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basketball | Saturday, November 19, 2022 11:43 AM

NCAA Basketball Saturday Best Bets: A Pair of Totals for November 19th

NCAA Basketball Saturday Best Bets: A Pair of Totals for November 19th
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It really is madness this weekend, as there are so many Inter-Conference Tournaments happening it’s madness, just madness I tell you! Our resident college hoops expert from the States spent his entire Friday watching 12 hours of games, so we will call him prepared for this weekend. Let’s hope he calls us with a pair of totals he believes will be bringing us to the window with a pair of tickets to ride!

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Missouri State Bears vs Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders Preview

November 19, 20:00 (UK time

So, I spent my Friday watching hoops from 11:30 AM ET to midnight as I wrote this article for submission. Oh, don’t feel bad for me, Argentina, I live in New York, and in case you missed it, we got some snow and that means more wine and more games to watch for this guy!

Twas a great day, and it helped me get in the mood to be ready for more this weekend so let’s get you some bets to take advantage of for Saturday. I am starting with the Missouri State affair against the Blue Raiders, and I cannot believe when I opened the lines I saw 140 posted on this total.

The first thing that went through my mind was who set that line so high? A game in the 70s? No no no, I am sorry but we are seeing a line that is set too high here and we will take advantage of it. These two programs play defence and they do it well, and then watching them try to score makes you feel like you really screwed up thinking they would do that!

This to me is a cut-and-dry case of a game that will end 65 – 58, and if they even get into the mid-120s I will be shocked. The Bears are only giving up 57.7 PPG through the first two outings they’ve played to start the campaign, and that is good enough to be ranked 25th in the Nation in defensive scoring.

.Now, we all know that is no real sample size to go by at this point, but that 66 – 64 winning effort in Provo was impressive to me. Keeping them to 64 at home is quite a nice way to begin your campaign, and I think the Bears are going to hinge on their defence all season long. 

They will have to, in my opinion because they are a young team who needed a big effort from Chance Moore to lift them to that win over the Cougars. The Arkansas transfer has a total of 6 starts now, and I do not think that the Blue Raiders’ defence is going to let him have another big day this Saturday. 

Middle Tennessee held Rice to 46 points in their last outing, holding the Owls to 17 of 43 from the floor for the game. The Blue Raiders’ defence doesn’t look like much to reckon with on paper because of that Winthrop score, and that is another thing that makes early season rankings so easy to look past when you know how the teams play.


Even though the Blue Raiders look ugly on paper, it was just the one game that got away from them against Winthrop that accounted for those numbers. Again, I see this as a game that doesn’t even come close to 130 much less 140 or more so the under is the bet to make. And use the not overtime included option so a tight, low-scoring game doesn’t waste the wager.

  • Selection: Under 140 (Regulation Time)
  • Best odds: 1.89 (Pinnacle)
  • Stakes 4/10

Odds as of 12:20 pm November 19, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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Oregon State Beavers vs Portland State Vikings Preview

November 20, 03:00 (UK time)

That says 145, and I noticed that Bet365 has the nicest offer of 1.90 for the over option. Here, let me walk you through the plan.
1) Find the Over 145 at 1.90
2) Bet the Over 145 at 1.90
3) Meet me at the window with our tickets to cash in, high-five me, buy me a Guinness, and call it Christmas!

Rockets don’t need to go off and you don’t need the parting of the Red Sea to take advantage of whatever the line setters are doing with this total. I was expecting 151, the lowest possible number they could throw at me, and then they did that!

Portland State is not even close to scared of Oregon State, and in case you missed it you are not allowed to say defence and Beavers in the same sentence here in the States. It is illegal in 19 States, so avoid it, please, thank you!

Again, we can’t get caught in the rankings this early, because of the quality of opponents that most of the Power-5 programs are playing early in the campaign. If you think giving up 66 points to Bushnell last time out doesn’t seem like much, imagine when the Vikings come calling on Saturday. 

The Vikings almost have 6 players averaging double-digits scoring, and Hunter Woods is one big rebounding night away from being a double-double dude! Woods is putting up 10.3 PPG along with 9.3 RBG, and he is one of a slew of guys who convert their free throws time and again. This whole team stands at the stripe so confidently while seemingly draining everything, and that bodes well in late-game situations 

On top of that, the Vikings all go hard on the glass, and Viking Head Coach Jase Coburn is giving all of his guys time on the court still. His team is deep, they all rebound and make their free throws, and year 2 for him might go better than the 14 – 17 opening campaign for him last year. This is a guy who has been around this program since 2013, so everyone is starting to believe that he has something to offer, and I believe he has a good enough team to get over .500 this year.

Oregon State Beavers vs Portland State Vikings Best Bet

This handicap of +7 says plenty about the respect that the line setters are showing the Vikings, but yet the total is low? Hey, if you respect Portland State, you like their offence and rebounding skills, so you take them to cover and go with the Over!

  • Selection: Over 145
  • Best odds: 1.90 (Bet365)
  • Stakes 4/10

Odds as of 12:00 pm November 19, 2022. Odds may now differ.

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