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China Burning Cash on Tevez Salary


The huge salary figures being thrown around in the Chinese Super League is making the world of football run haywire. In this winter window alone, multiple transfers are becoming top paid players globally. The top transfer story continues to be Carlos Tevez, who is going to be paid a whopping £615,000 at his new club, Shanghai Shenhua.

The BBC has reported that China is now planning to cap the ludicrous expenditure, but how much damage has already been done with Shanghai Shenhua’s acquisition of Carlos Tevez? With the Chinese Super League clubs being accused of “burning money”, we thought it would be interesting to see how much Tevez can actually burn. 

Burn £1, Earn £29

It’s being reported that Tevez is earning approximately £1 a second at his new club. This means that in the time it takes for him to physically burn £1, he would earn £29 in the process.

Since there are no £1 notes, we derived this from the 37seconds it takes to burn a $1 note, which is valued at £0.81—meaning it takes approximately 30 seconds to burn a £1 value. If Tevez's profession was to continously burn bills, his hourly salary would lie at £3,480. How does that make you feel about your current desk job?

Tevez probably isn’t sitting torching his cash, but there are a lot of other activities he can pursue while accumulating buckets of cash.

146min to earn an average Chinese yearly salary

BBC had field day reporting on Fat cat Tuesday, the novelty name assigned to end of work day Tuesday, January 3rd, where 100 chief executives in the UK had already earned median UK salary of £27,645 for 2017.

Now in China, the average 2017 yearly salary is projected to be 75,200RMB—the equivalent of £8,772.92.

For Carlos Tevez to earn the same amount, he needs only wait 146 minutes!

If Tevez shows up for a warm-up, and plays a full match (including half time), he’s already earned an average years salary!

Tevez salary China

Watching a 2hr 26min long movie is enough for Tevez to earn the average yearly salary.

If that’s too much work, Tevez can also sit back and watch any of the following films and earn another person’s entire year’s worth of labour:

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 1
  • The Shining
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • Star Wars Episode 1
  • Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  • Goodfellas
  • The Help
  • War Horse

It seems that Tevez is making Netflix and Chill an even more lucrative experience.  

Classy Commute

The shortest possible flight from Tevez’s home of Buenos Aires to Shanghai is 20.42 hours. A horribly long flight, but probably eased by the fact that Carlos earns £73,512 while cruising.

To put that into perspective, his 1 flight earns him the respective equivalent of:

  • 8.4x the average Chinese salary
  • 2.7x the average UK salary
  • 7x First Class seats on the flight
  • 40x Economy class seats on the flight

Tevez salary China

The almost 21hr long flight to Shanghai earns Tevez 8x the average Chinese annual salary.

At this rate, it is understandable that China is trying to step in to cap this ridiculous spending. But Tevez is probably very thankful that he managed to sign the dotted line before anyone realized how crazy his salary actually is. 

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