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Paroli Roulette System

How does the Paroli roulette system work, what kind of influence does it have on the odds of winning, and how reliable is it? Find answers to these and other questions concerning Paroli here.

The Paroli roulette system gives you the chance of winning pretty big without having to bet too high. A lot of players have claimed that the system is not in any way frustrating, and keeps up their positive attitude even in the unfortunate case of losing – facts that are pretty unimaginable for the Paroli’s counterpart system, the even more popular Martingale strategy. Yet the Paroli roulette system continues to be used by players looking for help in them winning in the long run.

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Advantages of The Paroli Roulette System

Every player who is familiar with the Martingale strategy knows that it is based on doubling the bet after every loss. This means that during a longer losing streak, the bets fly up much faster and higher than the player’s budget or the table limit could handle, and that again means that the player loses a big chunk of money all at once and in the blink of an eye.

The Paroli roulette system basically works the other way around – the progressions happen after a winning round, so you double your bet after you win. On first sight it tends to look like you don’t need to use much money out of your own pocket, because you are mostly playing with the capital of the bank. However, we will soon see why this is not just more than a comforting illusion.

Paroli betting system

It is definitely true though that the Paroli method is a much less risky and dangerous strategy than the Martingale, which makes it especially suitable for roulette rookies and for those looking for somewhere to start playing online roulette. There aren’t many places better than at bet365 Casino where they offer a variation of roulette games, but it’s worth noting that stable winnings are not at all guaranteed when using the Paroli roulette system, so take advantage of the bonus offer here and play with the maximum advantage.

How Does The Paroli Roulette System Work?

Of course you could also choose inside bets when playing with the Paroli strategy, although it is easier and more typical to go for the very outside bets, such as red/black, even/odd or 1-18/19-36.

At first you have to decide what kind of starting bet you want to play with every round. If you lose, you will just place the exact same bet again. If you win, you will leave your starting bet plus your win on the roulette layout for the next coup – this is the first progression. If you win once more, you will again leave your bet plus winnings on whatever you placed your bet on. If you keep doing this and continue to be successful for a while, the amount of chips will increase quickly.

It’s best to decide before the game starts how many progressions you want to go for, before you stop and take your winnings. The more progressions you risk, the more you’ll naturally win, but it also makes the losing streak until your next win a lot longer.

An Example of The Paroli Roulette System

The easiest way to understand the Paroli system is to look at an example – let’s say you bet one chip on black. If black shows up, you will just leave your original bet and your win, so a total of two chips, on the layout – this is the first progression. If now you win again, you will leave your total of four chips on the betting area for the next round. One more win and you have made 8 chips already. If you want to go for one more progression (this would be number four) and you win, you would have made already 16 out of your original one chip. Theoretically you can do this for however long you want, depending on what you’ve personally decided in advance.

If you lose in-between, which is obviously going to happen quite frequently, especially if you are going for a higher number of progressions, it is not that big of a deal. Most of the chips you lost were the bank’s anyway, since your own original bet for each round was only one chip.

As you can see, it doesn’t hurt so much to lose a few rounds in a row when using the Paroli roulette system, because the bet you put in yourself is relatively small. And if you do win, in most cases it should cover all your previous losses and there’s plenty of choice if you sign up at bet365 Casino, where you can play on a choice of around nine variants of roulette.

Playing With The Capital of the Bank?

At this point one should realise why it’s not quite true that the Paroli player is playing mostly with the bank’s money. Let’s look at the our example from before again – if you lose after the fourth progression, then it’s in fact true that from the 16 lost chips, only one was out of your own pocket originally, while the other 15 chips were money form the bank. This isn’t really comforting though, considering the fact that you usually have to go through a few losing coups before you actually make a decent win. So basically you paid your money in the bank before, and now you are trying to get it back plus make a profit with successful progressions.

The Paroli System and Mathematics

So now the question is how many progressions should you try to go for before you take in your win and start all over again with your original bet? If you’re a player who loves the thrill, you could for instance, decide not giving up until you had five successful progressions. In this case you have a nice and big win to look forward to, but obviously the probabilities of you losing a lot until you get there (maybe even your whole budget) is pretty high. Another player might prefer going through only three progressions, which ensures more frequent but smaller winnings.

Let’s take a closer look at the mathematical probabilities here – there is a 18/37 chance to win playing on one of the very outside bets – you see it is not exactly 50%, because in addition to the pairs (18 a pair, so 36 total) there is the green zero field as well. So for example, what is the chance of winning four times in a row?

18/37 x 18/37 x 18/37 x 18/37 = 0.056 → 5.6%

Statistically there is a 5.6% of winning four times in a row on one of the very outside bets, like red/black, even/odd or 1-18/19-36. There doesn’t seem to be a very good chance, but in most cases the win, that you will get at some point, will be high enough to cover the previous losses. In the table (below) you can see your winning chances depending on the amount of progressions, with one chip being the original bet.

How to Use The Paroli Strategy in a Casino

If you want to use the Paroli roulette strategy in a real casino you should let the croupier know about it, by telling him how many Paroli progressions you want to do. This is important so he knows who the bet and win on the layout belongs to, and also that it shouldn’t be removed until after a certain amount of rounds. When playing Paroli roulette online, you have to place the bets yourself after every round. If you get a little confused you can always take a look at the box that displays the course / layout of the game.

Long Term Winnings Using Paroli?

When playing roulette using the Paroli system you can expect lots of little losses, and few big wins, that statistically will balance out on the long run (not considering the house advantage, but of course that can’t be compensated). Please note that the results of all calculations we did before are not valid for predicting a real game. They are nothing more than mathematical averages and in reality everything might go completely opposite for you.

It is a fact that the Paroli roulette system is overall easier to control and not as nerve-racking as the Martingale method, because the bets you put in are fairly small, the losses are not quite as extreme and they don’t come all at once. So those are good things. But the truth is, that in the long run you won’t be making much of a profit using the Paroli strategy either.

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