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MMA Predictions and Betting Tips

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MMA Predictions

Mixed martial arts has gone so far in the past decade where UFC as the leading league gained a lot of popularity. Dana White did an amazing job in promoting the sport and with the popularity also come UFC predictions as well. Besides betting directly on the winner, you now have other options like:

  • will the fight go the distance?
  • how many rounds will the fight last?
  • in which way will the fight end?
  • in what specific way will the winner prevail?

… and much more.

At bettingexpert, you can be sure to find our expert MMA betting tips and predictions for the next big fight. When predicting MMA fights, it’s crucial to have solid data and statistics to provide one with an essential area of knowledge for deciding where there’s betting value. Below is some information regarding placing MMA predictions and MMA betting tips.

Mixed Martial Arts is one of the most rapidly growing sports at the moment. Two fighters enter an octagon to determine who is the superior martial artist. Fighters may utilize many different techniques to beat the opponent – boxing, kicking, wrestling, and submissions. Naturally, some fighters choose to specialize in certain techniques more than others, making the sport much more diverse and unique than others. If you’re looking for free MMA betting tips, bettingexpert is the place for you.¨

MMA Betting Tips

MMA fights are often very fun and interesting, as there are many statistics, factors, and considerations to take into account as a tipster attempting to pick who the winner of a fight will be. At bettingexpert, you can get the latest MMA betting tips and predictions – either from our MMA experts or from our top MMA tipsters. Our MMA previews are written by our MMA experts, who study key statistics and data in order to predict the outcome of fights as precisely as possible. However, in the betting world, the value of odds often decides where we place our bet, and therefore our MMA previews come with a number of MMA betting tips for a given fight. Our free MMA betting tips always come with detailed descriptions of why there is value on a given fighter.

As previously stated, you can also seek out the top MMA tipsters within our tipster community and follow them, to get their MMA betting tips and predictions for upcoming MMA events. At bettingexpert, top tipsters are rated based on their winning percentage and total profit, so choosing to follow a top tipster for a given sport is a good idea if you’re looking for high-quality free MMA betting tips. At bettingexpert, you can compete with the top tipsters and even become one yourself! You can access all of our MMA predictions via the View Full Schedule menu.

At bettingexpert, everything we offer is free to read and take inspiration from. We offer MMA betting tips with MMA predictions as well as a range of objective bookmaker reviews and betting guides.


Bet on MMA

MMA can be such an exciting and exhilarating sport to bet on. There are many promotions with great, great fighters. Furthermore, the number of markets available is increasing as the sport continues to grow. Betting on MMA can be a bit different than betting on other sports though. The favorite of a fight will often be chosen based on data such as the fighter’s recent form, trends, and strengths. However, since styles make fights, there is often value to be found when betting on MMA. In fighting, there’s something called “the puncher’s chance”. What this basically means, is that anything can happen at any given moment, because it’s a fight. As a result of this, always look for value on underdogs when betting on MMA. For instance, an 8.00-10.00 underdog may just, in general, hold great betting value. At bettingexpert, our MMA betting tips are written with this in mind.

As with any other sport, we believe it’s essential to specialize somewhat in the sport that you’re betting on. If you’re very serious, you can also even specialize in certain fighters and study the data behind them, in order to get as many of your MMA predictions right as possible.

Common markets for MMA betting are:

  • H2H
  • Over/under
  • Method of Victory
  • Rounds
  • Odds

Because the sport is still growing, it’s not completely unlikely you’ll find a bookmaker who doesn’t offer odds and markets on MMA. However, since many bookies have added MMA betting to their sites, there’s still a large amount of choice. How can you distinguish between bookmakers? Consider the following.

  • Markets
  • Competitions

Let’s begin with the odds. It’s rare that odds between bookmakers will vary wildly. However, even the slightest difference in odds can cost you profit if you continuously take a shorter price.

It’s also a good idea to find a bookmaker who offers a range of markets. The best bookmakers for MMA betting offer a huge choice of markets, meaning you have a great opportunity to find something that suits your betting style.

If you’re looking for the best bookmakers, head to our bookmaker review guide here. You’ll find unbiased and objective reports to allow you to make an educated decision.

To find the perfect bookmaker for your MMA betting, read our detailed bookmaker reviews.

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