Sekou Bangoura vs Alex Bolt betting tip

Sekou Bangoura vs Alex Bolt Prediction: Full event will end 0 - 2 at odds 2.10

Final result: Win
+9.26 %Yield
stake10/10 BE0114 has a stake of 10/10 in winning this bet.

Sekou Bangoura vs Alex Bolt Tip Analysis

Challenger Launceston (Australia), final. Alex Bolt and Bradley Mousley will face Sekou Bangoura and Nathan Pasha. Bolt and Mousley are experienced team and they have won a few titles togheter. They are both hardcourt specialists. Here in Launceston on way to final they won matches against King and Schnur, Li and Robert and Purcell and Whittington. At the other side we have two american players. They are solid and they showed great tennis so far here in Launceston. This will be their first mutual meeting. Bolt and Mousley are far more experienced in double and they are level above Bangoura nd Pasha and I think they will win this match in two sets.

Final result
21 Return
10 stake
11 Profit