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Twitter numbers show Arsenal fandom reaches further than Chelsea


With Chelsea and Arsenal battling it out this weekend, the Gunners have already destroyed The Blues on the virtual pitch. Conte’s unstoppable Chelsea may be miles ahead in the premier league table, but our research shows that they are significantly lagging behind Arsenal’s social media support system.

Chelsea versus Arsenal on Twitter
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Home field advantage

Judging by their amount of followers, even though this weekend's Chelsea v Arsenal match is at Stamford Bridge, it seems as if Arsenal has the homefield advantage anywhere in the UK. Of all the countries in the world that support the Gunners on twitter, the country with the biggest support is their own home nation, with 400 thousand supporters. It seems The Blues are giving a new meaning to their name, being neglected at home with just over half the number of Arsenal's support (221,900). Their biggest support comes from Indonesia, with 230K followers.

But there’s no need to get completely discouraged, we’re sure that if Chelsea keeps going the way they are now, they’ll have a spike in temporary fans during the final games of the Premier League season.

3 out of 4 Ethiopians recommend Arsenal

It seems like the Ethiopian Chelsea fan is a minority, as 77.7% of their combined Chelsea and Arsenal fans support the Gunners. So, it’s a bit risky if you are running around solo in Ethiopia with your Costa jersey—unless you are Costa and can easily weave past three people.  

However, if you are a Chelsea fan and want to fit in more, take a trip to the Ivory Coast. Almost 60% of their aggregated Arsenal and Chelsea followers support The Blues.

Arsenal takes all but one category

The Gunners’ Twitter account seem to dominate every category against Chelsea’s. They have more total followers (9.05M v 7.89M) and there are more countries seeing red (93 v 81). However, there is one category that Chelsea does win, and that is “Country with fewest followers”.

The Blues lowest supporting country, Eritrea, includes 47 followers, while Arsenal’s lowest level of support comes from the South Pacific Island of Vanuatu, which only has 23 followers. However, with Vanuatu having a population of just over 250K, and Eritrea having more than 6M, proportionately it isn’t the biggest victory for Chelsea.

With their amount of Twitter followers, it seems that Chelsea will have to settle with topping the Premier League table instead of winning a global popularity contest. All signs point to them remaining on top, as Costa is only warming up—he tends to score over 20% of his season’s goals in February and March.

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