.

Introducing the new tipster rating system

The new tipster rating system means it has never been easier to determine the quality of a tip. Each tipster is assigned a rating from 1 - 5 enabling a quick overview of past performance and expected reliability of future predictions. The ratings are shown in tipster profiles and in each tip. Also, you can use the Tipster Statistics tool to filter tipsters by their ratings.

tipster ratings


Read more about the process of developing and designing these features below!

The Design Process

Many of you, in the past six months, have noticed that bettingexpert has changed quite a bit. We have received tons of feedback on what we can improve (and also what we have done well!), a big thanks for that - it’s what make us tick in the design team!

One of the things we quickly discovered was that we didn’t get the tips lists right in the first place. This led to a very quick decision to change them again following the relaunch. Even though the change increased scanability, it posed some other problems particularly in terms of displaying team names and selections.

The Challenge

The first big challenge to overcome was to find a way to display a lot of information about each tip in the tips lists. We looked around to see if there were any other sites who have managed to display as much information as we wanted simultaneously but couldn’t find any (we’re still searching, so if you have an example, please let us know!) Our aim was to get as much information about individual tips in the lists as possible to make it simple to browse and immediately get an indication of whether a tip is interesting for you or not. The elements we wanted to show immediately were:

  1. The team names in full length
  2. The tipster’s yield
  3. The tipster
  4. The status of the tipster - rookie or verified tipster?
  5. The tipster’s rating
  6. The selection of the tip
  7. The odds and bookmaker
  8. The status of the tip: active, won, lost or void
  9. The sport
  10. The league
  11. The time and date for the match

One thing you might notice left out here is the stake. We discovered that tipsters tend to have individual strategies when deciding stakes which means that stakes are usually not very useful when comparing tips from different tipsters. Stakes will therefore only seen on the actual page of the tip.

But even without the stake, the eleven elements above posed a big challenge for us because we needed a lot of space to show all this information, without compromising on scannability.

The Process

In order to create the most user friendly layout for the tips lists, we needed to arrange these elements in terms of importance to you, our users. Luckily, four prominent bettingexpert tipsters stepped forth, namely Profitt, Lukica, Maradona1 and greekbanker23, to lend a very helpful hand. The ordered list ended up being the one you see above.

We also had the following requirements:

  • Team names should be displayed in full
  • The tip status should be easier to understand and see, also if you are color blind
  • The list should be able to be sorted by match, yield, tipster status, tipster rating, time and date
  • The brand new tipster rating system from 1 to 5 must be visible

The next step was to test permutations of these elements using paper prototypes in order to determine the possible solutions we could come up with. We did this for both large and small screens.

The Result

This work led to plenty of new insights and ideas as to how tips can be displayed on bettingexpert. After all this prototyping and testing we are happy to finally reveal a radical new way of showing betting tips. You can see how the final draft looks on different screen sizes above.

We are confident this solution allows everyone to easily understand a selection even if the tip is not written in a language that you understand. To achieve this we designed a small series of signs used to communicate a tip shown in the bottom left of the tip box.

This solution freed up a lot of space in the list and solved the problem of overlapping texts found in the old design. This means that we were able to maximise the number of tips visible on the screen, which increases scanability.

It is now also possible to instantly see if a tip was created by a verified or rookie tipster, further helping viewers determine the quality of a tip.

So, What’s New?

  • Selections and odds no longer overlap and you can see full team names and bookies
  • You can sort the list by bookmaker, date & time, match, odds, yield, rating or tipster status!
  • You can determine tipster competence by easily viewing their rating, yield, and if they are verified or still a rookie
  • Profile pictures are now visible in the list so you can quickly scan for your favourite tipsters

In the process of streamlining the tip information we developed a very visual way of showing another new feature we have recently implemented, the tipster rating system. It is shown around the profile picture in lists and on profiles.

Tipster Rating System

Most people who visit bettingexpert, do so with the goal of making a profit by following successful tipsters. But which tipsters should you follow? The tipsters who are showing the most profit right? Well yes, but there's no guarantee a tipster showing a solid profit over their first 200 tips will continue to do so over their next 1,000 tips. With this in mind, our betting boffins developed a rating system which grades tipsters in terms of anticipated future profitability.

So how does it work? Our tipster rating algorithm assigns each tipster a rating from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. Over the history of bettingexpert, the combined yield of tipsters with a rating of 4 or 5 is just over 5%, from a sample size of over 38,000 tips.

The algorithm implements several statistical calculations to determine which category tipsters fall into. You will find plenty of up and coming tipsters with a higher yield but will have a rating of 3 until they have sufficiently proved their ability over a larger sample of tips. Maintaining a solid profitability over an extended time frame is the best way of improving tipster rating. The more tips a tipster has posted and the higher their profitability, the higher their rating will be.

We hope you like the new tips list design and tipster rating system. Let us know in the comments below what you think!


Head of Design