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The MLB is a 30-team professional baseball league that runs from April until October. Each team plays 162 regular season games, from which ten teams advance to the post-season. The eventual winners of the National League and the American League then face-off in the World Series to be crowned World Champions.

Betting On MLB

Major League Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world to bet on. This is mainly due to the number of games played each season. If you know your baseball you can make great profits each season as each club progresses through their 162 game schedule before heading into the playoffs.

Major League Baseball is one of the most popular sports leagues for the bettingexpert community to bet on. When the season begins in April, bettingexpert tipsters start sharing their MLB betting tips and continue posting MLB tips right through the playoffs in October.

How To Bet On MLB

Baseball betting tends to be centred around ‘run lines’, which is a variation on simple handicapping that we see in other sports. In baseball one team is given a -1.5 run handicap while their opposition receives a +1.5 run advantage.

You can also bet on what Americans refer to as the Moneyline, which is essentially the head to head odds without any handicap assigned to either team.

Also popular is over/under betting on the amount of runs that a side will score in a game. The number of runs scored in a baseball game can vary significantly, with most games however finishing in the range of 8 to 10 runs. If you're interested in betting on run totals in Major League Baseball, you'll find this article on our blog of particular interest.

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