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Sturridge Peaks in January and February


The holiday season is closing, and while most of us are still lugging around the holiday weight, Daniel Sturridge is lighting up the pitch. According to our research, based on his past scoring record, we can expect Sturridge to find the back of the net more often in January and February.

Sturridge scores most goals in January and February

1/3 of the Goals in 1/5 of the Season

On average, in 10 months of game play (minus any international games and tournaments during June and July) Sturridge manages to score 97 goals a season—32 of those goals are scored in January and February alone.

Sturridge truly plays his best in the winter months, with the first two months of the calendar year counting for 33% of his goals for the entire season. Comparatively, it takes twice as long for him to reach the same percentage at the start of the season, aggregating only 32% of his goals in the first four months.

When Mane is Away, Sturridge will Play 

There was some fear that Sturridge’s early year injury against would have him sit out in January and have Liverpool clamouring to collect new transfers. However, with him returning in the FA Cup match against Plymouth, we can expect him to be in the starting line up in tonight’s Football League Cup Semi-final against Southampton.

Plus, with the African Cup of Nations kicking off this weekend, Liverpool’s Sadio Mane will be jetting home, leaving Sturridge to lead Klopp’s Army in the front. With Mane gone, there will be a lot more players looking to send Sturridge to the net, which is sure to impact his goal scoring numbers.

Bookmakers Backing Sturridge

It seems like bookmakers are complying with Sturridge’s stats history. Bookies are giving Sturridge the shortest odds of players on the pitch tonight to score at anytime. With current odds of 5/4, he shares the same odds of scoring as his teammate Divock Origi. The two players are also at equal odds to score the first goal of the match, with odds of 4/1. 

Although it’s not for sure that Sturridge will score first, the stats do support him to score at anytime during the match. 

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