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How To Bet On T20 Cricket


As the popularity of T20 cricket continues to climb, so to does betting on this great version of the sport.In this our detailed guide to betting on T20 cricket, we'll show you how to find value betting opportunities and hopefully earn consistent profits from your T20 betting.

Betting On T20 Cricket: An Introduction

T20 is crickets version of the 100m sprint. Whereas a Test match is scheduled to last for five full days and an ODI for the best part of one full day, a game of T20 cricket is completed from start to finish in less than four hours.

As the name suggests, each side gets to bat for a maximum allocation of 20 overs. The make up of each team is still the same as if it were a Test or ODI – 11 players a side, 6 ball overs and a maximum of 10 wickets per innings. With such a limited time to bat, this format of the game is aimed specifically at the batsmen. Each batsman is encouraged to play without fear - they're pushed out of the door of the changing room and told to play with total freedom, play those audacious shots you've always wanted to and don't worry if you get out.

The mindset is very much 'see ball, hit ball' in this format and T20 cricket records are already littered with batsmen registering quick-fire hundreds that only a short while ago seemed impossible given crickets history as being associated as a slow, sometimes boring sport.

Just like in ODI's there is also a fielding restriction placed upon captains in T20 cricket that encourages batsmen to hit even more boundaries given the lack of protection on the fence. In the first 6 overs of any T20 innings, fielding sides are only allowed to have two players stationed outside a 30 yard circle, known as the inner ring. This means for 30% of the innings, captains often have to fire-fight and limit the damage as opposition batsmen take advantage of the space in the outfield, looking more often than not to hit over the top into the many vacant spaces. These opening passages, known as the powerplay, are often great fun to watch and provide some of the most memorable T20 cricket highlights for spectators, punters and television viewers.

What follows in overs 7 through to 16 tends to be slightly more sedate as the field can be pushed back to have five fielders protecting the boundaries as opposed two. Batting sides still look to hit boundaries if the opportunity arises, but even in T20 cricket, batsman will so often look to 'tick over' in this middle period as opposed take big risks. Batting can also be slightly harder in this passage as captains can set fields that skilled bowlers will be able to bowl to. This could involve a spin bowler bowling at a batsman's pads with a six-three leg-side dominant field, cutting off scoring opportunities on one side of the wicket unless the batsman is willing to take a big risk. Likewise a captain could ask his fast bowler to bowl shorter, bringing his mid off up into the inner ring and having more men back on the fence in an area where the batsman is likely to have to hit the ball given the line and length of the delivery.

The final 4 or 5 overs of an innings tend to be all out attack for a batting side and on a good wicket for batting it isn't unusual to see the runs flow at a rate of 15-20 or more an over. With wickets in hand sides can throw caution to the wind as batsman bring out all kinds of shots to try and manipulate the opposition field, hitting boundaries galore and racking up a total that several overs previous looked almost impossible.

The above is a template for the average T20 innings and can be treated as a basic cricket betting trick and technique when followed, but of course all of the above can change if wickets fall. Despite this format being aimed at batting sides piling on the runs, if a side can take regular wickets and not allow a big partnership to occur, they can quickly build up the pressure through dot balls and limit a size to a more manageable total.


1 - Betting On T20 Cricket Online
2 - T20 Cricket Betting Odds Explained
3 - T20 Cricket Value Bets
4 - T20 Cricket Betting Explained
5 - Best T20 Cricket Betting Strategies
6 - T20 Cricket Betting Spreadsheet
7 - Selecting A Bookmaker For T20 Cricket Betting
8 - T20 Cricket Free Bets & Bookmaker Offers
9 - T20 Cricket Live Streaming
10 - Following T20 Cricket Betting Tips

1 - Betting On T20 Cricket Online

Twenty20 cricket has been played professionally since 2003. Back then the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) launched a brand new tournament to spruce up the domestic county game. It was marketed so spectators could come in after work or school and in the space of a matter of hours could watch a game of (entertaining) cricket in its entirety from start to finish.

What started as a bit of fun for many domestic cricketers, quickly became something akin to a freelance career cash-cow path for many international stars. When India won the inaugural ICC World T20 in 2007, the format took off in the worlds richest cricketing nation. The following year saw the launch of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and cricket as we once knew it changed forever. (Read our guide to betting on the Indian Premier League).

Traditional First Class teams have been replaced by franchises for significant percentages of a nations domestic cricketing schedule. The money, glamour and glitz of the Indian Premier League and its franchise based system has led to Australia, South Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, West Indies, New Zealand and Zimbabwe all setting up their own franchise based domestic T20 events – with varying degrees of success.

The one missing nation there is of course the founder of T20 cricket games, England.

County cricket chairmen hold huge sway in how the game is run in the UK and having 18 counties causes a huge problem in regards the potential creation of franchises and effectively, merger of county sides. Asking rival sides such as Gloucestershire and Somerset or Yorkshire and Lancashire to merge has gone down badly with many long standing members and supporters. Likewise smaller counties such as Worcestershire or Kent rely on the income made from having a certain amount of T20 matches hosted at their ground each year in order to survive.

Despite not being franchise based, The NatWest T20 betting market is still extremely popular amongst punters the world over, with Sky Bet ccricket offering multiple markets throughout the UK domestic T20 tournament season.

Away from the IPL, the most successful domestic tournament has been the Big Bash League (BBL) in Australia. Over the course of a seven week period over December and November eight franchises play a block of T20 matches, meaning punters can spend some of their Christmas money on Big Bash T20 betting tips they may have read online! The grounds in Australia can hold tens of thousands of spectators and given that the tournament is hosted over the summer holidays, many of the grounds are full to capacity. The 2015-2016 edition saw the BBL become the eighth largest attended sporting event in the world in respect to average crowd per match. Another reason for the BBL being so popular is the presence of a high number of top quality overseas stars. As the event is played in a short-ish window it allows the best T20 freelancers in the world to dedicate the time to a franchise – something the Natwest T20 blast can't offer given as the matches are spread across several months.

As mentioned above, the worlds domestic T20 cricket schedule is packed. Punters can quickly learn how to win in cricket betting based upon the sheer volume of the format played.

Annual T20 Cricket Tournaments

Pakistan Super League Pakistan February
Indian Premier League India April/May
Caribbean Premier League West Indies June/July
Sri Lankan Premier League Sri Lanka August
Ram Slam T20 South Africa November/December
Bangladesh Premier League Bangladesh November/December
Georgie Pie Super Smash New Zealand. November/December
Big Bash League Australia December/January

The T20 craze that was originally aimed for domestic cricket has also proved to be extremely popular on the international circuit. When the first T20 international was played between New Zealand and Australia in 2005, both sides played the match in light-hearted spirits. Retro kits were worn and as the game was played out in the style of the 1980's, some players even grew moustaches and styled their hair to suit.

Fast forward to today and the ICC World T20 has quickly become the tournament that all international sides want to win. Played every second year, full member nations are joined by several associate members in a three to four week window of smash, bang, wallop cricket. T20 World Cup favourites are undoubtedly the West Indies, who excel at the games shortest format courtesy of big hitting batsmen and skilful, unorthodox bowlers.

There have also been several T20 tournaments scheduled that have proved to be less than successful. Perhaps the most infamous was the Stanford Super Series hosted back in 2008. The ECB, worried about their big name players such as Andrew Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen being attracted by the IPL riches, decided to jump into bed with Allen Stanford, the self proclaimed saviour of West Indian cricket. Stanford had thrown money at domestic West Indian cricket, hosting his own domestic T20 tournament on his own ground in Antigua. The ECB agreed to send an England team across every year to take on a Stanford Superstars XI – the prize for winning one game of cricket was a cool $20 million US. Stanford turned out to be a fraudster, running billion dollar Ponzi schemes. He was arrested by the FBI in 2009 and the Stanford Series was quickly swept under the carpets by everyone at the ECB.

The Champions League T20 (CLT20) was another domestic tournament that only lasted several years. Punters could bet on Champions League T20 betting odds between 2009-2014. This event was hosted annually by India as the most successful sides in each nations domestic T20 tournaments battled it out to be crowned the best side in world domestic T20 cricket. Sadly the tournament was weighted far too much in favour of the Indian sides, who would automatically gain first choice of any player that had played for multiple qualifying sides. Often these were the key overseas players and as such games were often horribly one-sided.

2 - T20 Betting Odds Explained

If you want to bet on T20 cricket, you must understand what betting odds are. Betting odds reflect the probability of a given outcome occurring, which is often referred to as the implied probability. For example, let's say that a team is at odds of 1.50 to win an upcoming T20 match. In this instance, according to the bookmakers, this team has a 66.7% chance of winning the match. The implied probability can be calculated as:

Implied probability = 1 / decimal odds

Understanding betting odds is important to T20 betting as it is to betting on any other sport. It's crucial that you understand betting odds and their implied probabilities.

For more advice on betting odds and what they mean take a look at these articles:

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3 - T20 Value Bets

The most important thing when it comes to betting, is to only place bets in instances where you have identified betting value. What is betting value? A value opportunity is when you consider the chances of a given outcome to be greater than the probability implied by the bookmaker's odds.

Determining betting value requires a simple calculation:

Value = (Decimal Odds * Your Assessed Probability) - 1

So as an example, if we are offered odds of 1.50 (with an implied probability of 66.7%) and we consider the likelihood of that outcome to be 75%, then we have a value betting opportunity because our assessed likelihood is greater than that implied in the bookmaker's odds.

For more information on betting value and IPL staking strategies, read the following articles.

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4 - T20 Betting Explained

There are a number of ways in which you can bet on T20 cricket. Most bookmakers offer a great range of betting options, giving astute T20 bettors the chance to identify betting value across a range of T20 betting markets. Here we take a look at the most popular T20 cricket bet types.

Match Outcome

The most popular market in T20 cricket betting is of course the match outcome. Two sides head-to-head, the winner takes all. You can either place a bet pre-match with any traditional bookmaker or wait for a potentially bigger price in play.

In-Play Run Totals

As T20 is mainly all about the runs, you can bet on a number of markets in regards a teams batting performance. One such popular market is a rolling over/under runs line in which a bookmaker will set a certain number of likely runs a team will score in their 20 overs. If they lose a wicket or play out a few dot balls, that line is likely to decrease. If a batsman hits a boundary then naturally that line will increase. The same also applies for individual batsman runs lines.

Number of Boundaries

T20 is also about boundaries – cricket bookies online will often offer an over/under line of the number of fours or sixes a side will hit during their 20 over innings. Some sides are more adapt at hitting sixes than others, whereas other sides have weaker bowling attacks in which batting line ups have a better chance to attack successfully.

Highest 6 Over Score

Highest 6 overs score is another market that often can give pre-match value. Some sides have opening batsmen that always look to hit boundaries no matter what the pitch or game scenario is, whereas another teams openers might look to be slightly more circumspect in say a lower run chase.

Man Of The Match

Man of the match awards are handed out to players that naturally make a telling difference to the outcome of any given match. For value, concentrate on looking for players that might have several quieter matches, before suddenly popping up from nowhere to bowl a match winning spell on a suitable wicket or a middle order batsman that can blast his side to victory from seemingly nowhere with a quick-fire cameo.

5 - Best T20 Betting Strategies

There are a number of ways to find betting value in T20 cricket. Here we list the most important things to consider when placing your bets on T29 cricket.

Research Likely Conditions & Ground History

The type of cricket match we are likely to witness is so often dictated to by the conditions that the players will face - T20 cricket is no different to Test matches or ODI's in that respect. What will the pitch be like? Will it be conducive to batting throughout the whole 40 over duration of the match, or has the surface been used previously and the signs are suggesting batting is getting harder with each match as the pitch tires? Is the ground renowned for favouring a side that bats first, or does it suit a chasing side, perhaps due to a night dew making life hard for bowlers to grip the wet ball? Grounds in Asia at certain times of the year are known for suffering from heavy dews, effectively disabling spin bowlers from being able to land the ball.

In T20 matches in countries such as Australia we need to be wary of 'drop in' pitches. These are surfaces curated away from the ground in question, usually prepared and bedded days in advance of a T20 match. 'Drop ins' are used on multi purpose stadiums such as the MCG or the Ethihad stadium in Melbourne as other sports are played on the same arena such as AFL or Rugby Union. These pitches, although ever improving, can be notoriously slow and make big hitting tougher. Use and their statsguru page which offers a free statistics based service. This can help us greatly with our cricket betting tips.

Here is our recommended list of the best cricket stats websites available:

ESPN Cricinfo
Cricket Archive

In Play Value

Given the fast paced nature of T20 cricket, in play odds can vary massively from over to over depending on what drama unfolds before our eyes. It isn't uncommon for a fielding side to be rated as a 4.50 outsider, to suddenly flipping to be a 1.33 favourite as they strike two quick blows and bring two new batsmen to the crease. Likewise a chasing side can be needing an improbable 50 runs off the last 22 balls and being rated as a 5.00 outside shot, then suddenly 3 balls get hit for six in a row and the batting side become 1.75 favourites as they now only need a very gettable 32 from 19 balls! These types of flips are very common during any T20 match as the pace of play is so frenetic.

Dot Balls Bring Action

In T20 cricket you can rest assured that if the bowling side manages to bowl several dot balls in a row, something is about to happen. The batsman in question that has played out a succession of no scoring shots will be feeling the pressure and will be extra keen to play a big shot to try and make up for the decreasing run-rate. Expect a wicket or a boundary the moment a batting side plays out three or four successive dot balls.

Batting Positions Are Key

120 balls is not a lot of time for a team innings so we need our top innings batsman choice to be at the crease for as long as possible in most situations. In the majority of countries it pays to open the batting or bat at number three in T20 cricket. The new ball comes onto the bat, the field is up in the inner ring, giving plenty of boundary opportunities and of course your man gets to bat for as long as possible. But be aware in some countries such as England or New Zealand, batting at the top can be the hardest place. Top order batsmen can face a swinging or seaming ball and it may pay better dividends to back someone that bats down the order if a certain ground is known for helping bowlers with the new ball.

6 - T20 Betting Spreadsheet

Keeping a record of your betting results is key to being a profitable T20 bettor. By keeping track of each of your bets you will soon see what you are doing right and where you are going wrong. To assist you, we've developed the bettingexpert T20 cricket betting spreadsheet. It's free and available to download now.

Download the bettingexpert Cricket Betting Spreadsheet.

Our Cricket betting spreadsheet is easy to use. Simply enter the tournament, series or match you are betting on, the date, the bet description, your stake, the odds and the bookmaker you placed the bet with. Then once the event is over, select either Win, Loss or Refund from the Result options and the spreadsheet will calculate your profit or loss plus keep a running profit/loss and your overall T20 cricket betting ROI. 

cricket betting spreadsheet

7 - Selecting A Bookmaker For T20 Betting

For domestic T20 cricket, Ladbrokes appear to offer the best range of pre-match markets. Whether the match is a big Sydney derby in the Big Bash League or a low grade clash in the Sri Lankan Premier League, William Hill offer the same level of available markets and trustworthy service level no matter what the match.

Betfair cricket is also growing into one of the best value sportsbooks in the market place. Betfair betting tips are also provided online for free on their blog, helping guide us into cricket betting for certain T20 cricket betting tips.

It's also important to consider a bookmakers reputation. Are they trustworthy? Are you able to withdraw winnings in quick time? Do they have numerous deposit methods? It's important to do your research before selecting a bookmaker for T20 betting. It's also important to consider their welcome bonus when signing up. Some bookmakers offer very generous sign up bonuses that are well worth taking advantage. But remember to read the welcome terms and conditions as what may appear an attractive offer at first glance, may not be so attractive when you consider the conditions that must be met in order to withdraw your bonus as cash.

If you're wondering which bookmaker might best suit your T20 betting needs and which offer the best welcome bonuses, refer to our detailed list of bookmaker reviews.

8 - T20 Free bets & Promotional Offers

Paddy Power cricket odds are some of the best in the industry. They also often money back specials throughout domestic tournaments such as the BBL. One such perk was to offer money back as a free bet if your batsman was clean bowled during his innings.

During the 2016 T20 World Cup, BetFred ran an excellent promotion where if you backed someone in the top team batsman market and they made 50 or more runs but still didn't top score, then the bet would still be settled as a winner.

To see a detailed list of all current free bet and bookmaker promotions available, please refer to our Bookmaker Free Bets page. Everything you need to know about free bets and bookmaker promotions.

9 - T20 Live Streaming

With the vast array of domestic T20 cricket played globally, it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that T20 live streaming is often found on Coral. The Big Bash League, Ram Slam T20, Bangladesh Premier League, Pakistan Premier League and various internationals hosted by countries such as Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh are all T20 live streaming cricket events that punters can enjoy for free. Watching cricket odds live alongside a stream can really help anyone placing a bet on a match in play as they can monitor the market as the action unfolds on the live stream.

Read our guide to bookmaker live streams to learn more about this increasingly popular and useful feature.

10 - T20 Betting Tips

Finding profitable T20 betting tips and cricket predictions is not an easy task. There are many T20 cricket tipsters making daily T20 cricket betting predictions, but which tipsters are legitiimate and which are the frauds? Which can you trust and which should you follow? At bettingexpert we believe in full transparency. On our cricket betting tips page, you can not only receive all the latest T20 cricket betting tips but most importantly, you can see each cricket tipster's overall betting record, how many tips they've posted and their overall profit and loss record.

For the latest T20 cricket betting tips and predictions, visit our cricket betting tips page. Or if you consider yourself a T20 tipster, sign up with bettingexpert now, start posting T20 tips and be in the running for monthly cash prizes. Sign up with bettingexpert today.

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