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England’s new kit makes the team feel blue


Major international tournaments are an opportunity for nations to get their time in the spotlight—and when you’re in the spotlight, you have to look good. The England squad debuted their new away kit on Wednesday, returning to the blue colour in lieu of the traditional red. With the introduction of a new kit, we decided to investigate the success rates of each of England’s away kit colours. In their new blues, England’s loss on Wednesday was not a surprise.

Success Rates of England's Away Kit Colours
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Feeling Blue

Of all the colours available in the English national palette, blue is the worst choice leading up to the world cup qualifiers. With a 46%, Blue has the lowest win rate of any colour kit worn by the three lions. Additionally, it also earns the most goals against, with 1.08 goals a game.

Hurray for Grey

The grey away kit has a bad reputation due to it’s appearance in the ‘96 world cup. It was in the grey garb that current England manager Gareth Southgate missed his penalty and broke the collective hearts of England.

However, even though it is remembered with such distain, the grey away kit is actually the most successful. At 66%, grey has the highest win rate by a 14% margin to its closest competitor—the traditional red. Plus, it has amazing defensive stats, with a low 0.33 goals against per game.

The numbers are saying that the blue kit should be axed, and grey should be adopted. Plus, with the English weather, grey should be considered a national colour anyways.

Dead on Red

If the three lions are looking to score more goals on the road, red is the colour choice. Although it doesn’t have the highest win rate, it does yield the highest average of 1.82 goals per game. However, defensively it can’t compete with grey, as it lets in an average 0.91 goals per game…still better than blue though.  

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