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Which Bookmaker is the best for Formula 1 betting ?

Best Bookmaker for Formula 1

Always amongst the most popular sports for bettors and viewers alike, the worldwide popularity of Formula 1 can’t be understated. Betting on outright or individual race markets is a possibility throughout each season. Who is the best bookmaker for Formula 1 betting? Who should you be betting with?

Formula 1 betting odds are available with most bookmakers in the UK. These odds cover outrights such as the Driver Championship and Constructor Championship to individual race odds. The best bookmaker for Formula 1 betting will offer you a great choice to suit your betting style.

Finding the best bookmaker for Formula 1 betting can be a difficult task. There’s much to consider. Range of markets, how competitive odds are, how early odds are released, all this and more contribute to an excellent bookmaker for motor racing betting.

This is why we conducted our best bookmaker for Formula 1 betting comparison. We’ve researched all top UK bookmakers and compared what they offer on Formula 1. Specifically, we conducted our research on the British Grand Prix 2020 and who offer the best Formula 1 betting odds across a range of markets.

For this comparison, we researched what was available with the following bookmakers.

What markets did we research for our best bookmaker for Formula 1 betting review? In particular, we looked at the overall best bookmaker, those who performed well in all categories. We also considered how many markets were on offer for the British Grand Prix, along with Outright Winner, Podium Finish, Winning Car, Fastest Qualifier and Top 6 Finish odds.

Before we begin our review, it’s important to point out that our research was conducted between the 21st and 29th July 2020. If we were to test bookmakers at a different time, our results may be different.

Best Bookmaker For Formula 1

Overall Best Bookmaker for Formula 1 betting

As we touched upon earlier, when looking for the best bookmaker for Formula 1 betting there’s much to be considered. Are you after a bookie that offers a good all-round betting service? Or do you specifically bet on one particular market and need a bookmaker that can provide you with that market?

First, in our review, we’re going to show you our results for our overall top bookmaker. There were a number of operators who performed well generally. Our top bookmakers are as follows.

#1 Betfred

#2 Energy Bet

#3 Genting Bet

# 4 bet365

#4 Virgin Bet

#5 Coral

Let’s concentrate on our top three. Betfred takes the crown for overall best bookmaker for Formula 1 betting. Where did they excel? We were impressed with this operator across all categories, but they particularly stood out in the Outright Winner and Top 6 Finish markets.

Second and third place results may come as a surprise to some, but Energy Bet and Genting Bet consistently perform well in our bookmaker comparisons. Second-placed Energy Bet did well throughout, with particular nods to the Podium Finish and Winning Car markets.
Genting Bet may be more known for their online casino, but their Sportsbook is equally as impressive. For this comparison, we were happy with what was available, especially in the Winning Car, Fastest Qualifier and Top 6 Finish markets.

If you’re looking for a bookmaker who can offer a generally good service, it’s easy for us to recommend the above three operators. Looking for more specific markets? Let’s take a look at individual race markets now, starting with best Outright Winner prices.

Best Outright Winner Odds

As with all betting, it’s important to find the best Formula 1 betting odds on the market you wish to stake on. Good odds and low commission from the bookmaker are both vital parts of successful betting and making the most amount of profit possible.

Let’s consider the most popular market, the Outright Winner market. For this, three bookmakers stood out. Our top three bookmakers in this market are:

  1. William Hill
  2. Betfred
  3. Sportingbet

As you can see, it’s William Hill who comes out on top in our Outright Winner category. During the process of comparing odds, we found that William Hill offered the best in general, and the lowest commission.

In second place is our overall winner, Betfred. A surprise addition is Sportingbet, but we were happy with their commission margin and the quality of odds available.

Best Podium Finish Odds

The Podium Finish market has gained popularity in recent seasons. You will find this market at most UK bookmakers and gives you greater freedom when choosing which driver you think will do well.

In this category, the following operators make up our top choices for Podium Finish bettors.

  1. Energy Bet
  2. SkyBet
  3. Netbet

Energy Bet takes the top spot in this category. Their commission percentage is lower than that of all their competitors, with great value odds to be found.

SkyBet makes their first appearance in our best bookmaker for Formula 1 betting in this section. SkyBet impressed us with their commission rates, along with the odds available.

Netbet also makes their first appearance in our top three lists here. Similar to the operators mentioned above, Netbet’s commission rates are low, meaning greater value for the bettor.

Best winning car Odds

While many bettors focus on the drivers, there are some who pay special attention to the constructors. The Winning Car market was available at the majority of bookmakers we tested. Who came out on top? Check out the list below.

  1. Genting Bet
  2. Bet At Home
  3. Energy Bet

As we’ve seen already in this comparison, both Genting Bet and Energy Bet have lots to offer for the Formula 1 bettor. Second place, though, may come as a surprise to some.

Bet At Home is frequently overlooked, but their Sportsbook offers some great odds and markets on a range of sports. This is particularly true of Formula 1, with competitive odds found across a variety of markets.

They take second place in our top bookie lists in the Winning Car market. Low commission margin and great odds mean that Bet At Home is a good choice for fans of betting on constructor race markets.

Best Fastest Qualifier Odds

Betting on Formula 1 isn’t just about the race. Odds on the Practice and Qualifying stages are also available and can offer great value.

The Fastest Qualifier market is arguably the most popular market for bettors, aside from actual race markets. Who offers the best Formula 1 betting odds in this category? Let’s take a look.

  1. Genting Bet
  2. Virgin Bet
  3. BetVictor

Another victory for Genting Bet as they take top place here. Again, low commission margins and competitive odds helped this operator take the number one spot.

In second place is Virgin Bet. Relatively new to the online betting scene in the UK, Virgin Bet has lots to offer the general sports bettor. We were happy overall with what they offered in our best bookmaker for Formula 1 betting comparison. It’s in this category, though, where Virgin Bet performed their best.

In the third spot comes BetVictor. Their first appearance in any of our top three lists, however, their overall performance was good. In this category, in particular, BetVictor impressed, with a range of qualifying markets and low commission rates.

Best Top 6 finish Odds

Onto Top 6 Finish odds. An ever-popular market, this can provide bettors with some great value odds.

Our best Top 6 Finish odds came from the following operators.

  1. Marathonbet
  2. Genting Bet
  3. Betfred

Marathonbet takes the number one place here. The top 6 finish odds available with this operator offered greater value and lower commission rates than any of their competitors.

Genting Bet, who has impressed throughout this comparison take second place, with our overall winner Betfred in third.

Best Markets Selection

Finally, let’s look at the range of markets available at each operator. If you like to bet on Formula 1 in general, having a good choice of markets is very important. It gives you greater freedom and more betting choices, it also allows you to find value across a variety of options.

For this category, a number of bookmakers offered over 20 markets on the British GP. Our top choices are as follows.

#1 Sportingbet – 27

#1 Betsafe – 27

#2 bet365 – 26

#3 Betway – 21

#3 BetVictor – 21

Sportingbet and Betsafe offered the highest number of markets on the British Grand Prix. In total, there were 27 different markets available for the race. Bet365, as you’d expect from a bookmaker who is renowned for their markets, offering a fantastic 26.


Let’s conclude our results. Our best bookmaker for Formula 1 betting is Betfred. Betfred performed well across all categories. They faced some heavy competition, though, from Energy Bet and Gentingbet who came in second and third respectively.

There are a number of other operators who performed well, too. Sportingbet may not get the headlines, but they do offer a good Formula 1 betting experience, coming out in the top three in a couple of categories.

Virgin Bet is another good choice for Formula 1 betting. Their overall score was impressive and could challenge our overall top three when we next perform a similar comparison.

For casual bettors who look for choice, Sportingbet, Betsafe and bet365 offered the highest number of markets available.

However, for the British Grand Prix 2020, it’s Betfred who is our overall best bookmaker for Formula 1.