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Manchester Derby: Manchester United wins the social media game


This Saturday, the most expensive Manchester Derby ever will take place. We know that Manchester City and Manchester United have incredible financial support, but who has the most fan support? has looked into the social media following of both teams, and it’s clear that Manchester United is the winner of this match up.

Manchester Derby: Social Media Face Off


This will not only be the most expensive Manchester Derby ever to be held, it will also be the most expensive football match in the history of the game. With the predicted players on the field totalling £672.4 million in player transfer fees, Manchester City’s squad only trails Manchester United’s estimated squad value by less than £30 million—so their finances are pretty evenly matched. 

However, when it comes to fan support, the team’s individual social media profiles show a huge disparity. Manchester United's official social media accounts have more than 3 times the aggregated social media followers than Manchester City. On each of the major social media platforms, Man U ousts the competition. On Facebook alone, Manchester United has just shy of 50 Million more followers!


Manchester United’s team following is propelled by the strength of its players. Again, looking at Facebook alone, Manchester United’s squad has almost 4 times as many aggregated followers than Manchester City. Furthermore, the two top liked players for Man Utd are Zlatan and Rooney—both with over 25 million likes on their official Facebook pages. Manchester City is lagging drastically behind, with their most liked player, Kun Agüero, collecting just over 11 million likes.


This weekend also marks the next round in the Mourinho v Guardiola rivalry. Although Mourinho has the stronger team on social media, he seems to be managing in the style of “Do as I say, not what I do.” Pep Guardiola completely dominates Mourinho on Facebook, with almost 33 times the amount of likes on their pages. Jose does have the edge on Instagram, with over 1 million followers, but it’s easy to compete on that platform when Pep doesn’t even have Instagram. 

Are you excited to show your support at the Manchester Derby?