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French Open

Betting On the French Open

The French Open is the only Grand Slam event to be played on clay, the slowest surface of any of the Grand Slams. The real key for a player winning on clay is good movement. It's why Rafael Nadal has dominated in recent years. Clay is a much harder surface to grip and to change direction on, meaning a player needs to be particularly fit, mobile, quick and use the slide technique to get to shots.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the greater use of top-spin, slices and drop-shots on the clay surface. This is particularly so for the men's where play is more mixed with the greater athleticism of the modern player limiting the impact of flat, hard-hitting tennis.

While it doesn't match the popularity of Wimbledon, the French Open is still one of the most popular betting events for tennis punters each year. This is reflected in the number of French Open betting tips posted by our betting community every year.

French Open Free Bets

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How To Bet On The French Open

French Open Outright Tournament Betting

Will Rafael Nadal win the French Open again in 2014? If you enjoy betting on the end result of the tournament then French Open outright betting is for you. French Open outright betting is simply betting on who you think will be the winner of the tournament. Bookmakers also offer each way French Open betting; meaning that if your player doesn't win the tournament, you still get a share of your stake returned so long as they finish second.

Always remember that the French Open uses a draw to determine which players will face one another throughout the tournament. When betting on the winner of the French Open always take a look at the likely opposition for each player once the French Open draw is released. Doing so can help you to determine which players might be worth some value.

French Open Match Betting

This is the most popular form of tennis betting and is just as popular for those who enjoy betting on the French Open. With French Open match betting, you simply bet on who will win a particular match within the tournament.

But before you place your bet, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first of these and perhaps most critical, is the recent form of the competing players. Have they been performing well and dominating their opponents? Have they been struggling to close out matches? Have they been a crafty underdog causing problems for much fancied opponents?

Also take a look at recent matches between the two players. Some players might not ranked as high as others, but sometimes they have a playing style that creates concerns for players that others consider to be of far greater ability. Having this kind of knowledge can really help you find fantastic value, particularly when it comes to French Open Set and Game handicap betting.

French Open Set Betting

To bet on a given set score is the equivalent to betting on the final score in football. In French Open set betting you bet on the score in sets. For example, Rafael Nadal won the 2013 French Open final by 3 sets to 0. To win this bet, you would have had to bet on Nadal to beat Ferrer 3-0.

French Open set betting can be a great way of finding betting value when you have a greater knowledge of both player's tendancies, especially if one player is a short-priced favourite but is known for slow starts in the early stages of a tournament like the French Open.

French Open Handicap Betting

You can also bet on a range of French Open match handicaps. The most common of these are Set handicaps and Game handicaps.

In Set handicap betting, you bet on whether one player will win with the assistance of a Set handicap. This is somewhat similar to Asian Handicaps in football. For example, you could bet on Nadal defeating Djokovic in the semi-finals with a -1.5 set handicap. However doing so means you would have lost as Nadal won by just one set, 3-2. If you had bet on Djokovic +1.5 sets, your bet would have been a winner.

Games handicap betting is similar except that it takes into consideration the total number of games played in the match.

French Open Over/Under Betting

As with handicap betting, Over/Under betting focuses on Set totals and Game totals. For example, you can bet on whether a match will end over or under 3.5 total sets. On the other hand you can be on whether a match will end over or under 30.5 games.

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