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No Limit Roulette Online

Online routlette is one of the most popular online casino games mainly because it enables players to bet with very high limits. Read on to find out how to play the highest limit roulette online!

roulette is a great game due to its simplicity. You can either try to double your money by putting your stakes at either red /black, low/high or odd/even, or you can aim for the big win by betting on a single number. A single number pays 35 to 1 while red or black and odd or even pays 1 to 1. This means that you can win big through very different strategies, either by a high roulette maximum bet on red or black, or by a smaller roulette bet on a numbers! In addition to this, some casinos offer progressive roulette jackpots, thereby giving you yet another chance to win big even though your roulette bet is of moderate size.

Progressive Roulette

Even though you do not feel up to a roulette bet on several thousand $/€/£ per spin, you have plenty of opportunity to take home a big win at the roulette table.

Progressive roulette is, basically, a normal roulette game, but puts a huge jackpot on the line that you can win in addition to the money you can generate by hitting the right number or color in your roulette bet.

Progressive roulette

Progressive roulette works like this: Each time any number comes in a row you are awarded an additional prize even if you did not have a bet on the winning number. If the same number repeats five times in a row you win the progressive jackpot – no matter the size of your roulette bet.

If you want to play online progressive roulette, Jackpot City Casino is the place to go to! Jackpot City calls the game Roulette Royal and gives you great excitement at the roulette table by offering a huge jackpot prize. A few years ago, a player named Steven K. won the Roulette Royale progressive jackpot, giving him $437,815.15! The jackpot is won at a fairly regular basis, although the jackpot sometimes 'only' is around $100,000 – $2,000,0000!

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