bet365 Review

In our comprehensive bet365 review and user guide you will learn everything you need to know about this giant of the betting industry, from how to sign up with bet365, place your first bet, the markets you can bet on, how to enjoy bet365's live streaming service plus much much more.

Bet365 is readily acknowledged as one of the largest, most popular and most reputable online bookmakers on the planet. With 18 million customers across the globe, there is no doubting bet365's place as one of the most recognised bookmakers in the industry.

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Our bet365 review and user guide has been created with you, the punter in mind. We've researched every aspect of bet365 to help you decide if bet365 suits your betting needs and how to get the most out your experience with this bookmaker.

What you will find in our bet365 review:

Introducing bet365

Since being founded in Stoke-On-Trent in the year 2000, bet365 has quickly established itself as the largest bookmaker in the world, with now over 3,000 employees across the globe, a staggering 18 million customers worldwide not to mention an annual revenue of around AU$1 billion. Over the years bet365 has built a solid reputation as an industry leader, providing innovative features and quality customer support.

Bet365 offer its customers a broad range of sports to bet on both pre-match and in-play, from the most popular sporting leagues and tournaments in Australia such as the AFL, NRL, A-League, Super League and horse racing, to the most popular leagues in the world such as the English Premier League, Champions League, NFL, NBA and international cricket. Bet365 also offers a superb range of obscure sports and leagues to bet on. If you have a sporting event in mind, there's a good chance bet365 has a range of markets for you to bet on.

Bet365 Facts & Figures

Company: bet365 Group Limited
Head Office: Stoke-on-Trent, England
Founded: 2000
Employees: 3,000
Sports Betting License: Australia’s Northern Territory Government
Customers: 18 million worldwide

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Signing Up With bet365

In order to place bets with any online bookmaker you first have to create an account. This is usually a quick and easy process in which you will be asked to provide some basic personal information.

So how to sign up with bet365? It's easy and our step by step bet365 sign up guide will take you through the process.

Step 1

When you visit bet365 you will see a 'Join Now' link located in the top right of the front page. On clicking the 'join now' link, an account registration page will open for you.

bet365 sign up

Step 2

The registration page will ask you to provide certain pieces of personal information such as name, date of birth, address, phone and email address. You will also be required to choose a username, password, four digit security code.

Step 3

Once you've entered the required personal information, click the Join Now button at the bottom of the registration page. You will then be given the opportunity to deposit funds into your bet365 account. (We will discuss the various deposit methods available to you later in this review). Once you have made your initial deposit, you will then receive a verification email

Bet365 Promotions & Free Bets

Bet365 delivers a selection of free bet, price boost and bonus offers. Our Free Bets page delivers every current free bet offer from each of the major Australian bookmakers including each bet365 promotions. We update them daily to keep you posted on all the latest offers available.

All bet365 promotions are available to customers in all Australian states except for new NSW and WA customers.

bet365 free betRugby League & Union – Extra Time Extra Chance

When any Rugby League or Rugby Union match goes into extra time and your bet has not been settled as a winner at the end of normal time, your bet365 bet will stay active during extra time and be settled on the final result.

Claim your Extra Chance Offer at bet365 now

bet365 free betHorse Racing – 365 Best

With Tote Win, you will guarantee the best win dividends on all Metropolitan and on selected non-Metro Horse Racing! If you take on this promo, bet365 will compare the State Official Price (SOP) or Official Price given by Dynamic Odds and will pay out the greatest over the threee National Totes. Additionally, on Single Race and Multi-Leg Exotics you'll get the Middle Tote plus 5% of your winnings!

Claim your 365 Best Offer at bet365 now

bet365 free betHorse Racing – Racing Value

The Racing Value Promo allows for an advantage in the Australasian and Harness Horse Racing. When a result is amended due to a Steward's enquiry, bet365 will pay out both the original past, the post result and the final official result on all Win and Place Bets! This is also applicable to Single Race Exotics and these specific types of bets: Trifectas, Quinellas, Exactas, First 4, Forecasts and Tricasts. Additionally, the bookmaker will only apply dedutions to winning portions and not to the stakes on any final field Fixed Odds Win, Place or Cover bet!

Claim your Racing Value Offer at bet365 now

bet365 free betHorse Racing – 365 Tote

With this promotion, you will get offered a similar offer as 365 Best on all non-Metro Horse Racing where the latter is not offered! Once again, the SOP / Official Price will be compared and the bet365 will pay you the highest dividends out of the 3 national Totes.

Claim your Racing Value Offer at bet365 now

Bet365 Mobile App

More and more punters are using their mobile device to place bets and with the ever increasing popularity of in-play betting, this trend is certain to continue. Crucial to in-play betting is having a dependable mobile platform to bet with and bet365 mobile certainly delivers this. You will find the bet365 mobile site and bet365 app a smooth and speedy platform from which to place your bets.

bet365 mobile

Get the bet365 App

The bet365 app is available for the following platforms:

Windows Phone

bet365 Live Streams

Bet365's Live Streaming can be accessed by logging into your account and via the Live Streaming tab in the top right of your screen or similarly via the bet365 Live In-Play tab at the top of the left side bar menu.

What Can You Watch with bet365 Live Streams?

On clicking the Live Streaming tab, the bet365 Extra window will open. You can immediately see which events are now live. You can also click on the Schedule tab to see which events are upcoming. You can search for events by sport or by date.

Bet365 live streams delivers a great range of sports and leagues from around the world. You can watch tennis tournaments across the globe, Major League Baseball, bowls, table tennis, numerous basketball leagues and tournaments including the NBA, an immense menu of soccer leagues and tournaments daily. international cricket, volleyball, darts and snooker.

Bet365 Live Streams Access Requirements

While it's free to access bet365's live streaming service, users must have a funded bet365 account or have placed a bet within the last 24 hours. You can watch live sport at bet365 on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

bet365 Visa Card

The bet365 Visa Card provides bet365 customers with access to their winnings immediately with access to funds from any ATM where Visa is accepted as well as making online or in store purchases.

Applying for your bet365 Visa Card

Applying for a bet365 Visa Card is easy. Firstly sign up with bet365 then log in to your bet365 account. From the Services menu select the Members tab, click on the Bank link and select the bet365 Visa Card tab. Then follow the application instructions. Please note that your bet365 account must be verified before you can submit an application. Once your application has been submitted, you should receive your bet365 Visa Card in the mail within 7-10 business days.

Activating your bet365 Visa Card

Before you can use your bet365 Visa Card, it must first be activated. You will receive all that you need to activate your bet365 visa card when it arrives in the mail. To activate your card, just log in to your account and visit your Members section.

Using your bet365 Visa Card

You can transfer winnings settled as your withdrawable balance to your bet365 Visa Card. Additionally any winnings from bets placed with bonus funds cannot be withdrawn until the applicable bonus requirements have been completed.

Once you have transferred funds to your bet365 Visa Card, it works just like any Visa Prepaid card. You can withdraw cash from any ATM where Visa is accepted, as well as make online purchases from sites that accept Visa. Additionally you can make in-store purchases wherever Visa PayWave is available.

bet365 Card Limits

The daily withdraw limit from any ATM is $1,000 while the maximum balance that you can have on your bet365 Visa Card at any time is $5,000.

bet365 Visa Card

Bet365 Betting Odds

While bet365 may not offer the best odds in the industry when it comes to bookmaker commission rates, bet365’s odds are certainly competitive. For AFL and NRL betting you will get match game lines and point totals at odds of 1.91 with head to head match odds listed at similar commission rates. You will have the opportunity to bet on other markets such as European soccer asian handicaps, the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL at similarly competitive rates.

What is bet365 betCall?

As many of you already know, it is not possible to bet live in-play in Australia directly via the internet, with customers currently required to call their bookmaker to place any in-play bets. Bet365 have recently introduced betCall as a means of working around this outdated legislation.

What is betCall? To put it simply, bet365's betCall allows you to streamline your live betting without the need to make a phone call. You simply select the market and odds you wish to bet on as you would normally do for a pre-match bet, and then click the 'In-Play via betCall' button. A computerised voice will then read your selection back to you. At this point you can then either confirm the bet or cancel. It's that simple.

It is important to note however that before using bet365's betCall your microphone needs to be enabled. By allowing bet365 to access your microphone, you have satisfied the 'phone call' requirement for live in-play betting.

It should also be noted that betCall is currently only available for single bets. If you wish to place a live in-play multi bet, you are still required to call bet365 directly. You can do so by calling 1800 200 365.

*offer not available for residents of Victoria, NSW, SA and WA.

What is bet365 Cash Out?

Since the launch of betting exchanges such as Betfair over a decade ago, punters have enjoyed the ability to trade their pre-match positions in-play. Traditional bookmakers have recently provided their customers the opportunity to do likewise and settle pre-match positions in-play. Bet365 Cash Out is just that.

So what is bet365's Cash Out feature? Let's say for example, you have bet on Hawthorn to defeat Sydney in the AFL. You bet on Hawthorn pre-match at odds of 1.80 and at 3 quarter time the Hawks have a big lead over the Swans, with the Hawks odds of winning the match dropping to 1.10. Bet365's cash out gives you the chance to settle your bet based on the current match odds allowing you to take a reduced profit before the match concludes and in doing so, excluding yourself from the worry of the Swans mounting a fourth quarter comeback. All you have to do is click the bet365 Cash Out button located under each of your selections. To see which bets you can currently cash out of, simply click your My Bets tab.

bet365 Cash Out is not just available for single bets, you can also cash out of multiple bets. Let's say you have a 5 leg multiple bet for the weekend's NRL and your first four legs have all won. Bet365's cash out feature allows you to cash out of your multiple and take a profit based on the odds of the first four winning legs of your multiple and the odds of the fifth leg.

The bet365 Cash Out feature allows you to monitor your position throughout any match and market that you have bet on, giving you the option of cashing out your entire pre-match stake or cashing out only a portion while leaving the remainder in-play. To adjust the amount that you wish to cash out, simply manipulate the Cash Out Slider and the profit you can claim based on the desired portion of your stake that you wish to cash out with automatically adjust. It's really that easy.

Which sports and markets is bet365 Cash Out available for?

Bet365's Cash Out is available both pre-match and in-play for selected events and markets, for either singles and multiples. Cash Out is available for a number of sports including Australian rules football, rugby league, soccer, tennis, cricket and basketball. It should also be noted that the ability to Cash Out a portion of your bet is currently only available for selected singles and straight multiples.

bet365 Deposit

Funding your bet365 account is a quick and simple process. There are a number of methods available for you to deposit money into your account.

How to deposit with bet365

Which deposit method is best for you? Here's a quick reference guide to each deposit method available with bet365:

bet365 deposit methods

Placing a Bet with bet365

Thanks to bet365's very user friendly interface, placing a bet is simple. And to show you just how easy it is, here's a quick step by step guide to placing a bet with bet365.

Step 1

Log into your account. If you haven't created an account, you can sign up with bet365 here.

Step 2

Select the sport you want to bet on from the menu provided on the left sidebar.

Step 3

Once you've found the sport you wish to bet on, select the league or tournament you want to bet on from the menu provided.

Step 4

Once you've found the league or tournament you wish to bet on, find the specific event from the list provided.

Step 5

Upon finding the event you want to bet on, you will be offered a list of markets that you can bet on. Choose the market you want to bet on and then the result that you want to bet by clicking on the odds offered for that result.

Step 6

Your selection will now be added to the 'Bet Slip' at the top of the right sidebar. To place your bet simply enter how much money you want to bet on this result into the 'stake' field.

Step 7

Once you've entered your desired stake, simply click the 'Place Bet' button. If you have enough money in your account to cover your desired stake, your bet will be confirmed. If not, you will be asked to top up your account. It should also be noted that on occasion, particularly with in-play betting, the odds may change before you have the opportunity to confirm your bet. If this is the case, you will be asked whether or not you wish to bet with the revised odds or delete your selection.

bet365 Withdraw

Withdrawing funds from your bet365 account is a straightforward and easy process. It should be noted however, that before you can withdraw any funds, you must complete the Know Your Customer requirements. You can begin this process by clicking on the 'Services' tab in the top right of the screen, then 'Members', followed by 'My Account' and finally the 'Know Your Customer' tab. You will be given a range of options in order to verify your identity and bet365's customer service is available at any time to help you with the process.

Once your identity has been verified, you will be able to withdraw funds as you desire. Here's how:

How to withdraw from your bet365 account

Step 1

Log into your bet365 account, click the 'Services' tab in the top right of the screen.

Step 2

Select 'Members', then 'Bank', followed by 'Withdraw'.

Step 3

Enter the amount of money that you wish to withdraw and your preferred transaction method.

Step 4

Depending upon your preferred transaction method, it can take anywhere between 4 hours to a few days for your funds to be available to you. If you have any concerns however, please contact bet365 customer support and they will be sure to assist you.

Which withdraw method is best for you? Here's a quick reference guide to each withdraw method available at bet365.

bet365 withdrawal methods

Bet365 Customer Support

An important aspect of any betting experience is the quality of customer support available. Bet365 provides customer support seven days a week, 24 hours per day every day of the year. You can contact them via the follow methods:

Free Phone: 1800 200 365
Email: [email protected]
Live Chat
Twitter: @bet365
Postal Address: Customer Services, Hillside (Australia New Media) Pty Ltd, PO Box 113, Parap, NT 0804.

You can also access a series of FAQs and user guides by clicking on the 'Services' tab in the top right of your screen.

Responsible Gambling at bet365

Bet365 provide a range of options for punters who wish to ensure their gambling doesn't get out of hand. These include the ability for customers to limit their deposits within a 24 hour or 7 day period as well as setting alerts for time spent active on your bet365 account.

Another option is Self Exclusion which allows users to block access to their own account for periods of either 6 months, 1 year, 2 years of 5 years. Once this block is in place customers cannot access their account for any reason whatsoever until the exclusion period has concluded.

For more information on problem gambling visit our Responsible Gambling Guide.

3 Things Users Like About bet365

#1 - Speedy Bet Settlements

Bet365 ensure swift settlements, with bets typically settlement within minutes and often even seconds of the result being final. More than that, they will often settle bets before the event has concluded if that result has been finalised. For example, if you bet Over 30 points for a NRL match, and the match just went over the 30 point mark but has no yet concluded, bet365 will settle your wager before the final whistle.

#2 - Cash Out

The ability to 'cash out' of a bet goes back to the original rise of betting exchanges, such as Betfair which gave users the ability to back and lay positions to ensure a profit popularised through live in-play betting. Bet365 implemented their own cash out feature and were the first of the traditional bookmaker platforms to do so. Now it's common for bookmakers to offer such a feature. What makes bet365's cash out feature particularly popular is their cash out slider that allows users to take a preferred level of profit while keeping part of their stake in the game.

#3 - Customer Service

While customers may not always like the outcome of a dispute, the ability to have your issue tended to in a timely and considered fashion is always appreciated. In this regard bet365 often receives much praise, with a variety of options available any time you may require some assistance or have an issue regarding your account that you would like to discuss.

3 Things Users Don't Like About bet365

#1 - Limited Promotional Offers

When it comes to promotions and special offers, bet365's business model is very much geared towards customer acquisition rather than customer retention. They believe that customer retention is very much about providing a dependable and enjoyable experience rather than regular offers.

#2 - Account Restrictions

Unfortunately bet365 has received criticism from users who have shown the ability to be long term winners with many reporting that they have either had their staking severely restricted or have had their accounts closed. This is a shame, but bet365 do outline in their terms and conditions that they are for the purposes of recreational betting and reserve the right to restrict or close accounts should they deem an account to be commercially non-viable.

#3 - Too Frequent Cash Out Suspension

While bet365's cash out feature receives praise, one criticism is that it is all too often suspended at key times in a sporting event. This is no doubt frustrating for users and can limit your overall in-play strategy if the ability to withdraw from a market is inconsistent and for prolonged periods.

10 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

#1 – What is the bet365 bonus code?

That's easy. The bonus code for bet365, if there is any, can be seen here.

#2 – What is the difference between the bet365 bonus code and offer code?

Once registration is complete, your account has been created and you have made your first deposit, you will receive a welcome email with your 10 digit offer code to complete you bonus claim. Your offer code is unique to your account and you have up to seven days to enter the code on the Offers page in your account details.

Some users have reported that they did not receive an offer code after signing up with bet365. If this happens to you, firstly check the spam folder in your email. If after checking your spam folder there is no email from bet365 containing your offer code, be sure to contact their customer support either via email at [email protected] or via their live chat service and ask them to resend your welcome email.

#3 – Do I need a bet365 offer code to claim my bonus?

The simply answer is yes.Your ten digit offer code will arrive via email and end with the letters NCDBU. Once you have your unique offer code, be sure to enter it into on your Offers page which is located via the Services tab and Members link.

#4 – How can I contact bet365 customer support?

There are a number of ways that you can contact bet365 customer support.

Free Phone: 1800 200 365
Email: [email protected]
Live Chat
Twitter: @bet365
Postal Address: Customer Services, Hillside (Australia New Media) Pty Ltd, PO Box 113, Parap, NT 0804.

#6 – What sports can I bet on at bet365?

Bet365 offers a great range of sports and markets for you to bet on. You will find each of the following sports available: American football, Australian rules football, badminton, baseball, basketball, beach volleyball, bowls, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, football, futsal, gaelic football, golf, greyhound racing, handball, horse racing, hurling, ice hockey, motor sports, netball, rugby league, rugby union, snooker, squash, surfing, table tennis, tennis, UFC, volleyball, and winter sports.

#7 – Can I bet on my mobile with bet365?

Yes, bet365 offers both a mobile version of their site plus the bet365 app that is available on the following platforms:

Windows Phone

#8 – Does bet365 offer live streaming?

Yes, customers can stream over 60,000 sporting events each year. Bet365 live streaming can be accessed via laptop, PC or smart phone. There are also live audio streams available, keeping you updated throughout the day.

#9 – Does bet365 offer a Cash Out feature?

Yes, bet365 gives you the ability to cash out and settle your bet in-play across most markets. This gives you the chance to take a profit when they are in a strong position or diminish losses when the event you've bet on isn't going as you may have hoped.

#10 – How much can I bet? How much can I win?

The maximum stake varies from sport to sport, league to league and market to market. Maximum winnings within a 24 hour period are also listed in Pounds Sterling. Below is a quick reference guide for popular leagues and tournaments. Please refer to bet365's Terms & Conditions for full details.

Australian Rules Football

£250,000 for all AFL match winner, handicap and point total markets with £25,000 for all other Australian Rules markets, leagues and tournaments.

Rugby League

£500,000 for all Super League, NRL, International and World Cup match winner, handicap and point total markets.

Rugby Union

£500,000 for all rugby union Internationals, World Cup matches, Six Nations tournament, Four Nations tournament, the Aviva Premiership, the Heineken Cup and Super Rugby match winner, handicap and point total markets.


£100,000 on all cricket markets.


£2,000,000 for all men’s full international matches and the following leagues and tournaments: English Premier League, English Championship, English League 1, English League 2, FA Cup, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga I, Le Championnat, UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

Australian Metropolitan Racing covered by the TAB.

£1,000,000 for all Win and Place betting and £250,000 for all exotics.

Australian Non-Metropolitan Racing covered by the TAB

£350,000 for all Win and Place betting and £100,000 for all exotics.

Australian, New Zealand and Asian Harness Racing covered by the TAB

£100,000 for all Win and Place betting and £20,000 for all exotics.

Australian, New Zealand and Asian Greyhound Racing covered by the TAB

£100,000 for all Win and Place betting and £20,000 for all exotics.


£250,000 on all boxing markets.


£500,000 on all golf markets.

Motor Sports

£250,000 for all Formula 1 Driver Championship winner, Constructor Championship winner, and individual Grand Prix race winner markets.


£500,000 for all NFL money line (head to head), line betting, points total markets as well as Superbowl outright winner market. £50,000 for all other NFL markets.


£500,000 for ATP outright tournament winner and match winner markets. £250,000 for all WTA outright tournament winner and match winner markets.


£500,000 for MLB money line (head to head), run line, run totals and World Series outright winner markets.


£500,000 for NHL money line (head to head), puck line, goal totals and outright Stanley Cup winner markets.


£500,000 for NBA money line (head to head), line betting, points totals and NBA Championship outright winner markets.

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Over $3,000 In Bonuses Currently Available


Bonuses available as per terms and conditions. Read our bookmaker reviews for full details.

Pros and Cons

  • Reliable, high profile and well established bookmaker. 
  • Great range of markets available including in-play betting. 
  • Not suited to professional punters. 
  • Limited promotional offers