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Today’s NHL Betting Tips

The NHL is one of the most well-known sports leagues in the world, particularly in areas where ice hockey is popular, such as the US and Canada, Scandinavia, Germany and Austria, Russia and Eastern Europe. Because of the NHL’s global fame, it is a natural among the sports betting fraternity, something the bettingexpert community are well aware of, which is why every day throughout the NHL season, bettingexpert’s NHL experts will deliver you their top NHL betting tips, 100% free of charge.

Not only will bettingexpert post its expert NHL betting tips for traditional markets such as Game Winner, Point Spread and First Team To Score, but also more niche NHL betting markets such as Total Goals, Anytime Scorer, Division and Conference Outright, and of course, Stanley Cup winner. Remember, not only are these expert NHL betting tips, they are 100% free of any charge.

How Can I Find Today’s NHL Betting Tips?

Finding today’s NHL betting tips on the bettingexpert website couldn’t be easier. Check the top of bettingexpert’s NHL Betting page and you will find the day’s three most tipped NHL matches. The number of today’s NHL betting tips a match has received is posted on each one. Just click on the match you require and its tips will appear.

You can also find today’s NHL betting tips by checking bettingexpert’s Daily NHL Schedule. There you’ll find that day’s upcoming NHL games including all NHL betting tips posted. Click on an NHL game that interests you to instantly view its tips. To see more NHL games, click the Load More button and additional NHL events will be displayed.

To view an entire day’s schedule including tips, live scores and results, just click on the View Full Schedule button.

All NHL betting tips at bettingexpert feature the following information:

  • Time and date of the match or event
  • Competing NHL teams
  • Tipster name and tipster rating
  • Bookmaker, current odds and odds taken at the time of publishing tip
  • Bet type and market
  • Prediction
  • Tip preview and analysis

Signing up with bettingexpert and becoming part of the community will also allow you to utilize bettingexpert’s Tipster Follow feature. This enables you to follow the tipster who most impressed you with their NHL betting tips. Whenever your preferred tipster post’s a new NHL betting tip you will receive instant real-time notification, allowing you to stay one step ahead of the bookmakers.

Free NHL Betting Tips

At bettingexpert, we pride ourselves on our openness and honesty. All of the content on the bettingexpert website, be it educational (such as the bettingexpert Academy), bookmaker reviews, free bets (including free NHL betting tips) plus other promotional recommendations is 100% free.

At bettingexpert we are most proud of our expert tipster community, and our free NHL betting tips are the result of the hard work of our family of dedicated community members and are free for everyone to use.

At bettingexpert we encourage all regular users of the site to sign up and start to enjoy the many benefits that go with becoming part of our community. Don’t worry, our free NHL betting tips will remain available to all bettingexpert users, whether they choose to become members of the bettingexpert community or remain visitors.

Because of the unequalled success of bettingexpert’s betting tips – including our NHL betting tips – many in the sports betting industry are amazed that we keep our tips free. Should we charge the public for them? We believe the answer is No, and here’s why:

Many betting sites – particularly those that are US based – demand payment for their tips in the form of an annual subscription fee, or individual purchase price per tip. The fees involved are often exorbitant, and quite frankly would be funny if people weren’t actually succumbing to their rhetoric and losing lots of money in the process. A little prior research would reveal that these sites offer no proof to back up their claims of long-term success and proven profitability.

By comparison, at bettingexpert we record the performances of each and every tipster that becomes part of our community – past and present – and display the resulting stats and facts on our site for all to see.

All of our sports betting predictions including our expert NHL betting tips remain absolutely free. Better that than to have any association whatsoever with betting advice sites that charge for tips.

Do yourself a big favour, become part of the bettingexpert community today and start following our expert tipsters. You’ll find that they regularly post NHL betting tips and you can begin following their predictions today. What’s more, whenever one of your favourite tipsters posts a new NHL betting tip, you will receive instant notification.


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So if you think you can match the best NHL tipsters in the bettingexpert community for knowledge, insight, and predicting outcomes, and if you believe that you can consistently deliver quality free NHL betting tips across a wide range of NHL betting markets, then our tipster competition is for you!

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Below are just some of the many benefits gained from becoming a member of the bettingexpert community:

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Expert NHL Betting Tips

In the days preceding an NHL match-day bettingexpert’s top NHL tipsters will be taking into account every available stat, fact and rumors surrounding the two teams, the players and the coaches. After careful analysis of every factor do our top NHL tipsters make their predictions which then become bettingexpert’s legendary NHL betting tips.

If you want to check out our current top five NHL tipsters (ranked by career profit), they are listed on the right sidebar of this page. You will also be able to see our current Top NHL Tip, i.e., the tip that most of our NHL betting community agree with, located at the top of the right sidebar.

This is the best NHL tip currently posted by our bettingexpert community, and tops even the best tips Las Vegas has to offer!

Not surprisingly, this army of expert tipsters is the envy of the online betting world. Our community is truly international, and our experts regularly post expert NHL betting tips from locations all over the world, including Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

No matter where they are from, all of our NHL experts share the same things in common; a love for the sport of ice hockey, and a deep knowledgeable of all of its main leagues, specializing in the NHL. Because of this, bettingexpert’s NHL tipsters are unmatched when it comes to delivering the very best free NHL betting tips over a wide range of markets to be found anywhere online.

Bettingexpert’s NHL tipsters will supply expert tips across a wide range of NHL betting markets during the NHL season including: Game Result (or Moneyline), Points Spread, First Half Points Odd/Even, First Goal Scored and Winning Margin, as well as competition Outright bets.

All of bettingexpert’s NHL betting tips are carefully researched and analysed before a prediction is made.

The Best NHL Tipsters

We believe that bettingexpert’s betting community of talented tipster creates an intense but fun atmosphere of competition and builds friendly rivalries that keep our tipsters sharp and focused and ensures they are the very best in the business. That’s a big reason as to why our NHL betting tips are so consistently strong.

Other betting advice websites might make similar claims as to their levels of success and consistency, but none can actually show tangible proof to back up their claims, unlike us. What’s worse is many of these sites have the audacity to charge money for their so-called expert NHL tips, whereas we at bettingexpert are proud to say our NHL tips are 100% free.

A brief examination of any of our top NHL betting tipster’s profiles will reveal the total Profit and Yield that each tipster has made to date, and it makes for impressive reading. Our openness and honesty, you know you can trust bettingexpert to deliver the very best in NHL betting tips throughout the ice hockey season.

So if you are looking for the very best in free NHL betting tips, you need look no further than bettingexpert.

NHL Betting Stats

The NHL is a long season providing bettors and tipster with numerous markets and opportunities. One way to find betting value is to consider historical results. Here we take a look at results from the 2018-19 NHL season. We begin by taking a look at win rates for home and away NHL clubs..

Straight Up Win-Loss NHL Stats

The table below shows straight up win loss percentages for NHL teams given particular circumstances. For example we can view the winning percentages for home teams across all results, in regulation time, in overtime and in a shoot out. We can see that home teams won just under 54% of all games last season, with that number climbing to 55.5% in regulation. The only anomaly was in overtime, where away teams won 55.4% of games played in overtime.

Home Teams 53.7% 46.3%
Away Teams 46.3% 53.7%
Home Teams Win In Regulation Time 55.5% 44.5%
Away Teams Win In Regulation Time 44.5% 55.5%
Home Teams Win In Overtime 44.6% 55.4%
Away Teams Win In Overtime 55.4% 44.6%
Home Teams Win In Shoot Out 51.7% 48.3%
Away Teams Win In Shoot Out 48.3% 51.7%

Team Scoring NHL Stats

Last season the average number of goals scored for an NHL home team was 3.17 goals with away teams scoring on average 2.86 goals, giving the average home team an advantage of 0.31 goals per game. When we consider individual team totals, we can see a distinct advantage for home teams as opposed to away. For example, home teams scored over 2.5 goals in almost 62% of games played last season, with away teams scoring over 2.5 goals in almost 56% of games played.

Home Teams 1.5 Goals 81.0% 19.0%
Away Teams 1.5 Goals 77.3% 22.7%
Home Teams 2.5 Goals 61.6% 38.4%
Away Teams 2.5 Goals 55.9% 44.1%
Home Teams 3.5 Goals 41.1% 58.9%
Away Teams 3.5 Goals 33.4% 66.6%
Home Teams 4.5 Goals 22.8% 77.2%
Away Teams 4.5 Goals 16.8% 83.2%

NHL Over Under Betting Stats

The average number of goals scored in an NHL game last season was 6.03 goals, with just over 53% of games seeing at least 6 goals scored. Just over 84% of games played saw at least four goals scored (over 3.5) with just over 22% of games seeing at least eight goals scored (over 7.5 goals).

3.5 Goals 84.3% 15.7%
4.5 Goals 75.0% 25.0%
5.5 Goals 53.4% 46.6%
6.5 Goals 42.7% 57.3%
7.5 Goals 22.3% 77.7%

Bet On NHL

Fans of the NHL love to add even more excitement to games by betting on them, so luckily for them and you, your chances of winning will be greatly enhanced by bettingexpert’s NHL betting tips that enable you to bet on NHL games with confidence.
If you are thinking about stepping up your weekly sports betting and want to take it more seriously with the view to consistently making a profit, a well-thought-out betting strategy is essential. That would certainly be the case if you entered into a campaign of NHL betting.

The bettingexpert ice hockey betting guide will provide you with all the information you need to formulate your strategy and improve the profit margins of your NHL betting. This includes advice on betting on the most popular NHL betting markets, to the more specific guide on the science of NHL betting.

Here are just some examples of advice that can be found using our NHL betting guide:

Only Bet When There’s Value  -Don’t waste your money on NHL long-shot bets that aren’t likely to come off, or back heavy favourites that won’t earn you anything if they win.

Specialise – NHL offers a multitude of betting markets. Find out what market you have most success with, and focus the bulk of your NHL betting on it.

Have Several Bookmaker Accounts  – Online bookmakers will often offer different odds for the same NHL bet, so by having several bookie accounts you guarantee yourself the best odds every time.

Keep A Record– Maintaining a record of your prior NHL bets enables you to track your betting progress, to see what you did well, and discover which NHL betting markets are your strongest.

More specific, NHL related advice includes:

Do Your Preseason Research

The weeks leading up to the start of a new NHL season is known as the preseason. During this time, teams are in heavy training, and will partake in friendly games. This is the ideal time to assess which teams are looking like contenders, and which teams aren’t. Such research could both save you money on losing NHL bets and increase your profits.

How Good Is The Goaltender?

In ice hockey the most important player on the ice is invariably the goaltender. Goaltenders who have the perfect blend of talent plus size, strength, agility and lightning fast reflexes and are literally worth their weight in gold. Every major team, whether they are international or NHL are only as good as their goaltender, so if one is carrying an injury or worse still, out injured, it will most likely affect the outcome of the game.

Check Head-to-Head Matchups

Before betting on the outcome of an NHL game, check how the two teams matchup Head-to-Head wise, i.e., how have their previous six meetings ended? Which team has won the most? Did one team perform better at home or away? Has either team got stronger or weaker since their most recent meeting? You may have been all set to back a team, and then after checking the head-to-head, realize that their opponents have their number!

Look Out For The Upset

Because of its bruising nature and high rate of injuries, it’s almost impossible for an NHL team to keeps its best players on the ice throughout the season. Having a couple of key players out injured can result in even the best teams becoming vulnerable. Keep an eye on the injury list of NHL player.

Want to learn more? Visit the bettingexpert Academy and read our ice hockey Betting Guide.

Bookmakers For Betting On NHL

The good news for anyone looking toward betting on the NHL is all of the top online bookmakers now cover NHL betting in depth and provide an excellent range of NHL betting markets, plus consistently strong NHL betting odds.
When choosing an online bookmaker, stick to the well-established big name bookies and be sure that your bookmaker provides these four key elements:

  • Consistently Competitive Odds
  • A Wide Range Of Betting Markets
  • All Major Competitions Covered
  • Extensive In-Play Betting Markets

Try and find the online bookmaker that provides the best overall coverage of NHL . Your bookmaker should provide great odds, a wide range of betting markets and cover NHL in depth. Plenty of in-play NHL betting markets are essential, and if possible, live streaming of NHL games. The combination of being able to watch a game live, and also bet on the action as it’s happening is the perfect one-two NHL betting combination!

To find the ideal bookmaker for your NHL betting, be sure to read our detailed bookmaker reviews.

Where To Bet On The NHL

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Where To Bet On NHL Where To Bet On NHL Where To Bet On NHL
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