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Best Payout Slot

Online slots can be fun and exciting but ultimately we are all looking to win and the chance of winning big. So where should you go for the best chance of winning? Who offers the best slot machine odds? And where can you find the best payout slots?

In this day and age the best online slots are comparable to those that you will find in Las Vegas or any other casino in the world. If truth be told, due to the high levels of competition on the internet, you will usually get the best slot machine odds when playing online instead of walking through the doors of a casino.

Progressive Jackpots

Slot machines with a progressive jackpot will quite naturally offer the biggest jackpots around, but that does not mean that you have the best chance of winning. In fact the truth is quite the opposite. Because a cut of every penny you spend on progressive slots goes into the jackpot pool your odds of winning big on progressive slots is greatly decreased.

The chance of winning a life changing sum of money is real but it is more of a lottery than a realistic dream.

Best payout slots

Multiline Slots

Multiline slots will offer an increased chance of winning due to the number of possible payout lines; however you will pay more to play more lines and will not always cover your stake with one or two winning lines. On the other hand you could hit all of your lines in one spin and receive a bumper payout.

Jackpot slots will vary from game to game and there is a seemingly endless variety of different themed slots from the Elvis and Monopoly Slots to your favourite cartoon or film characters including Tomb Raider slots and Incredible Hulk Slots.

Many will claim that they offer the best deal and in the world of online gambling bonuses will vary from game to game, but it is important to remember that the bigger the jackpot the less chance there is of winning it. However, it is still there to be won!

The important thing here is to ask yourself exactly what you’re looking for. If it is the chance of a huge payout and a retirement home in the Caribbean then progressive jackpot slots are your way forward, if you want a more realistic chance of winning a comparatively smaller amount of money then head to your preferred multiline slots.