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Blackjack Rules

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Blackjack Strategy

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you will find all you need in our comprehensive guide to playing the world's most popular card game: blackjack.

Blackjack (also known as twenty-one) is one of the most popular casino games worldwide and also one of the oldest games, with origins dating back hundreds of years. One advantage with blackjack lies in the fact that you have decisions to make so blackjack does not rely on luck and chance, but you have the means to achieve gains through your choices and analysis. However, this doesn't work if you don't fully know the rules of blackjack and if you don't have sufficient experience to anticipate all the different game options. This is where bettingexpert comes in!

Right here at bettingexpert you can read both the blackjack rules and also our blackjack strategy guide to put the odds on your side and defeat the casino as often as possible. We have put together blackjack tips and techniques that will help you succeed at wherever you want to play blackjack online, our preferences would be at , EuroGrand or Party Casino.

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Blackjack Origins

Blackjack and its exact original origins are unknown but it is traceable back to France in the 17th century under the name Twenty-one. At the time, the rules of the game of blackjack were almost identical to those of today.

Twenty-one was eventually taken stateside where it grew to a whole new level. In order to initially drum up players interests, those in charge in the U.S offered bonus payouts and one such bonus was a special ten-to-one (10:1) payout. So at the time for a bet of £1 you could win £10 if the player's hand consisted of the ace of spades (which was called Black) and a Jack of spades (which was called Jack). So you can probably already guess that this hand was called a Blackjack and of course the name stuck, even though the 10:1 bonus was withdrawn. 

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Today you can get blackjack with just an ace (spades, hearts, diamonds or clubs) coupled with a 10 value card (10, Jack, Queen or King, also any suit). The other main difference being the blackjack payout, which now generally stands at 3:2.

Play Blackjack Online Free

Blackjack is the most popular casino game and is a very straightforward and easy game to learn. Blackjack rules are simple and if the cards are played well, the odds of winning are very good. The basic principles of blackjack revolve around the concept of getting the value of your cards as close to 21 as you can, without going over 21 or letting the dealer get closer. 

At EuroGrand Casino you can play free blackjack or for real money. We recommend that you practice for free first and once you feel comfortable with the rules and game flow, you can try for real. Plus, as a real player at EuroGrand Casino you can get up to €/$/£1000 free with our EuroGrand coupon code: betexEG.

Generally, you have a better chance of winning when fewer cards have been dealt from the deck. You will find the best payout when playing single deck blackjack. The blackjack scheme, which you can find below, is based on single deck blackjack. We cannot stress enough how important it is to use the blackjack schema, as it optimises your chance of winning in blackjack. The blackjack scheme is, in other words, the 'heart' of the optimal blackjack strategy.

Online Blackjack Strategy & Blackjack Rules

The basic blackjack strategy enables you to play with the best chances of winning. When using the basic blackjack strategy do make sure you consistently stick with it, as it proves to be very helpful.

Unless you join a multiplayer table, you will only be playing against the dealer (who is representative of the casino). You and the dealer are both dealt two cards each, however, only one of each set if visible to the other player (The dealer can only see one of yours, and likewise, you can only see one of the dealers). You now have to decide whether you want to draw additional cards in order to get closer to 21. However, you do not want to exceed 21. The rules for the dealer are a bit different. He has to draw cards until he has reached 17, at which point he cannot draw any other cards.

Read the Blackjack Rules | Read our Blackjack Strategy Guide

Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart

The Blackjack Strategy

On the right hand side you will see the blackjack basic strategy chart. This table was calculated, developed and evaluated by statisticians who computed and compared the probabilities of all card combinations. Read more at our blackjack strategy page.

On the left side of the scheme you will see the total value of your hand, and at the top the value of the dealer's visible card. In order to use the scheme and follow its recommendations, you just have to follow the row of your given value horizontally until you reach the column of the dealer's value. Let's say you are holding a 7 and a 6 in your hand, and the dealer's upward facing card is and 8 (only this card is of importance to you since you won't see the other card until it is turned over). Accordingly, you should look at the left column for 13 (7+6) and follow this row horizontally until you reach the column 8. Here, you will find the letter H which means that you should hit by drawing another card. Let's say that this card will be a 4. Then, you are now holding 17 together (7+6+4). Now, follow the left column for 17 until you reach 8 again and you find an S, meaning you should stand.

In general you should always hit if the total of your hand is less than 8 and always stand when your hand is worth more than 16. If you draw two cards of the same value remember that you should look at these; for example 5,5, and not 10. In the case you get an Ace and a 5 make sure to look at the row A,5 and then if you draw a 2, look at the row A,7.

Success at blackjack does not require you to be a mathematical genius. As long as you play according to the scheme, you are giving yourself the best opportunity for success!

Here is an example of how the scheme works: as pointed out most cards are valued 10. Lets say you hand is valued 12 and the dealer's got 5 then the scheme tells you to stand. At first it might seem strange that you shouldn't draw another card since 12 is not very close to 21! But, considering the amount of cards valued 10 your risk of busting (12+10=22!) in this situation is high and at the same time the dealer also has chances of busting (5+10+10=25). Therefore, it is better for you not to draw another card because you minimise your risk of busting.

There is no need to stress about memorising the scheme. After playing a few times, you will soon learn how it works. Make sure to always carry a copy of it for reference. Once you have learned the game and maybe even started to like it, make sure to check out our high stakes blackjack section.

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