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Free Cricket Betting Tips

Free cricket betting tips are always available at bettingexpert. With some of the world’s Best Tipsters posting their cricket predictions across the year, you’ll always find value free cricket betting  tips at bettingexpert.

Whether you’re looking Indian Premier League betting tips, predictions for an upcoming Test series, a fan of the T20 Blast or even the Big Bash League, bettingexpert’s free cricket betting tips page lists all current tips, odds and predictions.

Cricket is one of the oldest and most popular sports in the world. Played across numerous continents attracting millions of fans, cricket betting has likewise proven to be immensely popular. This growing popularity has been due mainly to the explosion of T20 cricket, with no millions of pounds bet on leagues and tournaments such as the IPL, T20 Blast and the Australian BBL. Sure, older formats of the game such as One Day cricket and even Test remain popular, but the explosion in cricket betting is thanks only to T20 cricket.

One of the great things about cricket and a primary reason why it is so popular among bettors, is the sheer volume of cricket being played around the world at any time. Whether it’s an ongoing Test series in South Africa, a T20 tournament in India or a One Day series played in England, cricket is being played in one format or another almost 365 days of the calendar year.

Cricket Betting Tips Today

There are many great cricket betting tips today at bettingexpert, with tipsters from all over the world posting their cricket predictions throughout the year. Some of our tipsters focus on test cricket, others one day cricket and others experts on Twenty20 cricket.

If you’re looking for profitable and cricket betting tips today, you’ve come to the right place as bettingexpert’s cricket tipsters are some of the best available, not to mention the fact that each of our cricket tips are absolutely free.

With the popularity of the sport, you’ll find plenty of cricket betting tips today at bettingexpert, as our biggest cricket fans post their best value selections on Test cricket, One Day cricket and the ever popular T20 cricket.

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Cricket Favourites

The history of cricket is the history of national sporting heroes. With a history that can be traced back to 1597, there have been many great names to play the sport. Names such as Don Bradman, Brian Lara, Wasim Akram, Shane Warne, Dennis Lillee, Ian Botham, Imran Khan, Kapil Dev, Viv Richards, Gary Sobers and Sachin Tendulkar have all represented their countries with great distinction.

There have been many great nations in cricket history. The ODI World Cup was first played in 1975 with the West Indies defeating Australia.

There have been eleven Cricket World Cups in total, with Australia the most successful nation, appearing in seven World Cup Finals, winning the Cup on five occasions including winning a remarkable four of the last five Cricket World Cups. India and the West Indies have also won the World Cup on two occasions. The next World Cup is scheduled for 2019 and will be held in England and Wales.

Cricket World Cup Winners

Year Champions Runners Up
1975 Free Cricket Betting Tips West Indies Free Cricket Betting Tips Australia
1979 Free Cricket Betting Tips West Indies Free Cricket Betting Tips England
1983 Free Cricket Betting TipsIndia Free Cricket Betting Tips West Indies
1987 Free Cricket Betting Tips Australia Free Cricket Betting Tips England
1992 Free Cricket Betting Tips Pakistan Free Cricket Betting Tips England
1996 Free Cricket Betting Tips Sri Lanka Free Cricket Betting Tips Australia
1999 Free Cricket Betting Tips Australia Free Cricket Betting Tips Pakistan
2003 Free Cricket Betting Tips Australia Free Cricket Betting Tips India
2007 Free Cricket Betting Tips Australia Free Cricket Betting Tips Sri Lanka
2011 Free Cricket Betting Tips India Free Cricket Betting Tips Sri Lanka
2015 Free Cricket Betting Tips Australia Free Cricket Betting Tips New Zealand

While One Day cricket remains popular, Twenty20 cricket has earned its place as a serious form of the game. So much so that the power that be decided to organise a Twenty20 World Cup.

The first of its kind was held in South Africa in 2007 and has been contested on six occasions in total. The most successful nation has been the West Indies who have won the T20 World Cup twice, including 2016 when they defeated England.

T20 World Cup Winners

Year Champions Runners Up
2007 Free Cricket Betting Tips India Free Cricket Betting Tips Pakistan
2009 Free Cricket Betting Tips Pakistan Free Cricket Betting Tips Sri Lanka
2010 Free Cricket Betting Tips England Free Cricket Betting Tips Australia
2012 Free Cricket Betting Tips West Indies Free Cricket Betting Tips Sri Lanka
2014 Free Cricket Betting Tips Sri Lanka Free Cricket Betting Tips India
2016 Free Cricket Betting Tips West Indies Free Cricket Betting Tips England

Expert Cricket Betting Tips

As any cricket betting tips guide will tell you, there are many ways to bet on cricket. Firstly, the three forms of the game create a myriad of cricket odds and betting markets for your to wager on. Whether it’s Test cricket, One Day cricket or T20, bookmakers across the world offer cricket odds for both pre-match and in-play betting markets for you to identify betting and exploit.

Twenty20 Odds

Much like One Day Cricket 30 years earlier, Twenty20 (also known as T20) cricket revolutionised the game of cricket. Now considered the most popular format of the sport, Twenty20 cricket sees both competing teams bat for a maximum of 20 overs, each with 10 wickets in hand. The fast paced nature of T20 cricket translates to immense drama, with each ball bowled having the potential to turn a match on its head.

Thanks to the sheer number of matches being played around the world on any day, T20 betting tips have become a popular focus for many tipsters at bettingexpert. Each day you’ll find free cricket betting tips for T20 available, with a focus on pre-match markets such as match winner, top run-scorer and top wicket taker. And when a popular tournament comes around, you’ll find T20 betting tips for the IPL, BBL not to mention Natwest T20 Blast betting tips as well as Ram Slam betting tips.

One Day Cricket Odds

Having emerged in the late 1960’s, it wasn’t until almost ten years after its inception that One Day Cricket exploded, quickly becoming the most popular format of the sport. Unlike Test cricket, One Day cricket is played over the course of a single day, with each competing team given the opportunity to bat for a maximum of 50 overs, each with 10 wickets in hand.

One Day cricket continues to be popular with bettingexpert tipsters as well. Whether it’s a tournament such as the ODI World Cup or a Tri-series taking place in South Africa, New Zealand or Australia, you’ll find free cricket betting tips available for One Day cricket at bettingexpert, thanks to our community of cricket experts.

Test Cricket Odds

Test Cricket is the oldest and considered by many (I.e men over the age of 70) to be the purest format of the game. Played across five days with each competing team batting and bowling twice each with 10 wickets in hand and no fixed maximum number of overs that may be faced, Test cricket is considered a true battle of strategy of resilience. While it may be the oldest format of the game, Test cricket provides the modern cricket tipster with numerous opportunities to identify betting value, posting profitable cricket predictions. Whether it’s betting on the match to end in a draw, the highest run scorer or the highest wicket taker, you’ll find free cricket betting tips for Test cricket available at bettingexpert.

Ashes Odds

Australia vs England is the most famous all Test series. Known as The Ashes, this rivalry is one of the most heated in international sport. While Australia and England first contest a Test in 1877, it wasn’t until 1882 following Australia’s first win over the great rival on English soil that the intensity up of the series truly took off. The excitement that each Ashes series stirs is mirrored at bettingexpert, with Ashes predictions posted each time the old enemies clash. We’re looking forward to the next Ashes series as much as our tipsters who will once again post their Ashes betting tips throughout the series.

Indian Premier League Odds

Regarded as the elite Twenty20 tournament, the Indian Premier League attracts millions of cricket fans year on year, with millions of pounds bet during each tournament. Since the first IPL season in 2008, the competition remains a popular focus for cricket tipsters at bettingexpert, with dozens of free cricket betting tips and IPL betting predictions posted throughout each tournament. If you’re looking for Indian Premier League betting tips accurate and free, bettingexpert has them.

Big Bash League Odds

While not quite as popular as the IPL, the Australian Big Bash League has quickly become one of the most popular T20 cricket tournaments in the world. Since it’s inception in 2011, the BBL now attracts millions of cricket fans not only in Australia, but around the world. You’ll find dozens of free cricket betting tips posted by our cricket tipsters once again this season. If you’re a fan of this always entertaining Australian T20 tournament, bettingexpert has all the Big Bash betting tips and Big Bash predictions you need.

T20 Blast Betting Odds

While it may not capture the imagination of cricket fans around the world, the T20 Blast continues to be one of the most popular cricket tournaments in not only the UK but across the globe with numerous Natwest T20 predictions posted. While both the BBL and IPL have emerged in recent seasons, the T20 Blast has been around since 2003 in one form or another. T20 Blast free cricket betting tips can be found at bettingexpert throughout each season.

Cricket World Cup Odds

Whether it’s the ODI World Cup or the T20 version, for cricket fans everywhere, there’s no greater tournament than a cricket world cup. The suspense, the drama, the tension, all ignited by unabashed national pride, a cricket world cup is the ultimate tournament for every cricket fan.

For bettingexpert cricket tipsters, there’s no greater challenge than betting on a cricket world cup. Regardless of which format of the sport you enjoy betting on the most, our cricket tipsters will post dozens of cricket tips throughout both the ODI World Cup and the T20 World Cup. So if it’s free cricket betting tips for the World Cup you’re looking for, bettingexpert has everything you need to make money betting on cricket.

Where To Bet On Cricket

While cricket may not be quite as popular across the world as football, Cricket or even basketball, it still attracts millions of fans every year, whether it’s attending or watching on television or live streaming. As we’ve discussed in our cricket betting tips guide, bookmakers understand just how popular cricket is and offer superb menus of betting markets, bet types and specials. So whether it’s the Ashes, the Big Bash, Indian Premier League or the ODI World Cup, you’ll find literally hundreds of betting markets available for you to wager on.

William Hill Quick Facts

As one of England’s most popular bookmakers, William Hill is certainly a bookmaker you need to consider when betting on cricket. You’ll find cricket odds for both pre-match and in-play betting, a range of cricket specials not to mention a number of customers offers for you to take advantage. So if you’re a cricket bettor be sure to consider William Hill. So sign up with William Hill and start betting on cricket now.

BetVictor Quick Facts

Our third recommended bookmaker for cricket betting is another legendary UK bookmaker, Bet Victor. Not only will you discover an excellent menu of pre-match cricket odds, BetVictor also offer a tremendous range of in-play cricket betting options. So if you love cricket, and enjoy betting on Test cricket, One Day cricket or T20 cricket, BetVictor has everything covered. So sign up with BetVictor today and start betting on cricket.

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