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How To Use A Bet Broker

What is a bet broker and how can a bet broker help you streamline your bet placement? What are common concerns when considering a bet broker? There are many advantages to using a bet broker but which bet broker is the best for you? In this article we discuss bet brokers, their pros and cons.

If you're a professional bettor with the ambition of making a living from your betting, betting with mainstream bookmakers will likely leave you frustrated and more often than not having your account closed or at a minimum your betting activity restricted and stakes limited.

While holding individual accounts with a high stake bookmaker such as Pinnacle Sports and SBObet, who cater for professional bettors rather than casual punters is a preference, if you truly want to maximise your profits and are seeking no limit bookmakers, an even better alternative is to use a bet broker such as Sportmarket.

What Is A Bet Broker?

In most cases, a bet broker (also known as bet agent) provides their clients with a single account from which their clients can take advantage of the best odds available across a range of bookmakers. While the services of a bet broker allows professional bettors to streamline their bet placing process, more importantly by having access to the best odds currently available across the market, it severely diminishes the bookmaker commission (or vig) a bettor will pay not to mention providing their clients with the ability to bet at higher limits than those typically offered by individual bookmakers.

Why Use A Bet Broker?

Best Odds

A bet broker will give you the ability to take advantage of the best odds available for a given betting event. In doing so you can seriously reduce the level of bookmaker commission that you would normally suffer by betting with one or two accounts. It may not seem like a lot, but even a 1% reduction in your overall commission rate can add up to serious money in the long term.

Single Account

As a client of a bet broker you will in most cases have single account from which you can place all of your bets. This not only streamlines your bet placing process, but likewise eliminates the hassle of having to move money from one bookmaker account to another not to mention the administration of multiple transactions.

Higher Limits

While a professional high stake bookmaker such as Pinnacle Sports already offer limits that are suitable for most low scale professional bettors, using a bet broker can allow you to increase those limits even greater still. Betting via a bet broker will allow you to request maximum limits across a range of bookmakers instantaneously, and in doing so multiply your bet limits. While in theory there is no such thing as no limit bookmakers, using a bet broker will provide limits the will satisfy most professional bettors.


Using a bet broker will give you access to bookmakers that are only available through bet brokers and not the general public. There are many bookmakers that the average punter would not have heard of, particularly bookmakers based in Asia. These bookmakers only take action via bet brokers and are typically prepared to bet at far greater limits than your standard mainstream bookmaker.

No Geographical Restrictions

A frustration of many serious punters who want to take their betting to the next level is the fact that many bookmakers such as Pinnacle Sports and SBObet are not available to them simply because of where they live. Using a bet broker will allow you to bet with these bookmakers as your broker is simply placing the bets on your behalf.

Bet Brokers: Common Concerns

So what are some common concerns when it comes to using a bet broker?

Is Your Money Safe?

The first concern most people have when thinking about using a bet broker is whether or not their money is safe. After all, you are essentially giving a third party the ability to access your money and place bets on your behalf. So doing some research is crucial when deciding whether or not to use a bet broker or which bet broker you want to use. Search the internet to see what your fellow bettors are saying about a particular service. Forums are typically a good place to start as well as reviews of bet brokers from betting websites that you already trust (like us!)

What Does It Cost?

Also consider the costs and requirements associated with using a particular bet broker. What do they charge to place your bets? Are there transaction costs associated with any withdrawals or bank transfers? Make sure you check the fine print before you sign up and hand over any money. Consider any costs carefully as what may seem like only a small percentage can end up putting a serious dent in your long term profits.

What Odds Can You Get?

Another important consideration are the odds that a bet broker will offer you. Not all bet brokers will offer you the best odds available, with some offering slightly reduced odds so as to increase their overall profit on any betting transactions you make via their service. Some bettors will not mind taking odds that are a fraction below best available so long as they can place bets at much higher limits than is typically available through a single bookmaker, while other bettors would prefer better odds with reasonable yet slightly reduced limits. In the end, it comes down to your own preference as a bettor.

So which is the best bet broker for you? We've taken a look at four popular bet brokers for your consideration.

Bet Brokers To Consider

Best Bet Broker - #1 Sportmarket Pro

Sport MarketSportmarket Pro will give you access to some of the best known bookmakers in the business, and most importantly bookmakers that will not limit or close the accounts of long term winners. As a Sportmarket Pro user you will have single account access to a number of bookmakers and in doing so be able to take advantage of the best odds currently available. These bookmakers include Pinnacle Sports, SBObet, IBCbet, Singbet, Bet ISN, Matchbook and Betfair.

Sportmarket also make the claim that they never lay off any of the bets that they broker for their clients. Their only business is in getting your bets placed at the best odds available. How do they make their money? Well they receive a commission from the bookmakers that take the bets they are placing. They receive this commission no matter what the result of the bet.

While Sportmarket Pro's main business is placing bets on behalf of bettors seeking high limits, the automated nature of their service likewise facilitates clients who are yet to build their betting banks to a professional level. The automated service also gives you instant access to your account letting you know immediately if your requested bets have been taken or not.

You can become a Sportmarket Pro user for £20 per month (€25), however if your monthly betting turnover exceeds €10,000, your monthly subscription to Sportmarket Pro is free.

Let us introduce you to the team at Sportmarket Pro today.

Bet With Sportmarket Today

Best Bet Broker - #2 3ET

3et3ET will provide you with the best odds available with the highest limits via some of the worlds most trusted bookmakers for professional bettors.

As you would expect, 3ET will allow you to place bets across a range of markets while spreading your total bet stake across a number of different bookmakers. One of the features of 3ET is that they calculate your balance based on your total exposure within a given market rather than the total of your bets placed. This allows you to continue betting with funds that would otherwise be needlessly tied up.

A drawback of 3ET is that they are currently only available to genuine high rollers with a minimum initial deposit of $50,000 and an average stake size of $1,000 required in order to create an account. While 3ET appears to be a bet broker well worth your consideration, these requirements obviously have an impact on the number of people who can make use of their service.

Let us introduce you to the team at 3ET today.

Best Bet Broker - #3 Seabet

seabetSeabet has the ambition of delivering their clients low commission rates, high limits as well as timely and efficient transactions. They also make the claim of offering superior choice and odds that are more competitive than their competing bet brokers, but it is not entirely clear how this is the case.

Bets can be placed on a number of football leagues and tournaments across Europe including the English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and the Bundesliga. If you prefer to bet on lower and more obscure leagues not only in Europe but across the world, Seabet can cater to your needs also.

Seabet also make a point of their experienced and bet savvy customer service, with their clients able to place bets via both telephone and instant messenger. Each customer service representative is fluent in both English and Chinese.

Let us introduce you to the team at Seabet today.

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