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Voice & Tone

bettingexpert communicates across many platforms. No matter what the platform, whether it be on site, via email correspondence or social media channels, all communication should be:

Personable and inclusivewe want community members (as well as potential community members) to see bettingexpert as a place where they feel valued and respected no matter who they are or where they come from.

Authoritative and educationalwe want to teach as much as we want to learn and recognise that being an authority involves being prepared to learn ourselves.

Humorous and entertainingwe want betting to be fun while still leaving space for the serious business of placing winning bets.

Transparent and accessiblewe want to be open and honest about how we do business with our partners while setting an example for other sites in the industry.

Participatory and collaborativewe recognise that not only does our community want to be heard, but that their opinions can make bettingexpert even better.


bettingexpert is a community first and foremost. As such we should not communicate in an overtly formal or corporate manner. Nobody understands any of that jargon anyway right? Instead, all communication should reflect the friendly, approachable and inclusive community that bettingexpert is. The bettingexpert community is the sum of many dedicated and interesting people, and our voice should represent this inclusiveness and diversity.

This means:

  • We will always listen to anyone who feels they have been offended or discriminated against.
  • We do not use corporate or legal jargon. Even terms and conditions can be written in a natural and personable way.
  • We will communicate in an informal tone much as we would when contacting colleagues. There should be little difference between our internal and external voice.
  • We respect all people and will under no circumstance express views that are or could be interpreted as racist, homophobic, sexist or discriminating on the basis of gender identity.
  • We encourage the expression emotions and passionate opinions so long as such are expressed in a respectful manner and without use of profanity.


bettingexpert aims to be an authority within the betting industry, a community whose opinions and perspectives are taken seriously. A key part of fulfilling this ambition is in sharing our knowledge of all things related to sports betting and educating not only our community but also sharing our insight with members of the broader betting industry. Further, while we may feel confident in our opinions, we also want to display a tone of humility, recognising that we too are always learning.

This means:

  • We speak our mind
  • We share our insight
  • We offer advice and opinions.
  • We don’t tell people what to do.
  • We accept that we too are learning.


We are lucky to operate in an industry that while often a serious business, leaves plenty of room for fun, amusement and humour.

This means:

  • We aim to make betting fun.
  • We make jokes where appropriate.
  • We create and share amusing content.
  • We never ridicule people for losing bets
  • We never post content that seeks to offend


bettingexpert aims to be a thought leader and stark advocate for transparency within the betting industry. With this ambition in mind, it is crucial that we are both trustworthy and consistent in the application of our ideals and principles.

This means:

  • We never lie.
  • We never manipulate the truth.
  • We tell both sides of the story.
  • We never cover up for the mistakes and misdeeds of others within the betting industry, including our business partners.
  • We always give as much information about ourselves and our partners as possible.
  • We always add a disclaimer to any bookmaker content that is part of a paid promotion
  • We admit any failures we might make and explain what we will do to avoid similar mistakes happening again.


We recognise that we can’t know everything. This is why we are deeply committed to listening to our bettingexpert community as well as our fans and followers across various social media as well as working in collaboration with contributors across the Better Collective family of sites.

This means:

  • We always let our users speak.
  • We seek to improve the overall high quality of the bettingexpert brand by listening to the opinions and feedback from our community and followers on social media..
  • We encourage collaboration with other betting sites within the BC family


We love betting. We really do. But we don’t love the way many sites in our industry go about their business. That’s one of the reasons we are here, to set an example to others in the industry and be a shining light for integrity and respect while still keeping betting fun for our users.

  • How are we different from other betting sites?
  • We do not use sexism or almost-naked women to promote ourselves (what does nudity really have to do with betting anyway?)
  • We do not promise more than we can guarantee.
  • We do not tell anyone that gambling will make them rich. Gambling makes some people rich and other people poor. We tell both sides of this story.
  • We are not noisy in our communication. Making noise is for companies who have nothing unique to offer. We have plenty of great content and features, so why would we resort to bright flashing lights?


bettingexpert News was launched in June of 2021. We seek to deliver:

  • timely content with articles published daily
  • relevant content presenting analysis of upcoming sporting events, new betting products, community news and betting offers
  • insightful content providing the reader with analysis that will help them both improve their betting while keeping their betting responsible

We deliver this by:

  • sharing advice, recommendations and opinions
  • speaking our minds with a willingness to learn
  • sharing meaningful, accurate and cited data
  • writing in a natural, personable yet journalistic manner
  • speaking truthfully without exaggeration or hyperbole
  • always acknowledging when we make mistakes or have failed our readership
  • providing necessary disclaimers as required  by law as well as where we feel it will help our readers