Caen vs Poitiers 86 betting tip

Over / Under Match Prediction: The match between Caen and Poitiers 86 will end with over 153.00 points in full event at odds 1.90

Final result: Win
+6.48 %Yield
stake10/10 tritonal has a stake of 10/10 in winning this bet.

Caen vs Poitiers 86: Betting Preview

Caen welcomes Poitiers, game from France second league. Caen is on last place they lost 6 from 7 games played so far. Will try over 153 points both teams played fast pace so far this season. Both head to head games played so far had over 153 points. The last 4 games played by Caen had over 153 points. The last two games played by Poitiers had 185 and 188 points. The last game played by Caen at home had even over 180 points. Great stats the line is set to low i see 160-165+ points, over is a value pick.

Final result
19 Return
10 stake
9 Profit