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Who Will Win Euro 2016?


Who will win Euro 2016? We've accumulated over 12,000 predictions, and our participants are picking France to win, with England making it to the semi-finals.

Public Predicts France to Win Euro 2016

With the Euros kicking off this week, the predictions are flying as to which team will lift the trophy after the final. With launching our very own predictor for Euro 2016, we’ve decided to take a look at what our collected predictors are saying about the look of this year’s tournament.  

Collected Data from Euro 2016 Predictions

Over the past week, over 12 thousand participants have weighed in on how the Euros will turn out this year. The insights we are presenting are based on the highest percentage of participants who have predicted a certain outcome.

The Final

Euro 2016 Final Prediction

Although it’s a close call, it seems that France will nudge out Germany to take on Spain in the finals. Interestingly, over half of our participants have selected Spain to make it into the finals, but only 13.9% expect them to win. On the other hand, a full third of all the participants are pointing to France to raise the trophy at home!

Chris Waddle's Reacts to the prediction

England legend, and ambassador for, Chris Waddle seemed a bit surprised by what the public had to say:

“I had fancied Spain to lift the trophy, but who can argue with 12,000 fans? France are rightly fancied, and Germany are up there too, while England have an outside chance according to bettingexpert’s Euro Predictor players. It’s certainly going to be a cracker of a tournament. We’ll have to wait and see whether it’s the Euro Predictors, or me, who called it correctly!”

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Group stages

The predictors have also had their say about who will rank at the top of their groups. Check out the tables below to see how your team will fare through the group stages.

Group A

Group A
RankTeamPercent of Predictors
1 France 96.33%
2 Switzerland 78.38%
3 Romania 24.23%
4 Albania NA

Group B

Group B
RankTeamPercent of Predictors
1 England 90.88%
2 Russia 44.13%
3 Wales 27.00%
4 Slovakia NA

Group C

Group C
RankTeamPercent of Predictors
1 Germany 94.96%
2 Poland 72.29%
3 Ukraine 44.05%
4 N. Ireland NA

Group D

Group D
RankTeamPercent of Predictors
1 Spain 90.08%
2 Croatia 60.84%
3 Turkey 38.26%
4 Czech Rep. NA

Group E

Group E
RankTeamPercent of Predictors
1 Belgium 60.29%
2 Italy 52.21%
3 Sweden 59.79%
4 Rep of Ireland NA

Group F

Group F
RankTeamPercent of Predictors
1 Portugal 83.24%
2 Austria 59.64%
3 Iceland 14.49%
4 Hungary NA

It’s worth noting that the data only reveals rankings up to third place, as fourth place is eliminated from the tournament. 

The Home Nation’s Chances

The UK has 3 nations participating this year, and that is something for us to be proud of. Although the majority of our participants haven’t selected any of the teams as overall winners, there are those that still believe we can go all the way. 10.93% of the predictors are seeing England going all the way. Wales and Northern Ireland haven’t seen as much support, receiving only 0.27% and 0.24% of winning predictions respectively.

The Ultimate Bracket

Euro 2016 Bracket Prediction

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