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EURO 2021 GROUP E: Schedule, Table, Favourites & Preview

Group E of the Euro 2021 has Spain, Sweden, Poland, and Slovakia fighting for a spot in the knockout stage of the tournament. Only two, or perhaps three teams will make it into the next stage. Spain are seen as the favorites to win the group, seeing as how they are one of the six favored teams to win the entire tournament.

Spain are ranked second in the UEFA coefficients rankings. Sweden, Poland, and Slovakia are ranked 23rd, 30th, and 32nd respectively.

Spain and Slovakia made an early exit in the previous Euros, being knocked out in round 16 by Italy and Germany respectively. Whilst Poland had a bit more success, racing the quarter-finals only to be knocked out by the eventual champions in Portugal.


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Date Game Time (UK) Venue
14/6/21 Poland vs Slovakia 17:00 Aviva Stadium, Dublin
14/6/21 Spain vs Sweden 20:00 San Mamés, Bilbao
18/6/21 Sweden vs Slovakia 14:00 Aviva Stadium, Dublin
19/6/21 Spain vs Poland 20:00 San Mamés, Bilbao
23/6/21 Slovakia vs Spain 17:00 San Mamés, Bilbao
23/6/21 Sweden vs Poland 17:00 Aviva Stadium, Dublin

All four teams will be eager to step onto the pitch as soon as possible, but they will have to wait until June 14th to finally get a chance to show what they can do.

The first match to take place in group E will be between Poland and Slovakia at 18:00 in Saint Petersburg. Shortly thereafter, Spain and Sweden will cross swords at 21:00 in Seville.

Although nothing is final, the first match is always important to set the tone and get a head start on the competition. Sweden will want to try and exploit Spain’s first-day nerves and surprise them with a shocker.

Sweden and Slovakia will face each other on June 18th in Saint Petersburg. Spain and Poland will enjoy an extra day’s rest and hit the pitch on June 19th in Seville.

Finally, on June 23rd, at exactly 18:00, Slovakia will ‘host’ Spain in Seville for their final match of the group stage. Sweden and Poland will cross swords in Saint Petersburg.

The top two teams from each group will advance into the next round, along with the four best third-placed teams.

June 24 and 25 will be rest days for the teams who make it to the knockout phase.



Spain are looking forward to this tournament, believing that they are unmatched in this group. They also have the most favorable schedule. They will play all three matches in Seville and will have the opportunity to rest longer than their opponents. Their play in the Nations League hasn’t been perfect, but with three victories out of six matches, it has been enough to land them atop the Group 4 standings.

With two victories in a row in the World Cup qualifiers, Sweden have set off to a promising start. They have landed in second place in Group B. They kept clean sheets in both of those matches and will want to continue this trend coming into the Euros. However, their performance in the UEFA Nations League has disappointed. With just one victory out of six matches, they are dead last in group 3, with a goal difference of -8.

Poland are coming into this tournament eager to prove that they belong in the top tier of European football. They failed to make an impression in the Nations League and in the World Cup qualifiers. But what better venue to make a splash in the international scene than the Euros. They sit in third place in group 1 of the Nations League. It doesn’t look like they will be able to qualify for the World Cup, seeing as how they are in fourth place in group I.

There isn’t much hope for Slovakia to survive the group, much less make it past round 16 of the tournament. Their performance in the UEFA Nations League has been abysmal, winning just one and losing four of their first six matches. Their play in the World Cup qualifiers hasn’t shown much improvement. But they managed to land in third place of group H. Their hopes of getting a ticket to Qatar are still alive. Their most recent match was a 2:1 victory against Russia. They will be looking to use this confidence booster against their first match with Poland.


Euro 2021 Group E Prediction

It’s difficult to imagine anyone other than Spain winning the group, and the bookmakers agree. They’ve given them 1,33 odds of accomplishing this.

The most intriguing battle will be for second place, most likely between Poland and Sweden.

Although Lewandowski is a scoring demi-god, Sweden have performed rather well in their recent matches. It’s their defense that will decide who will qualify. On the other side, Poland hasn’t been able to effectively defend their net recently. Unless something drastically changes, Ibra and Isak should have no problems penetrating their defense.

This is why Sweden should be considered the favorites to qualify at 1,53 odds.

Slovakia aren’t mentioned when talking about the best teams in Europe. But they showed that they are capable of pulling off an upset, defeating an out-of-form Russia squad. However, it’s difficult to imagine them making an impact in their group and because of that, we have them landing at the bottom of group E.


FIFA World Ranking Best Result at European Championships Last European Championship result (2016) Coach
#8 Winners (1964, 2008, 2012) Round of 16 Luis Enrique

La Roja are three-time European champions, with their most recent trophy coming in 2012.

The golden age of spanish football is considered to be from 2008 to 2012, with the team winning two european titles and one world tite.

After winning the World Cup in 2010 in South Africa, Spain continued to find success at the international level.  They went on to win the 2012 European Championship. 

However, their success came to an end in 2014, when they left the World Cup rather early – in the group stage. They placed third in their group behind the Netherlands and Chile and ended their campaign early.

La Roja managed to improve slightly in the more recent competitions, getting past the group stage in both the 2016 Euros and the 2018 World Cup. But their hopes were soon put to rest, with the team being eliminated in round 16 of both tournaments.

Things seem to be looking up for Spain, as they managed to win two of their first three World Cup qualifier matches. They find themselves atop the group B rankings.

Louis Enrique has no shortage of talent or quality in his team, but it will be up to him to get Spain back to winning ways. The Euros provide as good an opportunity as any competition to make a strong impression.

Euro 2021 Group E, Spain, Prediction

Spain definitely have the quality to make a splash in the Euros this year, and it’s just the question of fitting the right pieces in the best way for Enrique.

They have a more than favourable schedule ahead of them, and their form has improved in each of their World Cup qualifier matches.

Spain will have to forget about their last three bouts in major competitions and continue playing the way everyone knows they are capable.

It’s difficult to imagine Spain struggling against any particular team in their group. But a lot of pressure will certainly be on De Gea to perform well as well as Ramos to lead their defense after a calf injury that had him out for a month.

Spain prediction: First place in group E at 1,33 odds.


FIFA World Ranking Best Result at European Championships Last European Championship result (2016) Coach
#17 Semi Finals (1992) Group Stage Janne Andersson

Sweden haven’t enjoyed very much success at the Euros, with their biggest accomplishment being fourth place in 1992.

Their 2016 Euros stint ended rather early, with the team placing last in group E and being eliminated in the group stage.

When it comes to the World Cup, Sweden haven’t won the tournament yet, but they’ve placed second in 1958, third in 1950 and 1994 and fourth in 1938.

After making an unexpected push in the 2018 World Cup, Sweden will look to repeat their success in the coming Euros. Although it’s unrealistic to expect them making the quarter-finals again, they have a more than realistic chance of making it out of the group.

Their performance in the Nations League has been abysmal. Sweden only managed to win only one of their six matches, with the other five being losses. But their more recent performance has given fans a reason to cheer.

In the World Cup qualifiers, Sweden won all three of their matches without conceding a single goal. Although they haven’t faced any world-class opponents, this was an excellent way of boosting team confidence and morale.

Euro 2021 Group E, Sweden, Prediction

With Spain being the absolute favorite to win the group, Sweden will most likely be battling Poland for second place.

Their defense hasn’t conceded a single goal in their last three matches,. It’s difficult to imagine them playing like this against the best of the best, it will give their defense a lot of confidence coming into the tournament.

If they can prevent Spain from scoring in their first match, qualifying into the knockout phase will be guaranteed.

They have an intriguing mix of young talent and experience. Ibrahimovic will play a key role, either as a starting goalscorer or a mentor to Alexander Isak.

Nordfeldt enjoyed only having four shots on target in his last three matches. Bt he will certainly be put to the test against Spain and Poland and will have to perform splendidly if Sweden hope to keep the clean sheets coming.

Prediction: Sweden to qualify at 1,53 odds.


FIFA World Ranking Best Result at European Championships Last European Championship result (2016) Coach
#19 Quarter Finals (2016) Quarter Finals Jerzy Brzeczek

Poland hasn’t enjoyed much success in the Euros in its history, with their first appearance being in 2008. Poland were last in the group stage in both the 2008 and 2012 Euros and received heavy criticism because of those results.

However, their luck changed in the 2016 Euros, where they got their first-ever victory in a European Championship. They made it all the way to the quarter-finals. Unfortunately, their quarter-finals match against Portugal ended in a 1:1 draw and Poland lost via penalties.

Poland enjoyed much more success in the World Cup, where they managed to win third place in 1974 and 1982.

Their 2018 World Cup campaign was cut short, and they finished last in Group H with one victory and two defeats.

Poland’s play in the UEFA Nations League has left fans wanting for more. With just two victories, both coming against Bosnia and Herzegovina, they are third in group 1.

Poland played well in the World Cup qualifiers. But losing their most valuable player in Robert Lewandowski put a major dent in their game and confidence.

Euro 2021 Group E, Poland, Prediction

Poland’s defense has been their downfall in recent matches. Even though they scored an average of 2,33 goals per game in the qualifiers, it was only enough to grant them one victory out of three matches.

This weakness can especially be observed against opponents that have quality defenders who shift most of their focus on their star striker. In those situations, Poland are unable to score and their defense still allows too many goals and open opportunities.

Paolo Sousa will have to make significant changes on defense and provide help for Szczesny. He will otherwise become an ornament between the posts.

That being said, they shouldn’t have too much trouble handling Slovakia,. It will be interesting to see how their defense fairs against La Roja and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Poland Prediction: Third in group E.


FIFA World Ranking Best Result at European Championships Last European Championship result (2016) Coach
#36 Round of 16 (2016) Round of 16 Štefan Tarkovič

This is just the second time Slovakia have qualified for the Euros since becoming independent.

Their first stint was quite solid for a team such as theirs. In the 2016 Euros, Slovakia placed third in group B behind Wales and England and qualified into the knockout stage.

However, they had the misfortune of being seeded against Germany in round 16,. Their Euros campaign had to end, with Germany routinely defeating them with a 3:0 result.

Slovakia only played in the 2010 World Cup and they made it past the group stage after beating Italy with a 3:2 result. However, they were paired up against the Netherlands and suffered a 1:2 defeat against the 2010 World Cup runners-up.

Slovakia’s UEFA Nations League campaign has been awful, with just one victory and four defeats. Even though they are placed in league B with the likes of Israel, the Czech Republic, and Scotland, they are still unable to perform decently. Slovakia are placed at the bottom of group 2 with no realistic hopes of moving up.

Finally, their most recent matches haven’t provided very much for fans to cheer for. They drew their matches against Malta and Cyprus, but managed to defeat Russia with a 2:1 result. Perhaps their match against Russia is a sign of things to come, but given their results in the last year, it’s highly unlikely.

Euro 2021 Group E, Slovakia, Prediction

With no obvious attacking potency, Slovakia will most likely have to heavily rely on their defense in order to get victories. Their star defender Milan Skriniar is currently playing on an Inter squad that has conceded just 28 goals this season. He will be leading and coordinating their defense.

Not many players apart from Skriniar and Juraj Kucka are getting significant minutes in very strong leagues. But Kucka hasn’t been in the best of form lately. Perhaps his goal against Calgari will lift his spirits.

Perhaps Tomas Suslov can provide some attacking sharpness for this Slovakia team, as Danny Buijs has been playing him a lot recently. Suslov’s biggest advantage is that he is 18 years old and could explode into a star at any moment.

That being said, Slovakia’s chances aren’t very good. 

The bookmakers give them 2,38 odds of qualifying, but that may be a bit generous, especially when taking into account their competition.

Slovakia group prediction: To finish fourth


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