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NHL Overview

The National Hockey League is the elite ice-hockey competition of North America and one of if not the most popular ice hockey leagues in the world. Beginning in 1917, the league has continued to grow and in 2013, 30 clubs fight it out for one of the most famous prizes in American sport, the Stanley Cup. With 7 clubs located north of the United States border, a fierce rivalry exists between the U.S clubs and the clubs supported by the passionate Canadians. It's no surprise to see that the two most successful NHL clubs are in fact Candian, the Montreal Canadiens who have won 24 titles and the Toronto Maple Leafs with 13, while the Detroit Red Wings sit close behind with 11.

NHL Betting Tips at bettingexpert

The passion for the NHL is shared by our bettingexpert community, with the NHL one of our tipsters most popular sports leagues to bet on and most successful. Throughout the NHL season the ice hockey fans in our community find the value, posting the most profitable free NHL betting tips you'll find on the net.

The Season

The season  is divided into two sections, the regular season which is from October to April  and then afterwards, it goes to the second half of the season which is the playoffs  and it is played from April to June where the champion of the NHL season will  be determined. Each game will be played in a 60-minute regulated time, which is  divided into three 20-minutes. During the NHL regular season, the losing team  gets no point while the team that scores the most at the end of the game or  during an overtime is the winner of the game and is awarded 2 points. The  exception to this scoring is when a team losses in an overtime period, it gets  1 point. On the playoff games, the tournament in this time will be in a series  of rounds to the final. The teams battle to win a best-best-seven series in  order to advance to the next round. The winner of the NHL playoffs will be  awarded the Stanley Cup and at the end of the season.

The Overtime

If no team  was able to score during the overtime period, it goes to penalty shootouts. And  if it is still goalless penalty shootouts, it enters the sudden death. Whoever  scores the most during the overtime period is awarded 2 points while the losing  team gets 1 point. On the other hand, when the competition enters the Stanley  Cup playoffs, there will be no penalty shootout during the overtime, it goes  straight to sudden death.

The Trophies

There are  many trophies that are awarded in the National Hockey League. The winner of the  season is awarded the Stanley Cup while the League’s overall leader is awarded  the President’s Trophy. For the league scoring champion, there is the Art Ross  Trophy, the Goal-scoring leader gets the Maurice ‘Rocket’ Richard Trophy and  the William M. Jennings Trophy goes for the goalkeeper(s) for the team with the  fewst goals against them.


Although  NHL is very popular in Canada, it does not hold the largest fan base in North  America. On the other hand, it has increasingly established its place along  with America’s major sports such as Major League Baseball (MLB), National  Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) and well  establishing itself in Europe. NHL has been rapidly expanding its territory  that it has doubled in size and it is no longer for affluent fans only but from  different background.

Hockey is  about creativity and speed and if you have the speed for betting and an eye for  creative betting, NHL does not lack any of it.

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