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Coral £5 £30
Bwin £10 £30

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do risk free bets work?

If you’ve watched any live sporting event recently, you will surely have noticed just how competitive the betting industry has become with now dozens of bookmakers engaged in a heated battle to attract the patronage of both new and experienced punters alike.

With intensifying competition within the betting industry, many bookmakers now offer a range of regular free bet and promotional offers as a way of attracting new customers.

But what exactly is a "free bet”?

There are a variety of free bets offers, from refunds or ‘money back’ offers, insurance bonus bets if your bet loses, enhanced odds also known as ‘price boosts’ as well as imaginative specials for popular sporting events. Regardless of the offer type, free bets and bookmaker promotions are a great way to enhance your betting. Please note, these bookmaker free bets are different to bookmaker bonus codes

Do free bets offer any real value?

The value of any free bet offer varies from free bet offer to free bet offer. While some may appear attractive at first glance, their value diminishes somewhat when you study the terms and conditions and turnover requirements. Other free bets offer tremendous value, particularly risk free bets where no matter what the outcome, you are offered a guaranteed refund of your stake, whether as cash or as a ‘bonus bet’.

So which free bet types offer the best value?

Like we say, the value varies from offer to offer, so be sure to check the offer terms & conditions before you place your bet.

Can I get both free bet and sign up bonuses?

Yes you can but again, it depends on the offer. Many bookmakers offer free bets and promotional offers for new customers. In this case, you can claim both your free bet offer as well as your bookmaker sign up bonus - like this one at Paddy Power. We have to say, that’s a pretty sweet deal. Many bookmakers also have free bet and promotional offers that are available to both new and existing customers. We thoroughly recommend signing up with these generous bookmakers. Sure, it’s great when bookmakers offer new customers a sweet free bet or other promotional offer to encourage them to sign up, but it’s even better when bookmakers offer something for their loyal customers. 

What types of bookmaker promotions exist?

There are a variety of free bet and promotional offers, each created to give you added incentive to place a bet on a popular betting event or market.

Risk Free Bets

Risk Free bets are probably the most popular promotional offer and this is understandable.

Who doesn’t enjoy a bet where no matter what the outcome, there’s no way you can lose your stake? Let’s say that Manchester United are facing Bayern Munich in a Champions League match. One bookmakers is offering a £20 free bet on the WDW market for the match. You place your free bet of £20 on Manchester United. If Manchester United wins the match, you win. If not, no harm to your betting balance at all.

Unfortunately, true risk free bets are not as common as we would like and are typically for new customers only. It should also be noted that if your free bet wins, you’ll only receive the ‘profit’ of your risk free bet, with the initial free bet stake not included. While risk free bets may be limited, when they’re available, you should certainly jump at the opportunity.

Enhanced Odds

Also known as ‘Price Boosts’, enhance odds offer are an increasingly popular promotional offer. Essentially an enhanced odds offer is when a bookmaker presents customers with greater odds on a given betting outcome than what the true market may dictate. For example, let’s say Manchester City are hosting Liverpool in an upcoming Premier League match. Manchester City’s true odds for the match are 1.50, but a particular bookmaker is offering an enhanced odds offer of 2.00 for Manchester City to win. This is an example of a typical enhanced odds or ‘price boost’ offer.

Check out some of our enhanced odds pages here:

While enhanced odds offers do present great value, it should be noted that they are often limited to low stakes and in some cases, any winnings earned from the bet are paid out as a bonus and not as cash, with the bonus then needing to be turned over before it can be withdrawn as cash.

If you're just looking for the best odds available across all bookmakers on the marketplace, we recommed that you use an odds comparison site.

Bet Insurance

Other free bets involve limited risk. These are known as ‘bet insurance’. In this instance, you may place a bet on a given betting market. Then so long as certain conditions are met, you’ll receive a refund as either cash or a bonus bet offer.

Let’s say that Tottenham are hosting Everton in an upcoming FA Cup match. One bookmaker is offering a ‘free bet’ up to £50 on the WDW market with your stake refunded if your team scores the first goal but loses the match. So we place a £50 bet on Everton to win. They score first but unfortunately Tottenham comes back and wins the match. In this case, while we’re disappointed to lose the bet, we would have our stake refunded since our selection Everton scored first.

Another popular form of Bet Insurance is for 1st Goalscorer betting. In this instance, you place a bet on a particular player to score the 1st goal of a given football match. If that player scores the 1st goal, you win your bet. If he doesn’t score the 1st goal, but does score a goal at any stage of the match, you get your stake back.

Bet Insurance offers are also a popular way for bookmakers to attract betting on multis (accas, combos) with refund insurance offered if your multi fails to win by just one 1 leg.

While insurance offers are great, it’s important to check the terms and conditions as some bookmakers offer cash back, while others will refund your stake as a bonus bet that you cannot withdraw until certain conditions are met.

Bore Draw

Bore Draw is a popular form of Bet Insurance. For example, bet365 offers Bore Draw on football WDW markets. Let’s say Arsenal is playing Chelsea in the Premier League. We place a bet on the WDW market and if the match ends without a goal, our stake will be refunded. Like all forms of Bet Insurance, Bore Draw offers mitigated risk, in that if your selection wins, you win your bet, but if the match ends 0-0 you’ll be content in knowing that your stake will be refunded.

Bonus Bet

While rare, bonus bet offers are tremendous value. A typical bonus bet is when you place a normal bet for a given sporting event, and if your selection meets certain conditions, you’ll receive a bonus bet on top of your winnings. For example, Barcelona are facing Real Madrid in La Liga. One bookmaker offers a bonus bet if your selection wins by 2 goals or more. So you place a bet on Barcelona to win and fortunately, they win the match 3-1. In this case, you not only win your bet but your bookmaker delivers you a free bonus bet to use on an upcoming event, usually of your choice. If Barcelona had won by just 1 goal, you would have still won your bet, but would not have received the extra bonus bet.

Bonus Winnings

Bonus Winnings are similar to Bonus Bets, in that so long as certain conditions are met, you receive a bonus on top of your winnings. This is a particularly popular type of offer in 1st goalscorer betting. In this instance, you place a bet on a player to score the 1st goal of the match. If your players scores the 1st goal, and then scores again in the same match, you’ll receive double your winnings. Bonus Winnings are also popular for multis (accas, combos). In this case, a bookmaker for example may offer a 50% bonus on top of your winnings if you place a multi of at least 6 legs on Premier League WDW betting markets.

Money Back

Money Back, also known as Cash Back, is fairly self explanatory. Let’s say West Ham are hosting Crystal Palace in the Premier League. One bookmaker offers a Money Back offer on the Both Teams To Score market. So long as certain conditions are met, you’ll receive money back on your bet either as cash. This is an important distinction to make. Many promotional offers refund your stake as a bonus bet, with certain conditions needing to be met before you can withdraw the stake. With money back, or cash back offers, your stake is refunded as cash and can be withdraw as you like.

Do I need to make a deposit to claim risk free bets?

It depends on the offer. If you’re a new customer to a particular bookmaker then the answer more often than not is yes, you will need to make a deposit to place a bet in order to claim the offer. This is not always the case however, with some bookmakers offering new customers a free bet without any deposit required. There is also an increasing number of offers for already existing loyal customers. In this case no deposit is required, so long as you already have enough funds in your account to cover the bet you wish to place.

Can risk free bets be used as surebets?

Yes, they certainly can. If you are offered an enhanced odds offer or a money back offer, you can place bets at other bookmakers to ensure that no matter what happens, you make a profit.

For example, let’s say you are offered an enhanced odds offer of 3.0 for Novak Djokovic to defeat Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final. True odds are Djokovic at 1.60 and Federer at 2.35. You can then place your enhanced odds offer on Djokovic at odds of 3.00 and then go to another bookmaker and place a bet on Federer at the odds of 2.35. Then no matter who wins the match, you make a profit.

Alternatively you can exploit money back offers. Let’s say you have been offered money back on the WDW market an upcoming Premier League match between Chelsea and Newcastle.

We place a bet on Chelsea to win and place a bet on Newcastle +0.5 goals on the Asian Handicap with another bookmaker. If Chelsea win, we win our bet. If they draw or lose we get our stake refunded, plus we win our Newcastle +0.5 bet.

Can I get risk free bets when I already have an account?

Yes, while some bookmaker use free bet and promotional offers primarily as a way of attracting new customers, many bookmakers offer regular free bet and promotional offers specifically to reward loyal already existing customers.

How do I claim a free bet?

Claiming your free bet varies from bookmaker to bookmaker and offer to offer. Our advice is to read the terms and conditions to ensure you understand exactly what is involved in claiming your free bet. In general however, if you are a new customer, it involves signing up and depositing funds into your account, then placing a bet on the relevant betting market up to the free bet maximum stake.

If you are an already existing customer, typically all that is required is to place a bet on the promoted market as per the terms and conditions. Your refund or bonus bet will typically be added to your funds within 24 hours of the final result.

Which sports can free bets be used on?

Free bets and promotional offers are available for a broad range of sports and leagues. You only need to look at our free bets list to see the diversity of bet types and markets available. More often than not however, free bets will be available for popular upcoming sporting events, particularly Premier League and Champions League matches, as well as Tennis Grand Slams and major US sporting events such as the Super Bowl and NBA Finals.

Which betting markets can free bets be used on?

Again, it depends upon the offer. More often than not, free bet and promotional offers are for head to head and WDW markets as well as Multis. In some cases, free bet offers will be available for exotic markets as well.

Do I need to wager winnings from free bets?

Once again, it depends upon the offer. Some offers will offer winnings as cash, ready for you to withdraw as you wish. Other offers will require you to bet your winnings a certain number of times before you can withdraw them.

Which betting sites offer risk free bets?

At bettingexpert, we offer risk free bets and other promotions from the following sports books:

So whenever one of these bookmakers have an ongoing promotion in the UK, you will find it here on the bettingexpert free bets list.

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Do you offer a free bets app?

Not at this time. But we suggest you bookmark this page on your phone so you can check back daily.

Can I get the free bets via email?

Yes, you certainly can. Sign up to our regular free bets email and you’ll receive what we consider to be the best free bet and promotional offers available heading into to each weekend plus bookmaker free bet offers exclusive to bettingexpert.