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Slotomania Video Slot

How to win real money on Slotomania?

Slotomania is fully loaded with different slot games waiting for you to unlock. Play now and collect your welcome bonus of 10 000 free coins to start playing! Each game is packed with interactive bonus features for you to delve into! The first and most basic thing you should realize is that you won’t be betting real money in this app: that’s what makes it a “social casino” rather than a fully-fledged gambling site. you will be spending your coins on the games that are available to you in order to win…more coins. It is definitely all meant to be for fun, after all.

Slotomania Video Slot Full Review

Slotomania is the first social video slot game that you can play on the most popular social media network online, Facebook.

Slotomania is fully loaded with different slot games waiting for you to unlock. Each game is packed with interactive bonus features for you to delve into, with multipliers, free spins, wild, scatters and many more. With thirty-one slot games thus far, you will never get bored playing Slotomania on Facebook.

I must say that this online slot made by Playtika is actually really entertaining and quite rewarding! Entertaining in the sense that Slotomania on Facebook simulates an actual life slot machine that you can play in gaming centres or from online casinos. With it being rewarding in a sense that when you play the game for the very first time, the slot awards players with a Welcome Bonus of 10 000 free coins to start with and on top of this, you will receive extra free credits on a daily basis when you continue to play Slotomania fruit machine slot. The 10 000 coins free to play Slotomania on Facebook is a nice touch and will let you enjoy the game straight away.

You can then either collect extra free coins through their four Special Bonuses and Mega Bonus or through the extra free coins, that it will give every time you have reached a certain level or from your very generous Facebook friends who are also playing Slotomania video slot. Your Facebook friends can either send you a gift of 5 free spins or coins. If you don’t want to wait for the free coins, you can simply buy the coins. They have tailor made different packages that will suit your own personal budget.

Slotomania slot machine online brings a Las Vegas feel on a social networking site by simulating a real video slot machine, I would say, however, that it’s like playing an arcade or console game. You will not win real cash prizes, even though you pay in real-money to buy credit coins. The reason for this is that this newest type of gaming slot on Facebook is more about reaching different levels to unlock other slot games to keep you playing and accumulating points in the form of virtual coins rather than winning in real-money.

How to start play in Slotomania

There is a lot of different machines you can play with. If you play enough most of that machines will be available for free. Some of them may require paying for them, but you can unlock them faster paying by coins. When you enter to Slotomania you can start playing the Slotomania Farm Fortune or Ladybug Loot, you can then, one by one unlock the others as you continue through the games.

Inside the Slotomania are the slot games Farm Fortune online poker, Bubble Ramble, Treasure 5, Sloto Mafia, Forest Magic, Cat Chef and Safe Alien. In the Slotomania Emerald Room are Deep Seek, Beeez, Oriental Secrets, Shining Armour, Sloto Oakey, Creepy Tunes, Sloto Robots and Bid of Luck. In the Slotomania Ruby Room are Saloon Rush, Down Under, Bingo, Halloween Thrills, Extravaganza, Carnival Frenzy, Santa Mania and Fortune. And inside the Slotomania Sapphire Room are the slot games of Throne Riches, Wacky Creeps, Flamingo, Stars and Starlets, Arabian Tales, Texas Boss and Funacious Football. Every one of these slot games with Slotmania on Facebook is a multi-line slot and multi-coin slot.

Alternative Options To Win Real Money

If you are a keen or especially a high-roller slot player who wants to win real bucks, you might find that Slotomania poker does not really tick the necessary boxes for you. If you are looking for a video slot that rewards you substantially with real cash, you can find online video slot machines that you can play for free or in real-money at 888casino online. 10 Times Wild pays up to 16,000 x your line bet, Euro Reels has a payout of up to 15,000 x your line bet, Wheel of Fortune pays up to 12,500 x your line, Clash of the Titans that pays up to 10 x your line bet and much more.

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Overall Slotomania Experience

The games on Slotomania are simple to use and understand, making them all easily accessible to everyone, from new to the more seasoned online gamers. There’s no doubting that this is a addition for fans of online slot machines, even though you need coins in order to play, Slotomania provides many types of game versions that will satisfy most players. If you want to pay for the coins / games then of course it is more enjoyable as the opportunity to unlock levels and games becomes more readily available to the gameplay experience, despite there not being any real-money winnings, the prize of unlocking game levels etc is apparently good enough reason to spend money on the games. Slotomania has taken full advantage of the app and Facebook generation audience and with social media gaming continuing to thrive, Slotomania can only continue to grow as the social media develops before our very eyes.