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London and Yorkshire Top GB’s Medal Count


With our athletes returning from Brazil, we can look back at this summer as a successful outing for Britain. Placing second in the medal table, Great Britain as a whole has been a force to be reckoned with—but which part of the kingdom contributed the most? has looked into the origins of all of GB’s medal winners and found out which counties brought home the most neck wear.

Medal Count by County


Yorkshire stands out as a major contributor to GB’s success, bringing home 5x Gold, 4x Silver, and 2x Bronze—a total of 11 medals. With their golden performance, Yorkshire alone could’ve taken on many of the other nations in this year’s games. If they had gone it alone, Yorkshire would have placed 17th in the medal table, beating other nations such as Cuba, New Zealand, and Canada.


Unexpectedly, the most populated area of GB brought home the most medals. With 17 medals in total, Londoners can be proud of their haul, bringing home 3x Gold, 8x Silver, and 6x Bronze. London’s strongest sport was athletics (with 4 medals), while the most decorated Londoner being Charlotte Dujardin, OBE taking home a Gold and Silver medal for her performance in the Equestrian disciplines.  


Coming in third in the GB county medal chart are those who weren’t actually born in a British county. Nine medals were brought home by internationally born athletes, including the multi medal winner Mo Farah, Bradley Wiggins, and Justin Rose. Astonishingly, seven out of nine medals collected by this group of athletes were gold.


Overall, the complete team of athletes representing Great Britain had an amazing success rate. Out of 366 total competing GB athletes, 144 medals were won—meaning GB had a win rate of almost 40%. Not too bad when you’re competing against 206 other nations. extends many congratulations to all of the members of Great Britain's team, and a big salute for shattering the expectations!