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Today’s NBA Betting Tips

America’s NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, and hugely popular among our bettingexpert community, members of whom post NBA betting tips throughout the NBA season, which runs from October through to the following June. Our top tipsters will post their NBA predictions for games during the regular season, the playoffs, and the games that contest the NBA Finals and the prestigious Larry O’Brian trophy.

The NBA is globally popular, with fan-bases in every country of the world. Because of this popularity, the NBA is worth an annual $7 billion, making it one of the five richest sports leagues in the world. It is also one of the best attended, and 22.5 million pass through its turnstiles annually, a number only beaten by MLB and the Nippon baseball league.

Betting on NBA games is big business, and the resulting demand for NBA betting tips is huge. Luckily for you, that demand is well covered by our expert NBA tipsters and their NBA predictions that cater for popular markets such as Match Winner, Point Spread and Tournament Outrights, plus supply NBA betting tips for more niche markets like Total Points, Scoreline Odds/Even, 1st Quarter Winner etc.

How Can I Find Expert NBA Betting Tips?

Finding today’s NBA betting tips is easy:

  • At the top of the NBA betting picks page you’ll find the day’s three most tipped NBA games.
  • These three games have the number of today’s NBA predictions they have received posted upon them.
  • To see today’s NBA betting picks for a specific game, click on the game you require and its tips will appear.
  • You can also find today’s NBA betting tips by checking on the daily NBA schedule on the bettingexpert website. It features the daily NBA schedule complete with the number of betting tips posted per match.

Remember, to view a game’s tips just click on the match you are interested in and those tips will instantly appear. If you don’t see a specific game, click on the Load More button and more scheduled NBA games will appear.
To view the entire day’s NBA schedule including tips, live scores and results, click the View Full Schedule button.

All NBA betting tips at bettingexpert feature the following information:

  • Time and date of game
  • Competing teams
  • Tipster name and their tipster rating
  • Bookmaker, current odds and odds taken at the time of publishing tip
  • Bet type and market
  • Prediction
  • Tip preview and analysis

Signing up with bettingexpert means you can follow your favourite tipsters and their NBA betting tips. By using bettingexpert’s Tipster Follow feature, you’ll receive real-time notifications whenever any of your favourite tipsters post’s a new tip.

Free NBA Betting Tips

The hard-core NBA fanatics from the bettingexpert tipster community are among the experts who generate the free NBA betting tips you rely on throughout the NBA season. At bettingexpert all of our content is free for all to use including:

  • Our concise and detailed bookmaker reviews
  • The bettingexpert Academy plus other educational material
  • A wide variety of expert betting tips, including our free NBA predictions

We encourage regular bettingexpert visitors to sign up and enjoy the many benefits that come with being part of such a vast and international community. However, regardless of whether you are a member or not, our expert tips will continue to be 100% free, and that includes our free NBA predictions.

Because of the proven profitability and consistency of our sports predictions, one might expect to have to pay for the privilege of using them. After all, far less worthy betting advice websites charge money for their so-called “expert tips.” Should we be charging for our free NBA betting tips? We believe that because our tips are created without charge by the bettingexpert community, they are made by the public, and therefore, for the public.

Those betting advice sites that charge money for their tips yet don’t have a valid system nor a record of consistency invariably seem dishonest and corrupt, something we at bettingexpert could never be accused of being! Instead, we are open about how we achieve our free NBA betting tips.

At bettingexpert we record the performances of each and every tipster who has ever been part of our community – past and present. We then display the resulting stats for all to see. These records prove beyond any doubt the level of accuracy and consistency our tipsters operate at, and why the quality of our expert free NBA predictions remains unequalled.

So if you love betting on the NBA and you want proven high-quality free NBA betting tips – plus tips for a wide range of other sports – for a wide range of betting markets – bettingexpert is the only option.

Check out our free NBA predictions today and start following our top NBA tipsters. Every time they post a new free NBA tip, you’ll be sent it!


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Below are just some of the benefits to be had when becoming a bettingexpert community member:

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Expert NBA Betting Tips

When one of our tipsters is covering an NBA game, they analyse every available stat, fact and rumour regarding the teams, the players and the coaches. Only after careful analysis of all of these factors will they then create the expert NBA tips that you are waiting for.

If you want to check out our current top-five NBA tipsters (based-off career profits), they are listed on the right sidebar of this page. You will also be able to see our current Top NBA Tip, i.e., the tip that our NBA betting community unanimously agree upon, located at the top of the right sidebar.

This tip will be the strongest of all expert NBA betting tips available on or offline, topping even the very best Las Vegas has to offer!

What It Takes To Become A Tipster

There is no great mystery to becoming a top tipster. It’s not for everybody, and you have to be obsessed with sports, love stats and facts, be able to absorb and hold on to information so that you are a walking sports encyclopaedia, and most importantly of all, use all of this to correctly forecast the outcome of sports events.

It’s not important where you are from, your background, your race, colour or creed. The bottom line is; can you correctly predict the outcome of sports events? If you can, come join the bettingexpert community!

During the NBA season bettingexpert’s top NBA tipsters will provide a wide range of free NBA betting tips across a wide range of markets. These will include Tournament Outrights, Match Winner, Point Spread, Total Points, Scoreline Odds/Even, 1st Quarter Winner etc

All of bettingexpert’s free NBA predictions are thoroughly researched and when it comes to accuracy our tips have proven to be unequalled and have consistent and proven profitability over many years. And of course, they continue to be 100% free!

The Best NBA Tipsters Online

There is a healthy rivalry among our top NBA tipsters which serves to keep them sharp and focused and ensures they remain the very best in the business. That internal rivalry is a big reason as to why our free NBA predictions are so consistently strong.

The profiles of any and all of our top NBA betting tipster’s show the total Profit and Yield that each has made to date. At bettingexpert we believe that the resulting stats prove that our tipsters are the best to be found anywhere online, and when it comes to expert free NBA betting tips, we have no rivals.

So if you are looking for the very best in free NBA betting picks, you need look no further than bettingexpert.

NBA Betting Stats

If you are serious about your NBA betting, it’s important to understand the biases reflected in NBA betting markets. Examining a large sample size of NBA stats can help you identify betting angles other bettors and NBA tipsters are missing. In this section we will take a look at NBA stats dating back to the 2007 season.

Straight Up Win-Loss NBA Stats

The table below displays the win-loss percentages for NBA teams across a number of situations since the 2007 NBA season. We can see that home teams almost 60% of games in the NBA which is one of the highest home advantages in American sports.

An important factor when betting on the NBA is rest. Do we see any advantage for teams playing with more rest than their opponents? Since the 2007 NBA season we can see that when a team is playing with an advantage in days rests, they win almost 56% of games played. When betting on the NBA, it’s important to account for any significant advantage in rest for one team over another.

Home Teams 59.5% 40.5%
Away Teams 40.5% 59.5%
Favourites 69.1% 30.9%
Underdogs 30.9% 69.1%
Home Favourites 71.0% 29.0%
Home Underdogs 35.1% 64.9%
Away Favourites 64.9% 35.1%
Away Underdogs 29.0% 71.0%
After A Win 53.9% 46.1%
After A Loss 46.0% 54.0%
After 1 Days Rest 51.6% 48.4%
After 2 or 3 Days Rest 52.0% 48.0%
After 4 or More Days Rest 51.0% 49.0%
With More Rest 55.5% 44.5%

NBA Stats Against The Spread

The most popular way to bet on the NBA is to bet against the spread. As we can see from the data below, there has been no clear advantage for teams playing across a range of situations since the 2007 season. While we saw that teams playing with an advantage in rest won almost 56% of games played, that advantage was not mirrored when playing against the market, in which case such teams covered the spread just under 50% of the time.

Home Teams 49.6% 50.4%
Away Teams 50.4% 49.6%
Favourites 50.2% 49.8%
Underdogs 49.8% 50.2%
Home Favourites 49.8% 50.2%
Home Underdogs 49.1% 50.9%
Away Favourites 50.9% 49.1%
Away Underdogs 50.2% 49.8%
After A Win 49.4% 50.6%
After A Loss 50.6% 49.4%
After 1 Days Rest 50.2% 49.8%
After 2 or 3 Days Rest 49.7% 50.3%
After 4 or More Days Rest 49.4% 50.6%
With More Rest 49.6% 50.4%

Over Under NBA Betting Stats

Points totals in the NBA can vary between south of 180 points to north of 240 points depending on the playing styles of the teams involved. Since the 2007 NBA season we can see that there has been a slight advantage for bettors who have bet the Under, particularly in Division and Playoff games, in which almost 52% of games ended going under the total.

Conference Games 49.4% 50.6%
Division Games 48.3% 51.7%
Playoff Games 48.3% 51.7%
Non Conference Games 49.2% 50.8%
Non Division Games 49.6% 50.4%
Regular Season Games 49.4% 50.6%

NBA Favourites

Over the last ten seasons a total of seven NBA teams have the championship, with Golden State Warriors leading all clubs claiming three titles over the last decade while competing in five straight NBA Finals series, ahead of the Miami Heat winning two titles while competing in five NBA Finals series. Last season the Los Angeles Lakers won their 17th NBA title, with a 4-2 series win over Miami.

2019/2020 Los Angeles Lakers (4-2) Miami Heat
2018/2019 Toronto Raptors (4-2) Golden State Warriors
2017/2018 Golden State Warriors (4-0) Cleveland Cavaliers
2016/2017 Golden State Warriors (4-1) Cleveland Cavaliers
2015/2016 Cleveland Cavaliers (4-3) Golden State Warriors
2014/2015 Golden State Warriors (4-2) Cleveland Cavaliers
2013/2014 San Antonio Spurs (4-1) Miami Heat
2012/2013 Miami Heat (4-3) San Antonio Spurs
2011/2012 Miami Heat (4-1) Oklahoma City Thunder
2010/2011 Dallas Mavericks (4-2) Miami Heat

Bet On The NBA

If you intend to bet on NBA games, it’s worthwhile knowing a little about the sport itself. Remember, when you bet on NBA games, be sure to use our free NBA betting tips!

Basketball is the most modern major sport, having only been invented in 1891. Unlike American football, baseball and ice hockey, it didn’t have its origins in another, much older sport. When Canadian Phys Ed teacher James Naismith invented basketball, it was a completely original, unique idea.

Because of this, basketball has always had a young, “hip” edge to it, and the NBA is hipness personified. The team behind the global promotion of the NBA have been doing an excellent job for a long time, because star players from Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson through to Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are as well-known as any celebrity.

NBA teams play 82 regular season games, so even before the excitement of the playoffs and the NBA Finals, there is an abundance of weekly games to bet on, and plenty of bettingexpert’s free NBA betting tips to take full advantage of!

When consistently betting on any sport it is advisable to employ a sports betting strategy. The bettingexpert Academy can help with forming a betting strategy. Bettingexpert’s NBA Betting Guide is detailed and concise, and you will find everything you need to improve your NBA betting by checking it out.

Here are a few pointers from our NBA betting guide:

  • Only Bet When There’s Value – It’s common-sense, yet many forget the most basic rule in sports betting: Don’t waste money on bets that aren’t likely to come off, or don’t earn you anything if they do.
  • Specialise – NBA offers a multitude of betting markets. Find out what market you enjoy the most and have the most success with, and focus your attention on it.
  • Have Several Bookmaker Accounts – Not all bookies will offer the best odds for your bet, having several accounts ensures you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Keep A Record – Maintaining a record of your prior wagers enables you to see where you might have gone wrong, and also allows you to get a clear picture of what markets you excel at.

More specific, NBA related advice includes

Do Your Preseason Research

The more you know about the sport of NBA, the luckier you will become in your NBA betting. Preseason, find out which teams have strengthened their squads and which have lost key players. There is usually a buzz around specific teams long before a ball has been pitched, and this will often be an insight into early success on the field and maybe even throughout the season.

Check Head-to-Head Matchups

One of the best ways of forecasting a result is by examining their previous Head-to-Head matches. By seeing the previous six results between two teams that are scheduled to meet, one can often form a solid opinion as to the outcome of their latest meeting.

Learn To Spot The Upset

Every NBA league team will play a ton of games during the course of a season. For example, during the regular season in the NBA teams will play 82 games. Even teams that win their divisions and progress to the playoffs lose a lot of matches, around 50 on average. Top NBA teams are pretty much favourites every time they play, yet they will still lose one in three of their games, so picking those games and backing the other team to pull off the upset will prove highly lucrative.

Home & Away

One might think that it would always be beneficial for a team to play at their home stadium, but that’s not always the case. A sequence of home defeats can turn the most loyal fan base into a baying mob, and when that happens, the bused team will actually start to play better NBA in away stadiums.

If you would like to know more, visit the bettingexpert Academy and read our basketball betting guide.

Bookmakers For Betting On NBA

It wasn’t always the case, but these days it’s not too hard to find a top online bookmaker who caters in-depth for fans of NBA betting, and comes armed with expert NBA betting tips.
When choosing your online bookmaker try and stick to the well-established names you are familiar with, and be sure that your bookmaker provides these four key elements:

  • Consistently Competitive Odds
  • A Wide Range Of Betting Markets
  • All Major Competitions Covered
  • Extensive In-Play Betting Markets

In-play betting has really caught on in the past few years, and enables you to bet on the action during the course of the game, which only adds to the excitement. Some bookmakers now provide Live-Streaming for many sports including NBA, which will also add to the whole in-play betting experience.

To find the ideal bookmaker for your NBA betting, be sure to read our detailed bookmaker reviews.

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