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Free Snooker Betting Tips and Predictions

Free Snooker Betting Tips and Predictions

For all snooker fans out there, this article can take you to the world of this sport, and provide you with many useful things, including snooker betting tips, odds, betting advice, etc.

Even more, you will be able to find out about where this sport is popular, what are some of the best players, as well as some snooker predictions and how to place bets on snooker events.

Snooker Betting Tips

Although not the most popular sport in the world, snooker does have a lot of fans in certain regions of the planet. Namely, this sport’s popularity started increasing in the 1970s and 1980s.

The 1980s era is also known as the golden age of snooker. This was mostly the case due to players’ amazing performances featured in the World Championships and other famous tournaments.

Our snooker betting tips review has found that the UK is one of the countries where snooker is very popular. The game itself was first played by British Army members in India during the second half of the 19th century.

Nowadays, there are both professional and amateur snooker players, and bettors, making snooker predictions. Besides the UK, countries like Australia and China report to have many snooker players, as well as snooker fans.

Snooker Odds and Bets

Being a sport that gets decent recognition, betting on snooker involves numerous types of bets and markets. Knowing this, our snooker betting tips show you the list of the most common and well-known snooker bet types.

  • To win a match
  • Correct score
  • Outright championship winner
  • Handicap 
  • Highest break
  • Frame winner
  • Total frames
  • Total centuries
  • 147 break in the match

First of all, our snooker betting tips discuss the basic types of bets. These imply an outright tournament winner, which predicts who will win the trophy. Additionally, the match-winner bet type is pretty self-explanatory and is about which player will be victorious in the game.

Similarly, the frame winner bet is about a player who will prevail, but only during a specific game frame. The correct score bet type stands for the final match result. The total frame predicts the number of frames in the match, as there could be more or fewer.

Handicap betting gives an advantage to one of the players, which further means that they must win or lose by a certain number of points in order for this bet to be successful. You can place the highest break bet suggesting which players will have the highest break in the match or in the tournament.

As for the total centuries bet type, it predicts how many times there will be a 50+ break in a match. Since the 147 break is the highest break possible to make in this game, you can also place this bet if you think that one of the players can achieve this.

Just as when betting on other sports, odds in snooker represent the chances of some outcomes becoming real. Likewise, our snooker betting tips discovered the most common odds format, which is fractions.

How to Bet on Snooker?

No snooker betting tips article would ever be complete without explanations on how to place bets. Before you go on and make snooker predictions, there are a few things you may need to consider.

Get Familiar with the Key Elements of this Sport

One of the first steps towards making successful snooker predictions relates to actually getting to know this sport well. So, finding out about the most important rules, players, and tournaments, as well as the tradition and history of this sport, can be a good starting point.

Get information about Players

As mentioned before, knowing the contestants of a snooker tournament is a very useful thing for bet placing. More specifically, you can learn about players’ stats, their history of playing in a certain tournament, alongside their career stats.

Let’s not forget to get details about players’ form, as well. You can even get the head-to-head score stats of players who are about to play a match and used to have clashes before.

Find Expert Tips on Our Page

Apart from the player stats, our snooker page is a place where you can get an insight into the available snooker betting tips. This site allows tipsters to create their own profiles where they provide their own predictions based on their knowledge and experience. If you are not sure that your tips are great, you can always check today’s tips, tips for tomorrow or upcoming tips.

There are predictors’ accounts showing stats on how successful they are at predicting the outcomes of snooker games. The stats contain their form, i.e. the parameters showing their last five predictions and their results. You can check them any time and decide whether follow their tips or not.

Snooker Players and Predictions

There is a decent number of legendary players in snooker, according to these snooker betting tips. In other words, one of the greatest achievements for players in this sport is to win the triple crown. Knowing its value, not very many players have managed to reach this goal.

In fact, only 11 players have won the triple crown by now. Some of them are Mark Selby, Alex Higgins, Neil Robertson, and Shaun Murphy. Interestingly, lots of snooker betting tips providers and fans consider Ronnie O’Sullivan to be the greatest player of all time.

As far as snooker predictions go, there may be a couple of different methods to make them. First of all, a number of predictors mostly focus on stats. Statistics show various information, some of which include the win-loss ratio, number of frames, centuries, etc.

Once you get familiar with stats, you can make more credible predictions. Another way of doing this is by simply visiting this page, and consulting some expert tips regarding the upcoming matches you may be interested to place bets on.

The more time you spend watching snooker matches, listening to commentaries, as well as reading match previews regarding this, the chances are that you will become better at making predictions.

Snooker International Betting Tips

First and foremost, contests like the UK Championship are some of the biggest international tournaments our snooker betting tips can be useful for, too. This tournament offers, by far, the highest prizes. Mostly, this competition is held in York, England.

Furthermore, another huge international event in snooker is called the World Championship. This competition takes place in Sheffield every year.  It goes without saying that the most famous snooker players are regular competitors here. Based on the opinion of many fans, this is currently the most popular snooker competition.

Moreover, the Masters tournament is yet another snooker contest known worldwide. It was hosted in 1975 for the first time. Although the Masters may not be a tournament offering the highest prizes, it is still well-liked as it features top snooker players from all over the world.

You may find an umbrella term, “The Triple Crown”, for all the aforementioned tournaments. More precisely, the Triple Crown comprises the World Championship, UK Championship, and the Masters. These three contests are the most prestigious ones in the world of snooker.

Not only that, but they are also the longest-running snooker tournaments in the history of this sport. On top of that, winning all three tournaments implies that a player won the Triple Crown. By now, only 3 players have won the Triple Crown in one season (Mark Williams, Steve Davis, and Stephen Hendry).

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