NBA Betting Tips

AH = Asian handicap, EH = European handicap, = Goal scorer, / = Over / Under, Time = GMT

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The NBA is one of the most exciting sports league in the world. With 30 teams spanning the North American continent, the NBA is considered the pre-eminent men's basketball competition in the world. Founded in 1946, the league has expanded its reach across the world, with an increasing number of its players entering the league from Europe, South America and Asia.

Betting On The NBA

The length of the NBA season is one of the reasons for its popularity amongst punters right across the world. Every season each NBA team plays 82 matches, and that's not counting the playoffs. This gives punters dozens of betting opportunities every week of the season, with as many as 15 games played on any one day.

This is reflected in the number of NBA betting tips posted by our betting community throughout the season. This makes it one of the most popular sports leagues for our betting community.

How To Bet On The NBA

With the great number of games to bet on, bookmakers offer a tremendous range of betting options for NBA punters throughout the season, from the start in November all the way through the playoffs in June. If you know your basketball and have a sharp eye for identifying form surges or slumps as the season progresses, NBA betting is for you.

Most popular bookmakers offer traditional betting options for the NBA such as head to head betting, handicap betting and points totals. But many now offer a whole range of alternative markets and exotics. You can bet on how many points a team will score in a quarter, how many points a player will score in a game or even how many rebounds a team will gather just to name a few.

NBA Betting Trends

Over the last 10 NBA seasons:

  • Home clubs have won 61% of games, but have a 47% record against the betting line when favoured by 10 points or more.
  • Away clubs playing as underdogs of 12 points or greater have covered the line 56% of the time when coming off a loss in their previous game.
  • Home teams have won 64% of their games when coming off a win in their previous game, and 69% of games coming off a win of 10 points or more.
  • Away clubs playing as underdogs of 12 points or greater have covered the line 47% of the time when coming off a win in their previous game.
  • Away clubs have won 35% of their games when coming off a loss in their previous game, and 33% coming off a loss of 10 points or more.

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