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UFC Betting Tips & Predictions

UFC is by-far the most popular MMA competition in the world. This attractive sport is one of the fastest growing sports and every year millions of new fans are drawn to it. At bettingexpert, we offer UFC betting tips by expert tipsters that live and breathe the sport. On this page you will find:

  • User generated tips on various UFC events, fight nights and title fights
  • Links to all the upcoming UFC fights

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UFC Betting Tips and Predictions

At bettingexpert, you can find UFC predictions from our top-performing tipsters or from our own staff. Our UFC predictions are written by our UFC experts, and you can get them for free. In the paragraph below you will find a detailed description of what typical UFC predictions at bettingexpert consist of.
Our UFC predictions and UFC betting picks consist of fight preview, analyses and explanations of how a particular fight will play out and why, such as the upcoming UFC Vegas 44 event. At the end of a bettingexpert UFC prediction, you will also find some UFC betting tips for the fight.

UFC predictions and UFC betting tips are always interesting due to the fact that there are many factors that can affect the result of a fight. Fighters can punch, kick, wrestle, and box their opponents with some matches typically ending in a tense submission-based grappling contest. The many different ways a fight can end make UFC predictions very fun to create. Famous fighting techniques like karate, kickboxing, judo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu can all be seen on the same night of action, sometimes in the same match.

As a user at bettingexpert, everything is completely free for you to read and use. You will never be charged for reading a page, article, or guide on our site. Of course, this includes our UFC predictions and UFC betting tips that are available throughout the year, always. You can also view UFC betting tips or predictions posted by our bettingexpert tipster community, any time you please. As previously stated, our free UFC predictions come with a detailed analysis and additional UFC betting tips. The analysis gives you a reason as to why this prediction was made, and where the betting value for the fight is. At bettingexpert, we’re proud to offer you free UFC predictions. However, there are many sites that don’t. If you’ve been seeking UFC predictions and UFC betting tips, you’ve probably come across websites that ask you to pay a fee or subscription, which we don’t think you should do.

UFC Predictions From Our Tipster Community

Our UFC tipsters also like to change it up when it comes to types of markets and bets. While the majority of our expert UFC predictions and UFC betting tips are based on the H2H market, there is also a range of UFC tips available on other markets that could offer much more value such as Method of Victory.

To distinguish between our UFC tipsters, check out the User Profile section. Under this tab, you’ll find information about their overall success rate, along with yield and win percentages. You can use this information to decide which UFC tipsters you’d like to follow.

There’s no doubt about the excitement and sometimes unpredictability of the UFC – but don’t be fooled – there still exists plenty of stats and data to show overall tendencies and trends in fights. That’s why UFC betting tips are so important. As with any other sport, looking at the detailed breakdown of data before predicting the outcome of a fight will increase the likelihood of that prediction being right. UFC betting tips will vastly increase your likelihood of winning if you implement them into your betting.

The following details are typically abundant in our UFC fight predictions:

  • The scheduled date, weight class, and names of fighters.
  • Matchup analysis containing key stats and data points.
  • Fight prediction with betting tips.

Each match consists of three to five rounds at five minutes each. Main UFC events happen every month with smaller UFC fight nights scattered in between. In our UFC predictions and UFC betting tips, you can find betting tips for different kinds of markets such as H2H, Number of Rounds and Will The Fight Go the Distance?.

The UFC is the most popular MMA promotion across the globe. This popularity is shared by viewers and bettors alike. As such, almost every bookmaker you’ll come across will offer a vast range of UFC betting options.

Our UFC tipsters are experts at localizing where the value is and one of the most important aspects of betting is just that – finding value. Judging the value, along with how much you stake, are essential parts of turning yourself into a successful UFC bettor.

At bettingexpert, we’re glad to be home to UFC tipsters who come from all around the globe. Our best UFC tipsters always look to improve on their UFC knowledge, taking into consideration fighting style, record, current form, trends – pretty much everything that could potentially dictate how a fight could play out.

How To Bet On The UFC

Betting on UFC is the same as betting on MMA since UFC is just an organization within the sport. However, there are some differences to take into account when placing bets on UFC events. When betting on UFC fights, the value will sometimes present itself in very high-profile fights and we take this into account when creating UFC betting tips for you. This is due to the fact that in the big fights, the opponents often use every means possible to get as much media attention as possible. Below here, you can read some of our UFC betting tips.

Trash-talking is something that is used by fighters to promote an upcoming bout. This is an important UFC betting tip because fighters in the world’s biggest MMA organization are more in the spotlight. Sometimes, however, the media’s focus on one particular fighter will affect the bookmakers, favoring one fighter over another, and thereby creating great betting value. The latest and best example of this was the Colby Covington vs Kamaru Usman fight last year. Covington’s trash-talking antics managed to create great value on him, as he was a big underdog in that fight. His antics were covered by the media and created an inaccurate perception of his fighting abilities.  Despite the fight eventually going the champion’s way, the value on Covington was terrific and it’s something to remember when betting on UFC fights.

Another thing to take into consideration is that there often is a great value on comeback fighters. Fighters who have been out of the octagon for a long time will sometimes have great value with the bookmakers. Most recently, Urijah Faber was a 2.50 underdog against Ricky Simon, and when on to win that fight!

Bookies usually piggyback on the general consensus of who is going to win a fight. To find betting value, it’s your job as a punter to find out which essential details the bookmakers have missed when creating their odds.

A Betting Example

A great example is the McGregor vs Diaz fight. When they first locked horns at UFC 196 McGregor was favored heavily with bookies at around odds 1.30. As you might probably know, if you’re a die-hard UFC fan, Diaz eventually went on to beat McGregor, and while many still call the outcome an upset, some say it was bound to happen. Here are 4 notes you could’ve taken into consideration when before placing bets on this fight:

  1. McGregor is naturally the smaller man, fighting at 145 lbs, while Diaz is the bigger man fighting at 155 and 170 lbs. Point for Diaz
  2. Diaz is known for his insane cardio and this is a 5 round fight. McGregor has never gone to rounds 4 or 5 before. Point for Diaz
  3. Diaz is also known for his chin, and since McGregor is a knockout puncher this potentially takes away his main way of winning – via knockout. Point for Diaz
  4. There is a tendency with knockout punchers to tire out because they overexert themselves trying to get the finish. This could happen with McGregor. Point for Diaz

Of course, you could all counter these with the fact that McGregor had just knocked out pound-for-pound #1 Jose Aldo in 14 seconds, but as we will talk about later, focusing too much on fluky outcomes might not be a successful betting strategy for UFC. The point is that if you can make four solid points for the underdog like we just did with Diaz above, odds 5.00 for that underdog is very great betting value. One fighter may have a more impressive record with fewer losses but styles make fights and there are tonnes of factors besides one’s record that lead to the outcome of a fight. McGregor vs Diaz is a great example of how bookmakers were affected by the general consensus and McGregor’s stardom.

As we wrote about earlier, rising title prospects generate a nice return on investment more often than not. Below here, we have selected a few fighters who we believe could capture a UFC title in the future.

fighter age record ko/sub/dec
Edmen Shahbazyan 22 11-0 9/1/1
Petr Yan 26 14-1 6/1/7
Geoff Neal 29 13-2 8/2/3
Sodiq Yusuf 26 11-1 6/0/5
Maycee Barber 21 8-1 5/2/1
Ryan Hall 34 8-1 2/3/3
Calvin Kattar 31 20-4 9/3/8
AVERAGES 27 years 12-1 6/2/4

Being one of the fastest evolving promotions at the moment, UFC always has fresh talent looking to capture the divisional titles, and in 2020 we certainly have a handful of title prospects in the UFC. Let’s have a look at how these title prospects generate a return on investment, with an average stake of £50 on every single one of their UFC fights.

Return on investment = profit made/amount staked.

fighter avg. odds roi profit made from ufc fights
Edmen Shahbazyan 1.57 58% £144 from 5 fights.
Petr Yan 1.26 26% £78,5 from 6 fights.
Geoff Neal 1,45 31% £62,5 from 4 fights.
Sodiq Yusuf 1,86 86% £215 from 5 fights.
Maycee Barber 1,40 30% £60 from 4 fights.
Ryan Hall 1,77 77% £155 from 4 fights.
Calvin Kattar 2,91 74% £222 from 6 fights.
AVERAGES 1,74 55% TOTAL PROFIT: £937 from 34 fights

To summarize, In MMA rising prospects are always present. and knowing which of them will succeed in gaining a title takes serious skill and thorough consideration. However, if you believe a fighter is headed to the top, placing continuous bets on that fighter may result in a great ROI (return on investment), as title prospects often remain on a long winning streak before getting a title shot. For instance, if you believe Petr Yan will be the next UFC bantamweight champion, placing bets on him as the winner of his next 3-4 fights will likely generate a good ROI as he will need to win those fights to become champion.

Currently, two English UFC fighters are also on their way to perhaps becoming champions. Leon Edwards and Darren Till are two English UFC fighters to look out for in 2020.

5 UFC Betting Tips

  1. Only bet where there is value. The first of our UFC betting tips is one you’ve probably heard before. Only bet where there is value. This tip pretty much goes for betting on all types of sports and is an essential lesson to remember when starting out as a punter. Lesser-known fights tend to hold great value on occasion due to the fact that the bookmakers don’t have sufficient data or knowledge to create ideal odds. You will often find great value on prelims fighters if you know where to look! Here, we’ve comprised some of the factors that we think you should take into consideration when looking for betting value. 1) Undefeated fighters are often the favorites, and as a result, their opponents are overvalued. Bet against the undefeated fighters, if it makes sense! 2) There are more knockouts in the prelims due to the fact that the level of competition is lower. Bet on the fight to end inside the distance, if there’s data to support it. 3) Underdogs usually hold value in MMA. In fact, if you had randomly bet underdogs since 2013, chances are you would have a small profit today! The same can’t be said about favorites in MMA, so the value is definitely on underdogs.
  2. Keep your composure. MMA is such as volatile sport, and therefore, upsets happen. If you have found success in your betting strategy, don’t rethink your entire approach based on a few lost bets. Just think about the massive amount of weird fight outcomes that have happened in the last few years, draws, no-contests, and knockouts. Try not to think too much about fluky outcomes and focus on keeping your profit instead. It doesn’t hurt to pass on fights either. If you don’t get the feeling that there’s any betting value on any markets for a fight, don’t place any bets on it. Usually, a UFC event contains 10-13 fights. Isolating 3-4 fights with high betting value in certain markets can be a much more efficient strategy than placing bets on all 10-13 fights if you lose half of them. So keep your composure and trust in your data, strategy, and gut feeling. If you’ve had a bad week of betting and have racked up a few consecutive losses, the last thing you want to do is to get greedy and try to turn it all around with one big bet. Instead, keep your composure and have confidence in your strategy and progress.
  3. Keep data. Another super important tip for betting on UFC is to make your own data. If you feel that there are certain points that always lead to certain outcomes start collecting data for each event and see how often you’re right. Your data categories can be anything you believe to continuously lead to a certain outcome in fights. Example: in the heavyweight division, the fighters with the most fluid striking and footwork wins more often than not. Another example: fighters with distance control beat one-punch-knockouters more often than not. The only thing to keep in mind is that your data categories should generate a profitable return on investment. So if you believe that wrestlers always beat strikers your betting history within that certain category should present a decent return on investment. Log the winners of rematches, keep track of how big reach differences between opponents affects the outcome, and log how often upsets happen. Distinguishing between things such as weight classes, gender, and position on the card (prelim or main card) is something we always recommend as it gives you a more specific overview. Before logging your data, try to get a grasp of what things you wish to distinguish between.
  4. Specialize. The fourth tip is a bit more fun, compared to data collecting. Specialization can be on certain fighters, weight classes, or anything you can think of really. When you specialize you get a better and more thorough understanding of what you’re studying. Specializing in certain fighters is something that we really recommend since that’s where you can generate a great return on investment. For instance, an up and coming title prospect tends to go undefeated, or at least win the vast majority of his/her fights, in the UFC up until his/her title shot. If you successfully can pinpoint who the current title prospects are, continuously placing bets on them might leave you with a nice profit. Let’s look at an example, focusing on middleweight prospect Edmen Shahbazyan here: Edmen Shahbazyan has had five fights in the UFC, counting his fight on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series against Antonio Jones. Shahbazyan has been the favorite in every single one of his fights, with average odds of 1.55. Let’s say we bet £50 on every single one of his fights. That leaves us with a profit of £144 as (£50×1.576-£50)x5 = £144.  £144 profit might not sound like a lot based on 5 bets, but it’s still a return on investment of about 58%. Focusing on many different prospects at the same time might allow you to earn more quickly.
  5. Watch fights. This one might seem like a no-brainer, however, some people tend to get caught up in the stats and ends up letting it be the deciding factor when it comes to placing bets. In MMA, easily accessible stats such as significant strikes landed per minute and knockdowns landed, takedown defense etc. might be completely irrelevant if you actually watch the opponent. A knockout puncher with poor distance control or reach won’t fare well against a technical striker with longer arms. Factors such as range control, chin, cardio, and well-roundedness are things that stats don’t always represent. Therefore, you have to actually watch fights and take notes based on these sorts of things.

UFC Bookmakers & UFC Odds

Because the sport is still growing, it’s not completely unlikely you’ll find a bookmaker who doesn’t offer odds and markets on UFC. However, since many bookies have added UFC betting to their sites, there’s still a large amount of choice. How can you distinguish between bookmakers? Consider the following.

  • Odds
  • Markets
  • Competitions

Let’s begin with the odds. It’s rare that odds between bookmakers will vary wildly. However, even the slightest difference in odds can cost you profit if you continuously take a shorter price.

It’s also a good idea to find a bookmaker who offers a range of markets. The best bookmakers for UFC betting offer a huge choice of markets, meaning you have a great opportunity to find something that suits your betting style.

If you’re looking for the best bookmakers, head to our bookmaker review guide here. You’ll find unbiased and objective reports to allow you to make an educated decision.

To find the perfect bookmaker for your UFC betting, read our detailed bookmaker reviews.

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About The UFC

Few sports have grown as much in the last few years as mixed martial arts or MMA. Currently, the biggest promotion in MMA is the UFC. In the UFC, two competitors enter the octagonal ring and must use a variety of different fighting techniques to subdue and defeat their opponents. You can read more about betting on the sport of MMA here.

The UFC is easily the biggest MMA promotion in the world. As we will talk about later in our UFC betting guide, specializing as much as possible before placing bets is essential for your profit and return on investment. If you want to become a great UFC punter, specializing in the organization might be a great start. Therefore, we have written a thorough introduction to the world’s biggest MMA promotion below here.

Compared to boxing, the UFC’s weight class system is more easily understandable to the casual fan. Starting at 52,2 kg (115 lbs) each weight class is separated by 4,5 kg (10 lbs). There are a few exceptions to this system though; from welterweight to middleweight, the gap is 15 lbs and from middleweight to light heavyweight, the gap is 20 lbs.  The UFC weight classes consist of many fighters and the 10 best ones are ranked from 1-10, right under the champion. Here is an overview of the UFC weight classes, starting with the women.

UFC Women’s Divisions

Name of division weight champion
Strawweight 52,2 kg/115 lbs Zhang Weili
Flyweight 56,8 kg/125 lbs Valentina Shevchenko
Bantamweight 61,2 kg/135 lbs Amanda Nunes
Featherweight 65,8 kg/145 lbs Amanda Nunes

UFC Men’s Divisions

Name of division weight champion
Flyweight 56,8 kg/125 lbs N/A
Bantamweight 61,2 kg/135 lbs Henry Cejudo
Featherweight 65,8 kg/145 lbs Alexander Volkanovski
Lightweight 70,2 kg/155 lbs Khabib Nurmagomedov
Welterweight 77,8 kg/170 lbs Kamaru Usman
Middleweight 84,2 kg/185 lbs Israel Adesanya
Light heavyweight 92,8 kg/205 lbs Jon Jones
Heavyweight 93 kg – 120,2 kg (206 lbs – 265 lbs) Stipe Miocic

It’s not uncommon for fighters to jump between weight divisions. The very first two-division champion was crowned in 2015 when Conor McGregor defeated Eddie Alvarez and held the featherweight belt as well as the lightweight belt. Since then, more fighters have managed to become two-division champions. These include Amanda Nunes, Henry Cejudo and Daniel Cormier.

Weight classes are very important to take into consideration when writing UFC betting tips. Whether or not a fighter has drained himself to get to a certain weight will likely have a big impact on the outcome of the fight. More often than not, fighters’ ability to take a punch is diminished significantly when they cut too much weight.

Furthermore, there are big statistical differences between the weight divisions. At heavyweight, knockouts are way more common than at flyweight. If you make your way to our UFC betting guide, we will explain why it’s important to log such data as a UFC punter.

UFC Methods Of Victory

Like in boxing, and many other sports for that matter, there are many ways to win in a UFC fight. You have many ways of beating your opponents in an UFC fight.

  1. Knockout/technical knockout

Despite often being displayed in the same category a knockout is by definition different from a technical one. The knockout is when the referee decides to stop the fight after a fighter is 100% unconscious. If you’re wondering what a knockout looks like, watch Kevin Lee’s head kick knockout of Gregor Gillespie and you’ll get the gist.

A technical knockout is still a “knock-out” meaning that you punch your opponent until the referee steps in, but your opponent isn’t completely unconscious, he just isn’t defending himself actively. If you’re wondering what a TKO looks like, watch Jorge Masvidal vs Donald Cerrone. It can also happen that a fighter gets a cut so that the official UFC doctor is forced to stop the fight. In a case where the doctor is forced to step in, the fight will also be labeled a TKO.

  1. Submission

A submission is what most jiu-jitsu practitioners use to win their fights. It simply involves forcing your opponent to tap out by twisting one of his/her limbs in a painful manner or choking your opponent unconscious. There are many different types of submissions, the most well-known is the rear-naked choke.

  1. Decision

In the UFC, 3 judges score each round of a fight ringside. A 10 point system is used to decide who won each round, and the winner gets 10 points. The loser of a round will get anything from 1-9 points, but anything below 7 points is not frequently used.10-9 rounds are most common in the UFC, while 10-8 also happen occasionally. 10-7 rounds are pretty rare and if you’re wondering how such a round plays out, watch Khabib Nurmagomedov’s fight with Edson Barboza. At the end of the fight, the fighter with the most points will win. However, since there are three judges, you can win different types of decisions.

The unanimous decision is when all three judges believe the same fighter won.

The majority decision is when the majority of the judges (two judges) believe the same fighter won the fight, while the third believes the fight is a draw.

And finally, the split decision; when two judges score it in favor of one fighter and the third judge scores it for the other.

  1. Disqualification

If the referee believes you violated one of the rules of the UFC, he/she can stop the fight and disqualify one opponent. If a fighter is disqualified the opponent will automatically win the fight. Sometimes the referee also deems the fight a no-contest, which is actually becoming more normal. Quite unfortunate for the fans.

Throughout the years, many English UFC fighters have fought in the UFC, some more well known than others. Some of the biggest English UFC fighters of all time are:

  • Michael Bisping
  • Darren Till
  • Dan Hardy
  • Brad Pickett
  • Leon Edwards

Become A UFC Tipster At Bettingexpert – Sign Up Today!

To summarise, there are plenty of reasons why you should sign up with us. You can follow all of your favorite UFC tipsters. We’ll also notify you every time your favorites post a new UFC prediction. Think you can beat our best UFC tipsters? Post your own UFC prediction or betting tips and test yourself against our top performing members. You’re also free to compete against our tipster community in one of our many cash competitions.

serie football betting tips

Do you still need convincing? Here are a handful of other reasons why you should join up with the biggest betting community in the online world.

  • Choose which tipsters you want to follow.
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  • Write your own UFC betting tips for the next UFC events.
  • There are many aspects to what makes up our expert UFC predictions. There are lots for our tipsters to consider – all essential for providing you with the best chance of betting success.

Why Should You Join Us As A UFC Tipster?

There are many reasons why we recommend these types of tipster sites. One reason is the lack of evidence for how successful these sites actually are. Very few can provide you with records of their past success, stakes placed, winnings and, how many tips they’ve gotten wrong.

This is one of the many areas in which we differentiate ourselves from others, at bettingexpert. Every single tip posted is recorded, so you can view which predictions were correct and which weren’t. On every tipster’s profile, we create statistics to show how that tipster is doing. We show that tipster’s win rate, average stake, and average odds, placed by that tipster.

Would you like to join us? Sign up to bettingexpert so you can write your own UFC predictions and become our new best UFC tipster, and enjoy everything else we have to offer.

Outside of expert UFC picks, for more MMA picks and predictions visit:

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