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Australian Football Tips

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Australian football, also known as Australian rules football, is an exciting, face paced full contact sport. Unlike it distant cousin, American football, there is no specified player positions and no off side rules. Thirty-six players occupy the field, eighteen for each team. The objective of the game is to move the ball down the field to score a goal, composed of two goal posts in front and two “behind” goal posts, located at the end of each team’s side. Because the ball cannot be thrown, it must be handed off between players, kicked or carried. However, if it is carried down the field, it must be bounced off the ground every fifteen meters.

The opposing team’s objective is to gain possession of the ball. This can be done by intercepting a kick. As a full contact sport, they can also tackle the person in possession of the ball.

A goal that is made by passing the ball between the two forward goal posts is worth six points and a behind goal, one that goes through the behind posts, is worth one point. It should also be noted, particularly by those interested in Australian football betting, that a game can end in a draw.

Australian Football Betting

The best Australian football betting tips, like all other sports betting, is to start watching the sport, learning the teams and players. You can than take that knowledge and successfully bet on Australian football. If you get good, you can even give your friends Australian football tips.